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Flutter Spears and "Get Over Here!" - Brian Jacko

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Breaking the Curse of the Spells

The girls mouths hung open in shock. They were standing in a forest where the trees had faces and were alive similar to their experience in their own world, in the Everfree Forest.

Pinkie Pie joyfully leapt over to one of the trees. She started making funny faces at it and was giggling madly. Just as she turned her flank to the tree to look at the other trees, her tail brushed up against the mouth of the tree. The tree grabbed a hold of her tail and began to chew on it. Pinkie Pie tried to break free, but the tree continued to nibble on her tail and wouldn't let go. Pinkie Pie frantically tried to break free and called out, "HELP!"

Princess Celestia saw that the tree was about to devour the pink pony and she used her magic to teleport Pinkie Pie away from the tree. "Pinkie Pie! These trees are different here and will consume anything that enters their mouths. You could have been killed. Please stay away from the trees in this forest. Whoever left that note in my book said that we need to find a man named Shang Tsung in order to fix this problem.

As the girls followed the princess, they took note of how dark and scary this place really is.

Applejack's ears perked up when she heard the sound of someone moaning. She quickly veered off the path and cried out in horror at what she saw. What in tar nations is that thing!?"

Hearing Applejack, made all of the other ponies come over to her. There, the girls stood with horror on their faces.

Twilight Sparkle looked up at the Princess and asked, "What kind of creature is that, Princess?"

Princess Celestia cautioned the girls not to get any closer to the subject. "That creature is called a human," she said. "Please do not go near that tree where he is. As you can see, he is dying a slow death from the vines that are wrapped around his body next to the tree. He will be devoured soon enough. We need to move on if we are going to find a cure for your friend."

As they traveled through the forest, they could hear the screams of other people and the evil that plagued this place was very upsetting. The sense of death was everywhere.

Princess Celestia put her hoof out as if to stop the rest of the ponies from going any further. There they saw three men in the distance. One of the men was much older and was yelling at what appeared to be a Ninja in a yellow uniform. The other man was swaying around and stumbling as if he were drunk. The man swaying back and forth was wearing sun glasses and had his name tattooed across his chest.

As the ponies slowly approached the three, they could hear what was being said.

"I told you for the millionth time that you have to finish him if you want to succeed in the tournament. I don't know what has gotten into you! You used to be the most vicious and feared Ninja in this entire tournament and now you can't even finish off an opponent? I order you, by the commandments of Shao Kahn himself, to FINISH HIM!" the older man demanded.

The Ninja put his fingers to his forehead in agony and distress. "I just can't do it," he said. "I just have this insane urge to go on a hugging spree and try doing things like cake decorating. I have been suffering from kindness!"

Princess Celestia appeared from behind the three men. "Excuse me, but do any of you gentlemen go by the name of Shang Tsung?" she asked.

Scorpion and Shang Tsung turned around to see Princess Celestia standing behind them.

The man who had lost the fight against Scorpion was still swaying around like a drunken fool.

"Yes, it is I," Shang Tsung said. "What do you want from me?"

Princess Celestia cleared her throat. "One of my ponies has been acting very strange lately, and I think that someone or something has used a forbidden magical power that swapped personalities with someone else. I was told to come here in order to solve the problem."

Shang Tsung scratched his beard with his fingers. "Ah, I assume that makes sense," he said. "One of our most hateful and vengeful fighters named Scorpion has been suffering with this strange desire to hug animals and perform random acts of kindness. It's a very disturbing thing to see."

"Then I think we found our man," the Princess said. "Girls, please place Fluttershy next to Scorpion."

The four mares unstrapped her from Applejack's back and brought her over to where Scorpion was standing.

"If we could combine our magic together, we may have the power strong enough to switch their personalities back," the princess said. Her horn began to glow, as the mighty Sorcerer Shang Tsung, prepared his hands with a glowing effect. They both channeled their magic together and blasted Scorpion and Fluttershy. The effect did nothing.

Suddenly, some harsh laughter could be heard. Out of the skies, a scroll fell down to the earth.

Princess Celestia used her magic and opened up the scroll. "Oh my," she said. "It says the only way to break the curse of this spell is to have Fluttershy perform a fatality."

