• Published 14th Feb 2012
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Will She Love Me Too? - Liechtenstein

Twilight starts to develop strange feelings for somepony.

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Carry On Up The Morning

Twilight felt happy; she felt contented. Of course she was still scared, mainly scared for her relationship with her friends. As much as the talk with Rarity had helped her understand "herself", it also confirmed her worst fears. That some of her friends may not "approve" of the way she felt, not "approve" of her. Nothing short of each one of her friends reassuring her that they don't mind her "filly fooling ways" would put Twilight's mind at rest about that subject. "Filly fooling"? That can't be the only word for "my situation", can it? It sounds too much like a slur, the type one might hurl at another during a heated argument as a meaningless offence. But maybe that is the way everypony else views it. As an insult, meant to fling at someone who's different, weird, wrong. How might my friends react? I can't imagine Pinkie Pie holding any grudge or bad feelings, and Fluttershy is too timid and kind to voice any displeasure. But Applejack... If she doesn't approve, or if she dislikes "my kind", she is way too honest to not say what she truly feels. And Rainbow, what about Rainbow? She can be so brash, abrasive. I don't even know how she would react to me liking other mares, let alone liking her in "that way". Now, now, Twilight. Let's not over think this, remember how scared we were when telling Rarity, and that wasn't so bad. Just go to sleep, forget about this... it'll all just haunt us in our dreams anyway.

After a few minutes, long, dark minutes of total non-thought. The Japoniese had a name situations like this, they called it "Shikantaza", "just sitting". Twilight remembered, reading about it, in a large book on Far Eastern Culture she got when she was a little filly, for her birthday. It took a while, but, eventually, Twilight was in a state of perceived unconsciousness. Twilight now had no control over her thoughts, she was free to let her thoughts reveal themselves to her.

Once again, the dreams started as total darkness, but something was different this time. Twilight, despite being drowned in darkness utterly, recognized where she was. She was in bed, her bed, at the library. But something was weird, unusual. Her bed didn't feel the same as it normally feels upon awakening. Deciding to see why this was, Twilight sat up and looked around. After her first quick, cursory glance nothing seemed awry. It wasn't until her second, detailed scouting of her room did she realize what it was that was different; the sheets besides her were softly rising and falling... there was somepony else in her fictional bed, and, at that point, Twilight knew who it was, Rainbow Dash. This wasn't a certainty, but it was basically a guarantee. At first Twilight felt excited, yet scared and confused; until she realize that, despite waking up in her own bed, this was still a dream. So... Rainbow Dash (presumably), sleeping in my bed. The inference of course being that we did "something" last night that involved a bed. And of course she'll wake up soon, I'll be tested, and then this will all disappear... Perhaps to be replaced by another dream, or just realit-

It was at this point that Twilight realized that Rainbow had started rolling, mid-sleep, and was now facing her, about a nose away from each other. She noted how cute Rainbow looked, her short, tomboyish hair messed up, her mouth slightly ajar, snoring quiet snores. None of this is real, thought Twilight, but that doesn't mean I can't relish what little time I have here. Twilight spent a few, blissful moments staring at Rainbow like this, in quiet contentment and happiness. Eventually, as all things do, this ended; Rainbow was waking up. A rush of panic surged through Twilight, what would she do? Does she pretend to be asleep? Does she look away or does she embrace the moment? Her questions were all answered, she could see Rainbow's small, tired smile. Twilight seemed to know what it was that that meant. She decided to move in closer, and closer still. As she leaned in the silence was finally broken.

"Good morning, Twilight."

That voice certainly wasn't Rainbow's, once again Twilight was confused. She opened her eyes to check what had changed, and slowly the quiet contentment she had felt mere seconds ago had vanished, only to be replaced by bitter disappointment; she was finally awake. The voice she had heard was the voice of her "number one assistant", and the view that greeted her was that same assistant, presenting Twilight with her breakfast, and a note.

Twilight took her time with her breakfast, eating it slowly and methodically; she didn't want to face what may be inside the note. The note itself was a small, square envelope of seemingly high quality. It was both the detail in the presentation and the neat, cursive writing that gave Twilight no doubt that it would be a note from Rarity. A note from Rarity? But why? What could she possibly need to tell me that requires a note to be delivered to me? Is it about the... "situation", probably yes. Just forget the note and finish your breakfast. With that thought she slowly levitated her morning coffee over to her and sipped it, as slowly and methodically as she had been eating her breakfast. But even with her procrastination she realised that she would have to face the reality of the note soon. Her coffee had vanished, and her plate was fully cleared. The only thing left for Twilight to do was read the note, she didn't want to, but she had to.

