• Published 14th Feb 2012
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Will She Love Me Too? - Liechtenstein

Twilight starts to develop strange feelings for somepony.

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It's All In Your Mind

The thick curtains of the bedroom were forced shut by Twilight's magic; she wanted to be alone. The early morning sun was still shining bright, and life continued on the streets of Ponyville as it always had done, but for now Twilight wanted to be entirely detached from the world outside. With the noise silenced and the light cast out, Twilight could bathe in her darkness, hidden from the world, in a state of silent solipsism. The day had barely begun and already she forced herself into social exile. She lay upon her bed, tears falling free from her face. The crying was soft at first, but as she gave into emotion the tears fell, freer and faster. After a while the crying physically hurt her, but she couldn't force herself to stop; all rationality had been temporarily cast aside.

Snap out of it Twilight! Crying will not solve anything. Anyway, it's still not 100 percent clear whether Rainbow Dash... well, completely and utterly hates you. It's only really likely. No... that certainly doesn't seem to make me want to 'snap out of it'. But what will? Maybe it's best that I live in the presumption that one of my closet friends actually utterly despises me? Live like a pariah? At least that way I wouldn't need to do anything. If I'm lucky my friends will show great restraint and never mention yesterday ever again. I mean- sure- I would technically have to live with the presumption that everyone around me is silently judging me, but I'm sure that will stop bothering me. Eventually. And I would also never get a chance to reveal my true feelings and possibly never experience 'love', but there are certainly worse things? It never seemed to do 'Miss. Hinny-sham' any bother in 'Great Expectneighsons'... until she died in that fire, alone and loveless.

No, I can't live like that, don't be ridiculous. I need to do something proactive. But what? Go straight to Rainbow Dash and explain the situation? Sounds viable, but then of course there is always the issue of her possibly hating me and turning me away. I could always wait? But wait for what? For Rainbow to fly down and proclaim her everlasting love for me? For solid proof and information about who hates me? I don't even know anything about what Applejack thinks, and I barely know anything, if nothing, about what Rainbow thinks, I only have what Fluttershy told me. At least I know that Pinkie Pie is fine with it... that's certainly something. She'll probably be around later, with cakes and other such nonsense. It would be nice to have a friendly face around though.

By this point the crying had ceased. Her mood hadn't alleviated much, but Twilight was so preoccupied with her thoughts that the sting of the earlier conversation had disappeared. She raised her head, opened the curtains and was at least semi-ready to end her brief exile. Before she was able to unlock her door suddenly there was a gentle knock upon Twilight's chamber door. A quiet knock, made to seem louder by the silence around the room, was soon followed by a familiar voice.

"Twilight Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are here to see you."

It took only that small statement to change Twilight from a state of solemn forlonity to a state of sheer panic and irrationality. No,no, no, no, no! No, this can't be real; I must've fell asleep, crying. I'm not ready for this; I was barely ready for telling Rarity, and I proved that I wasn't ready to tell everypony. Maybe she's just here to invite me to some party that Pinkie's throwing. But if that were the case why are they both here? If they are not here for that what are they here for? Has Rarity told Pinkie about how I feel about Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie has took it upon herself to set us up? Or maybe they are just here to congratulate me? Or maybe Rainbow Dash has come here under the pretense of congratulations and is actually here to ridicule me! Unlikely... but still as possibility. Even if they are here to congratulate me I'm in no state to speak to anypony. Can't turn them away, though, that would be rude, mustn't be rude, especially not to ponies who may or may not hate me. No, just swallow your fear, march out there and run the risk of becoming persona non grata.

"I'll be out in a minute, Spike. Invite them in."


Once again this was subject to late chapter name change. It was gonna be A'rebours, but this, equally good song, seemed just as, if not more fitting. Though it does mean I don't get to use French... yet. Bit of a shame as I've really wanted to use "A'rebours" for a while, for no real reason other than to show off. Pro tip to find the source, look it up in the Becktionary. And while you're there listen to all of the Sea Change album, just a great album to have in the background of any activity.
P.S. When everyone else is a chimpanzee, be a monkey, with butane in your veins.

Put in some "deus ex machina", because 'hey why not'? Also another cliff hanger, because deus ex machinas and cliff hangers were made for each other; drop a bombshell, make audience wait for the explosion.