• Published 20th Jul 2013
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Flutter Spears and "Get Over Here!" - Brian Jacko

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Spears and Fears

Weeks had gone by and Fluttershy had secluded herself in her house, refusing to leave, because she was filled with such anger and vengeance in her heart.

Twilight Sparkle and her friends decided to pay a visit to Fluttershy.

"Knock, knock, knock." Twilight Sparkle tapped the door with her hoof. The lights were not on, and nopony appeared to be inside. Twilight gently pushed the door open and peered inside. "Hello?" she cautiously asked. She couldn't see anything because it was too dark. She flicked at the light switch near the door with her hoof and when the lights came on, everyponies mouth hung open in shock.

The house was destroyed and they saw Fluttershy sitting in the middle of the room with her head hanging low.

Rainbow Dash was the first to make a move. She trotted over to Fluttershy and put her hoof on her shoulder. "Hey Flutters, what happened to your house, and why haven't you been hanging out with us anymore? What's with all the holes in the walls too?"

Fluttershy turned her head away and said, "I-I-I just don't want to talk about it right now."

Rainbow Dash looked confused.

Suddenly, Applejack stepped in and said, "Is this 'cause of yer little Angel Bunny? Where is the little rascal now? Did ya kick him out of the house? Maybe you'd be better off without him fer now."

Fluttershy's eyes glowed green once more and she looked at Applejack with such an angry expression on her face and said, "How dare you say such a thing about my precious little bunny." She pointed her hoof out quickly at Applejack and out came the spear from her hoof. The spear barely missed Applejacks head and connected with her hat. Fluttershy yanked at the chain and pulled her hat to herself with rage as she cried out loud, "GET OVER HERE!" All the girls gasped in horror and held each other in their hooves. Even Rainbow Dash was hiding behind Applejack and quivering because she had never seen such a thing nor had ever heard that kind of tone of voice come out of Fluttershy.

Fluttershy shook her head once more and looked down at Applejack's hat that was connected to the spear. She unhooked the spear from her hat and brought it over to Applejack. "Oh, I'm so sorry about that. It was an accident. Here is your hat back. Please forgive me," she said as she extended her hoof with the hat on the end of it.

Applejack gulped and slowly took the hat away from her hoof. "Thanks sugar cube. I reckon I better keep my mouth shut from now on."

Fluttershy sighed to herself. "I just get so angry sometimes and I can't control my urges to throw this spear that comes out of my hoof. I don't know what I can do about it."

Twilight was still holding on to Rarity in fear. She let go of her and asked, "Why don't you try screaming your frustrations out. I know it didn't help much before, but it helps me sometimes when I get really upset."

Fluttershy took a deep breath and stood up on her hind legs. Just as she landed back down on her front legs, she let out her scream and instead of a noise that came out of her mouth, a spew of fire came out and she set fire to the couch."

All of her friends were horrified at what had just happened.

Rainbow Dash quickly left the house and came back with a storm cloud in her hooves. She placed it over the couch and began to bounce up and down on the cloud until the water poured out and extinguished the fire.

Twilight gulped and said, "Fluttershy, I think we need to get you some more help. Why don't you come with us and see if Princess Celestia knows anything about what's going on with you."

Fluttershy became very upset and said, "No! I am not going anywhere until my Angel Bunny comes back home." Suddenly, she felt the rage boil over her and she began throwing spears at her friends.

Her friends began dodging the spears and trying to find cover within the house.

Fluttershy had cornered Rainbow Dash and was about to throw a spear at her, when suddenly a rope was wrapped around her body. Applejack had used her lassoing skills and landed her rope around Fluttershy's body. Applejack yanked at the rope and Fluttershy went tumbling across the room and landed at the hooves of Applejack. "Now why don't ya 'git over here for a moment and calm yourself down, missy," the farm girl said.

Fluttershy struggled with all of her might to break free from the lasso, but Applejack was a master at what she practiced and Fluttershy gave up hope.

Twilight Sparkle knelt down beside Fluttershy and said, "Fluttershy, we need to help you. Your rage is out of control and you could have killed one of us. We are taking you to see the Princesses now."

Rainbow Dash helped tie Fluttershy onto Applejack's back with another rope. As Applejack carried the yellow mare out, her friends followed behind her.

Once they reached the friendship express train, they all boarded and headed to Canterlot to see the Princess. When they got off the train, they hurried over to the castle. Before long, they were all standing before Princess Celestia.

Rainbow Dash untied the rope that was binding Fluttershy to Applejack's back. She scooped up Fluttershy with her front hooves and tossed her on the ground at the hooves of Princess Celestia. Rainbow Dash looked up at the Princess and said, "Princess Celestia, our friend nearly killed us all and has been suffering with uncontrollable rage. We need your help!"

The Princess nodded her head and ordered that her royal guards untie the pony. Once they did, Fluttershy became filled with anger, that her friends had tied her up against her own will and that her front hooves suddenly were set a blaze with fire. She turned her focus on the Princess and threw her spear at her.

Princess Celestia ducked her head and the spear knocked the crown off of her head that she was wearing. She instantly used her magic and placed Fluttershy in some kind of force field where she wouldn't be able to break out of or cause any possible danger. "Guards please bring to me my book called The Big Book O' Alternative Worlds."

The guards did so and Princess Celestia began to flip through the pages. "Spears, spears, spears," she said out loud as she flipped through the index. "Ah! Found it!"

The girls watched the Princess' eyes dart back and forth as she gathered the information from the book.

Princess Celestia closed the book and sighed out loud to herself. "It looks like I'm going to have to travel to an alternate world to find more about this spear throwing business. There wasn't much information given about the problem, but the book did tell of what world this comes from. I feel that someone or something has been messing around with magic that they shouldn't be using. Whoever is doing this, left a note inside of my book saying that I need to take Fluttershy to this world in order to cure her."

"Would it be okay if we came along too Princess? We would love to learn about this world and see Fluttershy cured of her anger problems," Twilight asked.

Princess Celestia let out a rather unusual laugh. "I assume I could let you all come, but the book tells that this world is rather dark and scary."

Pinkie Pie instantly blurted out, "That's okay, Princess Celestia! That's why we learned to giggle at the ghostly!"

"Very well," the Princess said. "Guards, please put Princess Luna in charge of my royal duties as I leave to find a cure for Fulttershy. Princess Celestia ordered Applejack to lasso Fluttershy once again. She took Fluttershy out of the shield barrier that was preventing her from harming anypony. Applejack immediately lassoed the angry yellow mare and the rest of the girls helped tie her to Applejack's back once again. Princess Celestia's eyes glowed white as she channeled the magic through her body. Her horn lit up and she teleported herself with all of the ponies to the far away world that her book spoke about.