She opened the envelope with all the methodicalness that she ate her breakfast. Everything was slow, precise, stalling for time. She lifted the envelope, brought it to herself, opened it and then set the envelope aside. Now it was just her and a folded piece of paper. A folded piece of paper that scared her, and she didn't know why. Okay, Twilight, keep it together. Deep breaths. Its probably just some benign, trivial matter. Perhaps an invitation to an event. It could be any number of things. Its not though, is it, don't kid yourself, Twilight, its clearly about the conversation you had yesterday. She wants to talk again, that is what it'll be.

Twilight opened the note, unfolded it, reluctantly. When she finally finished opening the letter all she seen were the words, the instructions, "Carousel Boutique, 1.00 PM". Eeyup, she wants to talk again. Her eyes searched around the room, until they found her clock, hanging on the wall. The time was near enough 9:45. She had three hours, three hours to prepare for what awaited her. Step one, Twilight thought, Step one is getting up first.

Twilight went about her morning routine as usual; showering; brushing her teeth; having another coffee, all the while knowing in the back of her mind that soon she may have to face something she wasn't ready for. All the while, keeping one eye constantly on her clock. At times the minutes passed too slowly, almost mockingly slow, yet at other times the minutes flew by way too quickly, not giving her time to prepare. Her mind was torn, on the one hand she must keep up a fa├žade of normality, if for nothing but to keep Spike's inquisitive mind at bay, so she would have to delegate his tasks to him, many trivial tasks, given only to distract him. But on the other hand there were times when her mind couldn't help but wonder; to think about the meeting that drew ever closer.

Half-past twelve. There is no more time for idle distractions. No more time to run away. I must get ready, ready to leave for Rarity's, ready to face what meets me. "Spike, I'm going out for a few hours, probably. Make sure Owlowiscious is fed, other than that have some rest, okay?"

As Twilight set off she tried to not let her mind wander, or focus intensively on the task at hand. Take this situation as it is. Don't worry too much, you made this mistake last time, Rarity means well. Just remember that, whatever Rarity has planned she means well. Soon enough she found herself walking down the pathway to the doors of Carousel Boutique, to face her judgement. Without even knocking the door swung open, and Rarity ushered her in with the welcoming call of "Darling, please, come in, make yourself comfortable."

They both took their seats on Rarity's large, luxurious sofa, and Rarity offered Twilight the same tea that she offered her yesterday, which Twilight happily accepted. At first it didn't seem as if Rarity had actually invited her round for any specific purpose. Of course Rarity was just wanting to make Twilight at ease before bringing whatever it is she wanted to bring up. Twilight realised this Rarity began to talk.

"Now, Twilight, dear, this may sound a bit sudden but... I think you should tell our friends," Twilight was shocked, she reacted quickly, and loudly "About Rainbow?", she said, seemingly in disbelief that Rarity would actually suggest such a thing.

"Twilight, darling, don't be silly. We can't let people know about that yet." She paused, giving Twilight a brief respite, but continued before Twilight could ask the obvious question that she wanted to ask."No, we should tell them about your... penchant for other mares. We might as well let them know as soon as possible, so it can sink in, and we can move forward from their." Twilight paused for a while, reflecting on this, before finally addressing what Rarity had said

"But... do we even know how they will take it."

"Well, my sources tell me-" Twilight seemed confused at this, her inquisitive mind needed to know who these new "sources were.


"Sweetie Belle and Applebloom. Anyway my sources tell me that Applejack may not take the information too well... but then again she may be fine with it. All I know is that she comes from an old fashioned family and, if any one of our friends are going to disapprove of you like 'this', then it will probably be Applejack", Rarity stopped, and, seeing the trepidation on Twilight's face, decided to move the conversation along.

"But I'm absolutely certain that it won't be too bad, darling. We're your friends, I'm sure we'll all accept you, that is what friends are for. So... what do you think, are you okay with this? We may as well do this quickly and painlessly." There was some hesitation in Twilight's voice.

"Well... I guess, maybe-"

"Good, they'll be around at four."


Anyone who correctly guesses where I got the chapter title name from wins my ever lasting love... seriously.

Took a LOOOONG time to think of where to take the story, so I decided to write another dream sequence, those motherbuckers are just all good for setting scene and creating cliff hangers for me to build the juicy stuff off. The next chapter will be a good'un... hopefully. Or it could be a disaster, depending on how I do really.

Once again fairly short chapter... think of it as the prologue to part two, so we can begin part two proper next time.