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Will She Love Me Too? - Liechtenstein

Twilight starts to develop strange feelings for somepony.

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Tell The King

"Twilight, Twilight, wake up, Twilight; I've brought you breakfast, just the way you like it." Twilight was gently awoken by Spike, who had took care so as to not wake her up too harshly; even though he didn't understand why he could see that Twilight had been the victim of a few restless nights, but he dared not to confront her, for fear of offending his very first and best friend. He could see that Twilight hadn't had the best of nights as she looked tired and lifeless, with heavy bags around her eyes.

"Why thank you, Spike," she said, as she used her magic to gently levitate Spike's tray from out of his hands and slowly set it on the bedside table. Taking a sip from the fresh, Manehattan-style coffee Spike had brewed for her she casually inquired, "Has there been any mail today, Spike?".

"Err, nope, not yet... Did you have a good sleep last night?", Spike, although not wanting to flat out ask what was wrong with Twilight, couldn't just not try and find out what he could.

"Sure, it was alright, I s'pose. Thanks for the breakfast, again, by the way, I'll bring it down when I'm finished." Spike knew what Twilight meant by that, that was Twilight's way of telling Spike to leave her alone. She would never put it that crudely, but it is what was implied. Spike took his leave, as he was ostensibly requested to do, and Twilight was left alone to quietly reflect about what she had experienced last night.

What did it all mean? It couldn't have meant nothing, it must have meant something, but what? Why was Rainbow Dash running away from me? Why couldn't I run after her? And the voices, the never ending voices, they had to have meant something! Perhaps it would be better if I try to tell someone what I'm experiencing? But who? Rarity is the most obvious candidate for me to defer my feelings to; she seems to be well versed in matters such as this, in matters of... "love". But I mustn't tell her too much, she mustn't know who the possible object of my affection is, no names, no genders. It's safer that way, lest I am "different" or "weird".

As soon as she had finished her breakfast, Twilight took the remains down to Spike, as she had promised, and informed him that she would be "going to Rarity's for a while", and that Spike was welcome to do whatever he wanted for the next few hours. Twilight didn't want Spike tagging along; even though she wasn't planning on releasing too much information to Rarity she still wanted what little she did disclose to be secret. Remember, Twilight, Rarity is your friend, your dear friend, anything you tell her will be a total secret. But I still shouldn't say too much, what if she thinks I'm disgusting, what if she doesn't want to be friend with "somepony like me". Don't be silly, Twilight, Rarity wouldn't hate you, regardless of what gender of pony you are "attracted to". But still, I shouldn't say more than is absolutely necessary, only say what needs to be said.

Twilight was so lost in her own self-discussion that she hardly realised that she was approaching nearer and nearer to Carousel Boutique, and she still hadn't, exactly, worked out what she was going to say. She started to panic and tried to turn around, to walk away and think over her plan of action in more detail. But by that point she had already passed the point of no return; Rarity had spotted her from her bedroom window, and had already invited Twilight inside.

"Oh, Twilight, dear, this is a pleasant surprise. Why have you came- actually never mind, come on in, the door's unlocked, I shan't be five minutes, make yourself comfortable." Oh well, thought Twilight, At least I have a few minutes to clear my head. We need to think straight, say what we need to say, nothing more, nothing less, But as Twilight had started to make herself comfortable, and began to plan out her dialogue, she heard a stirring from the other room, a kettle boiling.

"Would you like some tea, dear?" Called out Rarity.

"Oh, um, yes please, Rarity." Twilight tried to remain calm, but she realised that she had less time then she originally thought. Much less time. And soon she would have to talk to Rarity. Before she could think another thought, she saw a teacup present itself before her. A quick, cursory glance around the room confirmed that Rarity was, indeed, in the room with her, and very close to taking her seat besides Twilight.

"So, darling, what is it that has brought you here, hmm?"

"Umm, aah," Just say something, for Celestia's sake! "Well... I, kinda, can't get this certain pony out of my head, and was kinda thinking that you-" Oh, blast, why did I come to Rarity again? I'm sure I had a good reason ten minutes ago. "You could, kinda, you know? Explain what it is that I feel and, um, why I feel like this?"

"Oooh, something tells me that my little Twilight has a little crush. Would I be wrong in saying that this is the first time you've felt this way about somepony?" Rarity seemed intrigued, but she also seemed to understand perfectly what Twilight was feeling.

