• Published 20th Jul 2013
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Flutter Spears and "Get Over Here!" - Brian Jacko

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Somebunny is a Problem

"Now just you wait right there sweetheart. Mama is going to get your special soup, so you can have lunch now," the yellow mare said as she trotted happily into the kitchen.

Angel Bunny thumped his foot in delight that it was now feeding time. As Fluttershy left to enter the kitchen, Angel Bunny's eyes suddenly turned dark green as if some kind of magical spell was casted upon him. The magical glowing green died down quickly and he shook his head violently for a moment.

Fluttershy joyfully trotted back inside the living room with a bowl of soup in one hoof. "I hope you don't mind Angel Bunny, but Mama has been reading healthy recipe books from Twilight Sparkle's library about healthy herbs and foods. I added into your soup some Garlic, Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper, and a bit of black pepper to help the Turmeric absorb better in your body," she said.

Suddenly Fluttershy's eyes opened wide in fear.

Angel Bunny was rampaging through the house as if some demon had recently possessed him. He was being aggressive and violent towards the other animals. He suddenly stopped when he noticed that Fluttershy was now back in the room. He gave her a sinister grin and leapt onto the couch. He began furiously humping her couch pillows.

"Eeep!" Fluttershy cried out. "I know you can get agitated in the Spring when it's mating season, but I have never seen you this out of control before." Fluttershy hurried over to the couch and placed the bowl next to him. "Look Angel Bunny, Mama knows that it can be frustrating not having a mate, but we'll find you a somebunny special in the future. Right now you're a little too young for that. Mama has your soup sweetheart. Why don't you have a sip?" Fluttershy gently blew on the soup to cool it off.

Angel Bunny halted his business on the pillow and turned around. He was starving so he took one single sip of the soup. Suddenly, his face turned bright red from the Cayenne Pepper and he kicked the bowl away with his foot. The bowl of soup spilled all over the couch.

"Oh my," Fluttershy said with her hoof near her mouth. "Angel Bunny, I'm sorry if that burned your mouth a little bit. It's just that Cayenne Pepper is so good for your heart as well as many other things. Mama wants to see you healthy. Let me get you something else to eat."

Suddenly, Angel Bunny opened his mouth as wide as he could and chomped down on one of Fluttershy's front legs.

Fluttershy let out a holler in pain and shook her hoof quickly in an attempt to get him off of it.

The force flew him back and he landed back on the couch. He suddenly went back to taking care of his business with the couch pillow.

Fluttershy rubbed her front leg, that had gotten bitten, with her other hoof. "Angel Bunny that really hurt! What happened to you?" she asked him, but her words fell upon deaf ears as her beloved bunny plowed into the pillow with full force.

"He has been like this for how long?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

Fluttershy nervously looked at the five of her friends. There was a look of worry and uncertainty on her face. "About a week," she confessed.

"I reckon he might just need a good buck to the backside, Fluttershy. I think I could take care of that for ya," A certain farmer pony suggested as she walked closer to the bunny.

Fluttershy ran over to Applejack and put her front hooves on Applejack's chest in an attempt to stop her from getting any closer to her pet. "Oh no, Applejack! I could never allow my precious little bunny to be hit. We have to practice gentleness and kindness."

Twilight Sparkle put her hoof to her chin in thought. "I see," Twilight said. Suddenly, her horn began to glow and she blasted Angel Bunny with whatever powerful magic she could muster up to clear the corruption from his mind. The magical spell did nothing and Angel Bunny continued to rampage through the house. Twilight looked back at Fluttershy. "You can always take him to get a Pharmaceutical. Maybe they have some kind of psychotropic drug that he can take to help."

Fluttershy's eyes opened wide in horror. "Oh no, Twilight," she said. "I could never do that. I have been reading books in your library about those kind of drugs and they are dangerous and only temporarily suppress symptoms while doing damage to the body and mind over time. I could never put my precious Angel Bunny through that."

Twilight rolled her eyes and said, "Well, I won't disagree with that, but if he's being such an inconvenience, then I don't see what other option you can try. My magic failed to do anything for him, and I have been learning so many new and powerful spells with the Princesses."

Fluttershy bowed her head with shame. "Thank you all for coming. I guess I will just try my best to seek other options," she said in a sad sounding voice.

Her friends left her house and Fluttershy was now alone with Angel Bunny. Her other animal friends had left the house because they were terrified of him. "I don't know what else I can do for you, Angel. Mama will find a way though. I promise."