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Signal boost for ' The party at Molly's' · 2:18am Mar 30th, 2019

I'd like to recommend this excellently written story by RarityEQM

It is rated T for some mature themes but it the character development and descriptions are fantastic and it has a most unique use of colors to set the mood and tone of various parts of the story. If you enjoy this as much as I did, please give Lady Rarity a bit of love with an upvote and some positive comments!

Thank you all for taking a look.

Report Olden Bronie · 219 views · #T #non-con #narcotics

New story preview · 7:57am Dec 4th, 2022

New fic on the way! In its current state, it is completed, although there is still a lot of editing to be done. Hope to release it on Monday!

Also, this will probably be my last story on this account for the year, unless any other idea comes to mind.

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New Story Release - Bruised Apple (Warning: non-con story) · 5:16pm Oct 4th, 2020

Okay, this story is here because I was finishing what I started a short bit ago, not because I went back on my word.

I haven't written a story like this since Defiled Loyalty, but this takes it a step further and is on a subject I avoid as much as humanly possible. It's a bit more violent than you might think (as were my earliest stories) and it honestly hurt me inside to write this, going into what happened to Apple Bloom. I hold a soft spot for her, so it did sting quite a bit.

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Small Rant. · 3:21am May 1st, 2021

Nothing to do with EWM at this time, sorry. Though I have officially begun writing it. Not far in yet though. Be patient.

Anyways, I'm...kind of here to rant a little about something.

Am I the only one who is extremely creeped out by the popularity of non-con, parental/sibling incest, and underage sex that seems to always show up in the front page recommended? Like, why would you recommend this stuff? Most of it is morally wrong, but underage sex is illegal even to write.

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Fall of Equestria · 11:59pm Mar 2nd, 2018


1/8/22 Clop/Fetish Reviews [3] · 2:31pm Jan 8th, 2022

Was this slotted for 1/3? Yes. Was it done at that time? Yes. Did I post it? No :raritycry:
These are the last five of my current roundup; two more are pending reviews and my reading list is full! But, I've received delightful feedback from authors, and absolutely want to keep doing this.

Remember, upvote and comment on stories you like; and leave an upvote on stories you read when you can overall! Downvote bombing is hell on this site.

As for the mane event...

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