"Well, I guess it is kinda my first... 'crush?', is it? Is it normal to feel this way? It feels weird, that's normal, right?"

"But of course, Twilight, you just have your first crush, everyone feels that way about their first."

Oh, good, at least that has cleared the air, mostly. Now, don't want to seem too rude, I'll try and move the conversation on, finish my tea and return to the Library to try and think about telling Rainbow Da-

"Now, Twilight, if you don't mind me asking, who is this lucky colt?"

Okay, Twilight, stay calm, that was a perfectly normal question Rarity asked. I mean mares crushing on colts is the norm, so it is a perfectly reasonable assumption Rarity made. Just stay calm and answer the question.


Now, Twilight!




Anything? Seriously, this is gonna get awkward soon.

"Well... it kinda... is, well, Rainbow Dash..." Twilight paused, waiting for a response, any response.

"Oh, Twilight, don't be silly darling, Rainbow is a mare, you're not 'one of them', Twilight... are you?"

"One- one of what, exactly?" 'One of them'? Does Rarity not like mares who like other mares? If she doesn't like... 'us' will anypony like 'us'. Have I just made a momentous mistake? I have, haven't I? Oh, Celestia, no! I'll lose all my friends. And Celestia! What is she doesn't accept me like... 'this'?

"You know, dear," Rarity leaned in close, she whispered the last part of her sentence,

"A fillyfooler." Rarity seemed to say the words somewhat reluctantly, as if it was an obscenity that a 'lady' like herself shouldn never utter. A 'fillyfooler'? Is that what I am, is that the label that society will place upon me? Is it a bad thing? It seems to be a bad thing, Rarity sure isn't giving me the impression that it is a good thing. Anyway how to I respond to that? How can I respond to someone telling me what it is that I may be? Just make a sound of acknowledgement, she might start talking again.

"Oh, I see." Was the best Twilight could come up with under pressure, but it seemed to be enough.

"Are you sure you have a crush on Rainbow, darling? It is, by your own admission, your first crush, you might just be confused."

"But... but it's you who suggested that I had a crush on somepony! I just explained my situation and you told me what you thought it meant! If thinking about somepony a lot and if dreaming about them means that I have a 'crush' on them then yes, I think I may have a crush on Rainbow Dash... is anything wrong with that?" There was a hint of indignation in Twilight's tone, she was, a little bit, irate, at this point. Rarity obviously realised this.

"Yes, you're right, dear, I suppose it was kind of rude of me to suggest that you are confused, I am Sorry, Twilight. And nothing is wrong with 'fillyfooling', per se, but there are someponies who don't exactly approve of it. For now it is probably best that neither of us tell anypony about your... situation, at least for now, and that includes Rainbow Dash." And, with that, Twilight had confirmation that, not only was she different, she was also not accepted by 'someponies', and she couldn't be certain who it was that didn't approve of how she felt.

"Do you... 'approve' of it, Rarity?"

"But of course, darling, I don't see why other ponies should be bothered about what it is that two fillies, or colts, 'do' with each other. I mean it is a bit weir-different, but that doesn't make it wrong." Rarity shot a warm smile over to Twilight, in an attempt to make her friend feel better, and it worked, for the most part. Twilight tried to give Rarity a smile in return, but it turned out more awkward then she had intended. She may that I'm weird, but at least she cares enough to put aside what prejudice she may, or may not, have, and she seemed to be looking out for my best interest. Unless, of course, she is telling me not to tell anyone so she can tell everypony! And then they would all gloat in my face, make me ponya non grata! But she wouldn't do that, I'm sure.

"So... what do I do now?" Twilight asked, somewhat timidly, not really wanting to know the answer.

"Don't worry about that, darling, Rarity has that all taken care of. Just continue on as you normally would, unless an opportunity presents itself where you think it would be beneficial to profess these clandestine feelings. I'll do what I can, of course, try and find out who does and doesn't 'approve' of... well... you know? Don't think of it as some huge secret, just think of it as this personal feeling nopony else knows about... if it helps, of course." Rarity was trying her best to help and comfort Twilight, she recognized that, and appreciated it. Well, that seems to be that done with, for now, of course. I mean I probably should tell Rainbow soon. I should probably just have a normal chat with Rarity, away from this subject, just so she knows that I don't feel awkward talking to her, even though she does know my most private 'personal feelings'. Slowly Twilight levitated her tea before her and sipped it, lightly.

"Oh my, Rarity, this tea is really good, where did you get it?"


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