"Well don't just stand there!" Shang Tsung demanded. "Hurry up and have your pony finish off the fighter that Scorpion couldn't kill. I can't stand to see one of my most feared Ninjas turn into a flower loving little pansy."

Princess Celestia nodded and she used her magic to untie Fluttershy from the rope. "Go on Fluttershy," the Princess said. "Finish him!"

Fluttershy nervously walked over to the man who was still swaying back and forth. She gulped and looked back to the Princess. "You want me to murder someone? I just can't do it," Fluttershy mumbled as she turned her head away. "Isn't there some other kind of special move that I can perform, like a friendship?"

As everyone else lost hope, Johnny Cage was able to recover and said in a mocking tone, "Ponies suck and friendship is gay!"

Fluttershy instantly turned back to the arrogant man and said, "Excuse me? What did you say?"

Johnny Cage said it again. "Ponies suck and friendship is gay!"

Fluttershy's eyes turned green with the evil magic that was corrupting her mind. She shot back at Johnny and said, "Well, I'd compare you to a horse's rear end, but that would be an unfair comparison, because way more manure comes out of your mouth than the horse's rear end!"

Johnny Cage laughed and said, "You all suck, and I'm the best!"

Rainbow Dash tried not to vomit because the extreme arrogance of this man was even making her sick to her stomach.

Suddenly, Fluttershy threw out her spear at him in rage. It connected to the chest of Johnny Cage and she yanked at the chain with all her might. "GET OVER HERE!" Fluttershy yelled out with a voice so deep that the limbs from the trees seemed to shake. Johnny Cage fell to the ground and the way his head hit the earth made his neck snap. He was now paralyzed. Fluttershy wrapped the chain around his neck several times and dragged him over to one of the trees. She pushed him into the mouth of the tree and the tree began to chomp on his body until he was swallowed whole.

Suddenly, a deep voice announced, "Fluttershy wins! FATALITY!"

Princess Celestia turned to Shang Tsung and said, "What happens when a fighter dies? Where do they go?"

Shang Tsung let out a deep laugh and replied, "Oh, I just usually send them to Purgatory for a while. Sometimes I'll send Johnny Cage to Limbo, with all the other babies, since he really is such a whiny little baby himself. I wish he would stay there longer, but they always have him resurrected so soon. He's such an arrogant little prick. I still can't believe that he got his own name tattooed across his chest. He even brings an extra pair of sunglasses when he fights others just incase the sunglasses that he's wearing breaks off of his face. He's always hitting people below the belt too! I keep suggesting that we ban him from the tournament, but Shao Kahn seems to like him for some reason."

Princess Celestia laughed. "I know a pony who loves to wear sunglasses and likes to play dirty in competitions too. Do you remember what happened at the annual Running of the Leaves, Rainbow Dash?" the Princess asked as she pointed her front hoof at the cyan Pegasus.

Rainbow Dash looked horrified because Celestia had compared her to such a jerk. She pointed her front hoof at Applejack and said, "Applejack cheated too!"

Applejack rolled her eyes.

Everypony turned to check on Fluttershy when they heard a soft whimper.

Fluttershy lost all of her rage and aggression and transformed into the sweet and loving pony that everypony else knew.

Princess Celestia wiped the sweat off of her head and said, "Phew! Glad that's over with, now let's go home."

"Wait!" Shang Tsung called out. "Scorpion is not better and he is still being a softy!"

Princess Celestia gave an odd look at the Ninja in the yellow uniform, who was crouched down low to the ground and seemed to be sad over the death of Fluttershy's opponent. The Princess picked up the scroll and read it again. "Oh," she said. "It looks like I didn't read the bottom part of this letter. The letter says that Scorpion must hold and cuddle with Fluttershy in his arms as he sips a cup of tea. He must drink the tea and stick his pinky out while he sips it."

Scorpion got on his knees and tore the top of his uniform in distress. "I can't do that! That goes against the very nature of who I am!" he cried out. "How am I supposed to even sip the tea in the first place? I don't even have any lips or a face and my entire head is a flaming skull! Why do you think I wear this flame retardant mask all of the time? How am I even talking without a tongue?"

Shang Tsung instantly shot back at him and said, "Oh for crying out loud, you were the one who was talking about cake decorating and hugging things! Go over there and hug the little pony! Just try to sip the tea and give it your best shot!"

