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Pear is a fucking cunt · 7:18pm Jul 28th, 2015


Big round numbers for the nonbig and nonround... · 2:07am Apr 9th, 2016

I wrote recently about being on a diet and losing a lot of weight.

I mentioned that I had a digital scale that was only accurate up to 333 pounds. For any weight over that, it would read “EEEE.” I was on the diet for several weeks before I could even see a number on it, and that number was, of course, 333.0 pounds.

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So, a fat person walks into a bar... · 5:02pm Feb 23rd, 2020

And little did he know, it was a SALAD BAR! It was a trap! They lured him in with the aroma of a deep fat frier and cheese burgers!

The vegetarians rule supreme! Ah! AAHHH!

They've gotten one of ours, Ah! All fat people, roll away for dear life! They can't catch all of us! Quick, retreat back to headquarters at the junkyard where Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids hang out! Roll, Brethren, ROLL!


It doesn't have to be this way. · 4:12pm Dec 18th, 2015

I don't usually make blogs about my personal life, but this is something I had to get off my chest, almost literally. And there may be something extra in it for you. I hope so, in a way, but I mainly hope not. Feel free to read, regardless; I'll try to keep it entertaining.

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What are your thoughts on immobility? · 7:14pm Jan 27th, 2016

So, I'm planning to do another fatpone fic at some point that focuses on immobility, as soon as I get my latest idea for another Shining/Cadance/Flash fic finished. That got me wondering -- what do you guys think is the main appeal behind the concept of a pony being fattened to immobility?

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