• Published 14th Feb 2012
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Will She Love Me Too? - Liechtenstein

Twilight starts to develop strange feelings for somepony.

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Think I'm In Love

Why do I feel this way? Is it normal for ponies to feel this way? I mean it feels normal, but it also feels wrong at the same time. I know ponies have crushes, I mean Rarity had a crush on Prince Blueblood, that seemed normal. Oh, I bet Rarity would know how to handle this. I could ask her? But what if it's not normal, what if she's disgusted by me? What if she tells everypony? What if they all hate me too?

Twilight had gone through this same monologue in her head for the past week, and she had still gotten no further in realizing what was wrong, or if she was wrong. It had kept her up at night, the worry, the confusion. The last week had been a blur, a mix of painful tiredness and reading and re-reading different books, trying desperately to find a passage that would explain her problem. Alas, she found nothing. There were books that alluded to ponies feeling like she did, but none of them answered the specific questions she had.

Is it normal for mares to like mares? None of these books say anything about mares liking mares, but it can't just be me, can it? All of these "Romance" novels that Rarity suggested all involve one mare and one stallion, and not one reference about mares loving other mares. Love? Do I "love" Rainbow Dash? Whats the difference between a crush and love? Is there a difference? I do "admire" her, but is that love? Is it even truly a crush. Gah! Confound these feelings!

Twilight didn't like not understanding something, in fact she hated it, it drove her to frustration. She especially hated it when she couldn't understand herself. In order to get anywhere she would have to make a decision: does she try and act on what feelings she understood or does she forget about it, in the hope that this was just a "phase". Next week would be Hearts and Hooves Day, a days for ponies to be with there "very special someponies", but Twilight never understood Hearts and Hooves day, mainly because she never had a very special somepony. She'd seen happy couples spending there day together, mainly from the Canterlot Royal Library, but never, herself, had a coltfriend to spend the day with.

Come on, Twilight, you need to do something. But what can I do? Do I just admit my feelings to Rainbow? Maybe I could just tell Rarity? Or Fluttershy? Or even Pinkie Pie? At least I can guarantee that she would never tell a secret. But what if they think I'm a freak? I might just write a letter to the Princess. No! I can't do that, what if its against the law? She'd banish me! Or put me in a dungeon! Or banish me and then put me in a dungeon in the place that she banishes me to! No, Celestia wouldn't do that to her Faithful Student, would she? I could tell Luna? She would never banish me. But she could tell Celestia, and she might banish me. The monologue continued like this for around an hour, maybe an hour and a half, and Twilight was still no closer to figuring out anything. Once again she would have to forget her feelings for another night, as she drifted away into the sweet release of sleep.

Twilight's continued to think, long after she fell asleep. This was her curse; even in her sleep she could not escape from her overactive imagination. All she could hear was laughter, not the light, happy laughter that she was accustomed to hearing, but a deeper, more sinister, mocking laughter. The laughing, the constant, never ending laughing tore Twilight up. Why is there laughing? Who's laughing? Are they laughing at me? Why are they laughing? It angered her, she wanted context, she wanted to know why the laughing persisted, but instead all there was was darkness. Darkness and laughing.

Eventually the laughing subsided, as did the darkness. The darkness was replaced by Rainbow Dash, she was standing close enough to Twilight that she considered reaching out and touching her. Such a gesture would be futile, however, Twilight was fully aware that this was a dream. After a few seconds of staring at the fake Rainbow in front of her it suddenly started to turn tail and run away. Even though Twilight knew this was a dream she still wanted to chase after Dash, perhaps then she would understand what it was that she wanted to tell herself. She wanted to run, she wanted it more then she's ever wanted anything, but she found herself unable to move in any way. Instead she was rooted to the spot she was standing, watching the rainbow-maned mare run away into the eternal darkness.

Again, eventually this subsided. Once again all there was was darkness. The darkness continued, but the silence didn't. Instead all she heard was whispers. The whispers were quiet, and Twilight couldn't make out what they were saying, but she did recognise the voices, one by one she made them out. She could hear Pinkie first, then she heard Applejack's thick, southern drawl, contrasted by Rarity's sophisticated tone, and finally she heard Fluttershy's shy voice, amid the cacophony of voices that surrounded. Try as she might, however, she could not hear Rainbow Dash. She focused on finding Rainbow's voice, but gave up, as she realised that, if she was there at all, finding one specific voice among the now deafening roar of the voices would be nigh on impossible.

The voices suddenly started to merge together, into one, loud, roaring voice. The voices spoke together, uttering one single thing, over and over again. The voices merely said "Twilight".




The voices continued to say "Twilight", over and over again, rising in volume, louder than it was already. Eventually it became too much for her to handle, she needed to do something, to end it all,


But still they continued, again, she screamed,


But the voices persisted, louder than ever. Once more she shouted


The voices wouldn't stop, they continued, apparently oblivious to Twilight's distress. Or maybe it was because of the distress that they continued. Twilight was broken, she couldn't stop them, but she couldn't run away from them. It was too much, she started sobbing, pleading.

"Please, please, just stop, please."

Eventually the voices did stop, once again leaving Twilight in a somewhat blissful state of nothingness. Why would my friends whisper my name? Where they talking about me? Why were they talking about me? This is just a dream, Twilight, remember that. But what does it mean? Does it mean anything

Right, so that was the first chapter in my first ever fanfic. Its also the first every story I've wrote for the benefit of other people. I am writing a short story at the moment, but that's for A-Level English Language. I know this chapter is painfully short, but this is just my first ever fic, and I wanted to gauge interest, I don't want to write an entire novel only to find out that everyone hates it. I just want to get an idea of how many people want more, how much they like this and if they like this style of writing, or even if I'm a poor writer. Any suggestions on how to improve it would be appreciated, thanks. :D

EDIT: New chapter title, to fit the later theme. She thinks she's in love (but it makes her kinda nervous to say so).

EDIT: Compounded the first two chapters together. Not so short any more, bitches.