Scorpion put his head down in shame as he walked over to Fluttershy. He sat on the ground and scooped her up in his arms and held her tightly against his chest.

Princess Celestia then used her magic and within an instant, Scorpion was holding a cup of tea. He tried his best to take several sips of it. Most of the tea spilled onto his uniform.

"You must stick your pinky out as you sip the tea Scorpion or it doesn't count!" Shang Tsung demanded.

Scorpion looked distraught. "I can't do that!" he said. "Please, not the pinky! Anything but the pinky!"

Princess Celestia looked over at Shang Tsung and said, "Relax. I've got this." She used her magic and there was this glowing effect the surrounded the pinky finger of Scorpion. Scorpion fought against this magic with all his might. His pinky finger was quivering, but the powers of the Princess were far too much for his strength. Scorpion's pinky shot out to the side.

"Noooooooooo!" Scorpion cried out.

Fluttershy became terrified at the cry from the Ninja. She let out an "Eeep!" and somehow, managed to break free from Scorpion's arms.

The curse of the spell was now lifted off of Scorpion and he gained the hatred and vengeance back into his heart. After realizing what he was forced to do, he became enraged, as his body became engulfed in flames from the fires of Hell itself. He threw out his spear at Fluttershy in an attempt to hook her. He missed and the spear sunk into the ground at the hooves of Fluttershy. Scorpion came running over and grabbed her by her mane. He lifted her up into the air and he pulled back the spear from out of the ground into his hand. He held the spear in his hand and prepared to slice the throat of Fluttershy. Just as he brought the spear to her throat, he paused for a moment. Tears flooded his eyes as he watched the innocent little pony sob uncontrollably and her whole body was shaking tremendously with fear. He couldn't do it. He took the spear away from her throat and brought her back lovingly into his arms. He sat back down on the ground and rocked his body back and forth as if he was cradling a baby. He ran his fingers through her soft pink mane repeatedly, in order to calm her down.

Suddenly a very large man with metal arms appeared through the forest. "Man, I have been waiting all day to see who I'm supposed to fight next. What is taking you guys so long." As Jax stepped through the trees, he stood there in shock. "What's up with these colorful ponies?" he asked.

Out of no where, many other fighters came out onto the path where the ponies were. Everyone had become anxious and wanted to know whether Johnny Cage or Scorpion won the battle, so they could see who they had to fight next.

Rainbow Dash watched a blurry figure race past her at blinding speed. The character stopped and looked down at her.

Even though Rainbow Dash was a brave pony, she couldn't help but quiver in fear at his masked face and the hooks that he carried on his back.

Kabal gently scooped the little cyan colored pony up in his arms.

Jax came over and picked the little farm pony up for himself.

Ermac levitated Twilight Sparkle into his hands.

Quan Chi came down from the sky and picked Rarity up as well.

Liu Kang picked up Pinkie Pie and began to stroke her back.

Scorpion continued to pet Fluttershy and was now tickling her belly in a playful manner.

Fluttershy let out the cutest little giggle.

As Princess Celestia and Shang Tsung watched the fighters and ponies, they both took note of the similarities each fighter and each pony had in common.

Applejack and Jax were bucking and hitting trees to show off their strength.

Twilight Sparkle and Ermac were using their magic to levitate things in the air.

Rarity and Quan Chi were casting spells and admiring their purely white bodies.

Pinkie Pie and Liu Kang were laughing and being totally random.

Rainbow Dash and Kabal were speeding through the forest at full speeds, and Scorpion continued to play with the little yellow pony. Perhaps he was so attached to her because the color of her soft coat was so similar to the color of his uniform.

Shang Tsung felt temptation come over him. He slowly reached out and was about to touch Princess Celestia, but she teleported away.

"I can't let you touch me, Shang Tsung," the Princess said. "Don't you see what is happening to all of your fighters? Once a human makes physical contact with a pony, they become madly in love and obsessed with them. You should see the people of Earth Realm. They are so fanatical about ponies that they call themselves Bronies and Pegasisters. Humans have such a weakness for our kind and if we are to ever leave this place and get everything back to normal, then I'm going to need your help right now. I need you to keep your fighters away from the ponies as I teleport them out of harms way.

