• Published 20th Jul 2013
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Flutter Spears and "Get Over Here!" - Brian Jacko

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Fluttershy Visits Discord

The next day, Fluttershy set off to seek help. She was now friends with Discord, since she was the one to change his mind and turn him to the good side for the "most" part. Discord was sitting on top of a pink cloud that was raining chocolate. He was also reading a book about performing new magical spells. He had a cup of tea in his hand and he began to sip it.

"Um, excuse me Mr. Discord, but may I have a word with you?" Fluttershy asked.

Discord panicked and hid the book he was reading into the cloud he was sitting on. He put his tea cup on the cloud and came down to the ground. "Oh my, my, my, if it isn't my most favorite and lovliest pony in all of Equestria! What can I do for you my dear?"

Fluttershy looked as if she was about to cry. "I have a problem with Angel Bunny and I want to know if there's anything you can do to help me get him under control. He's been very angry and aggressive lately," she said.

"A problem with Angel Bunny?" Discord asked as he perked up a bit with a crooked smile. "I would have never imagined in my most wildest and chaotic dreams that Angel Bunny would ever be in the slightest bit problematic! Why I have just the thing for you, my darling. Discord's claw like hand began to glow green as he leeched some of the spirit of kindness out of Fluttershy's heart. His other hand began to glow as he summoned a strange mist like vapor in the air. The vapors made the shape of a dragon, surrounded by a circle. "Now just come a little closer dear and take a deep breath, Fluttershy."

Fluttershy was hesitant, but she came forward and inhaled the air vapors as she was instructed to do. The vapors choked her throat and she began to cough a lot.

Discord smiled with glee and said, "Now you should have the motivation and confidence in dealing with your little pet bunny." Discord giggled with excitement. "Good luck, Fluttershy! I'll see you around, later." Discord suddenly snapped his crooked fingers and was gone in an instant. He vanished into thin air.

"Um, thanks Mr. Discord?" Fluttershy said in a totally unsure voice. Fluttershy turned back to travel home. She didn't realize anything unusual or different about herself ever since she inhaled those vapors.

Upon entering the house, Fluttershy was shocked that Angel Bunny had broken free from his cage that she put him in. The house was a disaster and he was running through the living room like a mad bunny.

Fluttershy put her hoof to her mouth in shock. "Um, Angel Bunny, please calm down now. Discord casted a special spell on me so that I can control you better. It's past your lunch time, let Mama get you your favorite carrot soup. I'll only add a teeny weeny bit of Cayenne Pepper this time." Fluttershy left and quickly brought back his meal. "Come on Angel, Mama knows you're hungry. It won't be too spicy this time. I promise. Just trust me, please."

Angel Bunny leapt onto the couch and was about to have his way with the pillows again.

"Oh no you don't, Angel Bunny! Please come here and have your soup."

Angel Bunny ignored her and continued to thrust himself into the couch pillow.

Suddenly, Fluttershy's eyes glowed with some kind of evil dark green magic. Her kindness in her heart faded away and she became filled with anger and vengeance. "Angel Bunny, I said, GET OVER HERE!" She pointed her hoof at the bunny and just as she said those three words, out of her hoof came a spear, with a long chain that was linked to it. The spear barely missed the bunny and connected with the pillow. Fluttershy stood there in shock and awe. She suddenly looked down at her hoof and she saw the long chain coming out of her hoof. The chain was on the floor leading up to the pillow where the spear had penetrated. Fluttershy looked back at the bunny, who was now shaking in fear at the booming voice of his master. Fluttershy shook her head several times and said, "Oh, my. I don't know how that happened. Angel Bunny, let Mama feed you your supper now."

Angel Bunny clung to the pillow, with the spear now in it, once more. He was terrified.

Fluttershy's eyes glowed with that dark green color and she became angry once more. "COME HERE!" she screamed out loud as she yanked the spear connected to the chain back over to her. Angel Bunny and the pillow went flying across the room and landed near the hooves of Fluttershy. Fluttershy again shook her head in confusion. "Um, please eat your soup now, sweetheart. I don't want it to get cold."

Angel Bunny's eyes glowed with the same dark green magic and he became rebellious again. He kicked the bowl of soup and it landed right in Fluttershy's face. He then began to run around the room while knocking things over and breaking them.

Fluttershy removed the bowl from her face. She became furious and suddenly she found herself throwing spears all across the room in an attempt to hook the rampaging bunny. Angel Bunny ran out of the house and Fluttershy was left panting in her home all alone. She put her hoof to the temple of her head and squinted her eyes shut. When she snapped out of her raging fit, she looked across the room. There were holes everywhere in the wall from where the spears penetrated. Her house was now ruined thanks to her newly acquired anger.