Shang Tsung sighed to himself and nodded his head in agreement.

Every fighter was now back to cuddling with the pony of their choice.

Princess Celestia used her magic and the ponies teleported out of the arms of the fighters and back to where the Princess was standing. The fighters became upset and ran at full speed to pet the ponies.

"Do it now, Shang Tsung!" the Princess cried out.

Shang Tsung used his magic and the fighters were now trapped inside a force field. The fighters banged, kicked, and scratched at the magical wall with all their might in an attempt to break free. During this time, Princess Celestia channeled the magic through her body and it took a moment for her, but sure enough she was able to leave this world and teleport all the ponies safely back to Equestira.

Once back home, all the girls piled on top of Fluttershy in a great display of affection and love for their friend.

Twilight Sparkle broke free and said, "Oh Fluttershy! I'm so happy to have you back, but are you going to be okay? You did murder a human being after all. Do you feel bad about that being that it goes against the very nature of who you are? Are you still afraid since Scorpion almost killed you in his rage?"

Fluttershy giggled to herself at the thought and replied, "No. I'm Okay. That guy deserved it. He was a total jerk. He makes Prince Blueblood look well behaved. Scorpion is scary, but I think I'm Okay. I guess I kind of like him because well, he's named after an insect that I had fun playing with when I took a trip to Saddle Arabia to learn more about different kinds of critters. "

The rest of the girls were giggling at the thought.

Princess Celestia allowed Pinkie Pie to throw a party for Fluttershy in her royal castle. After the party, each mare went home.

As Fluttershy was walking home, she sensed a strange shadowy figure stalking her. Out from the bushes Scorpion popped out.

Fluttershy let out an "Eeep!" in fear because Scorpion's appearance is very scary and dark. "How did you manage to break free from the magical wall?" she asked.

Scorpion put his finger to his mask and hushed her. "Shhhh," he said. "I think some of the fighters forgot that they can teleport. I was able to teleport out of the trap just in time before you left our world and I got caught up in your world. Just please come here and let me touch you once more. I want to have some tea with you. I'll stick my pinky out again, I swear." The Ninja came closer to the pony that was now cowering low to the ground. Just before his trembling hand was able to touch her body, a chain wrapped around the waist of Scorpion and he was pulled back instantly.

Fluttershy looked up and noticed that there were two identical Ninjas. The other Ninja transformed himself back into his original form. It was no other than Shang Tsung himself.

Scorpion desperately tried to break free, but there was no escaping. "Please let me just touch her once more! I don't want to go back. I want to pet the little yellow pony!" Scorpion cried out in agony.

Shang Tsung shook his head in disappointment and pushed him through the portal. He was now alone with Fluttershy. Shang Tsung reached his hand out and was about to touch Fluttershy. Fluttershy sunk low to the ground and was shaking in fear because she was uncertain what would happen to her. He stopped when his hand was only a few inches away from touching her. Shang Tsung sighed in utter depression and said to himself, "I better not do this and listen to the Princess." He brought his hand back and walked through the portal with his head hanging low.

Fluttershy opened up her eyes and saw that the man was now gone.

Suddenly, Angel Bunny came hopping out of a bush and wrapped his front legs around Fluttershy's hoof.

"Oh, Angel Bunny!" Fluttershy exclaimed. "You're back to normal again! Let's go home and have some of your favorite soup for dinner. I promise I'll go easy with the Cayenne Pepper this time."

Angel Bunny leapt up onto her back and burrowed himself into her mane as she trotted happily back home.

Back where he belongs, Scorpion fell to his knees and tore at his chest in agony. He would spend the rest of his existence in search of a portal to Equestria in order to find and pet the little yellow mare that he was so deeply in love with once more. Scorpion ended up getting some ink done on his arm. He got a tattoo of Fluttershy's cutie mark on his spear throwing arm. He would brutally kill anyone who mentioned that ponies suck. He had no patience or love for anyone who wasn't a Brony or a Pegasister. Johnny Cage often found himself stuck in Purgatory or Limbo because of his anti-pony remarks. Even though Johnny Cage said that he hated ponies and loved to hate on others for their love for the ponies, it was soon discovered that even he had his own massive collection of pony merchandise. He denied it even though it was true.