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"Rise"- Katy Perry (pssst! The Summer Olympics start today!) · 10:59am Aug 5th, 2016

I won't just survive
Oh, you will see me thrive
Can't write my story
I'm beyond the archetype

I won't just conform
No matter how you shake my core
'Cause my roots they run deep, oh

Oh, ye of so little faith
Don't doubt it, don't doubt it
Victory is in my veins
I know it, I know it
And I will not negotiate
I'll fight it, I'll fight it
I will transform

When, when the fire's at my feet again

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Musical Interlude 21 · 4:11pm Nov 19th, 2015

Because there hasn't been one of these for a while.

Remember Katie Melua? I do. Oh boy. :rainbowwild:

I think she might still be a thing...

I always liked the music video for this (Katie Melua's The Flood if youtube is being a bitch again), but the song itself kind of stuck with me for a long while too. It's melancholy, but hopeful somehow. The sort of mood that always grabs me.


Rule 34 Updates resuming June 2016 · 12:42pm Apr 27th, 2016

I need to take a temporary leave of absence from the Rule 34 updates. I'll be back in a couple of months and will strive to have 3 months worth of data to discuss. In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures of shaved horses:

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Breaking News! New Story coming soon · 8:17pm Sep 28th, 2017

Hey everypony! Just letting y'all know I'm a week or two (hopefully) away from the new PaP story. Don't worry, I'm planning it carefully so it doesn't end up a clusterfuck like SND.

We'll see the return of our two favorite Returnees as they embark on a journey back to Max's hometown (or what's there now).

Stay tuned everypony!



I'm thinking of doing something differently... · 7:45pm Apr 8th, 2017

Remember when I told you about my first crush. No? I only said it in PMs... anyway, her name's Katie, and she lives in my neighbourhood... and she's closer to my age than anyone I ever loved online was... should I go talk to her? Tell her how I felt about her when I first met her? Sing the song I wrote about her over a year and a half ago? Forget about Rachel and Red and do this love thing for real? Let me know!


I Gave To You · 8:08pm Apr 8th, 2017

I Gave To You
by Jaydove

I gave to you
A baker's dozen roses
You gave to me
Just one simple smile
And I never knew
That nobody proposes
Without being lost for a while

I gave to you
My legendary stories
You gave to me
Our own fairytale
And I thus accrue
Our love had lost its glories
When you said that I'd never fail

I gave to you
My love and my affection
You gave to me
My own broken heart
And since then I knew
It wasn't my election
But yours from the end to the start

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Remember Katie? · 10:51am May 3rd, 2017

My first crush? The girl I wrote "I Gave To You" about? I told her how I felt and she said she didn't feel the same way. I guess that means I can move on now... find someone else. I know I have New Hope, but I need someone in real life to love me. Not just a friend, but a real bona fide lover. No more pretending, (though I will keep the list of pretend lovers, because you guys are my best friends... and I really do love you.

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Katy Perry is a perpetrator of sexual misconduct · 5:41am May 20th, 2021

Aside from kissing a male American Idol contestant on the lips without his consent in 2018, Katy Perry's actions way back in 2010 further proves that women in power are just as disgusting as men in power.

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Pop Music kind of wrecked my shit, fam · 5:12pm Oct 8th, 2017


Louisville Comic Con · 12:14am Jun 21st, 2015

Hello, everybody!

I just got back from Louisville Comic Con, and boy, am I inspired!

Certainly as of late, I have been a bit inactive on this site. Well, I'm active on the forums, but I haven't updated any of my stories as of late. Well, I'm sorry for that, but I will be releasing stuff soon! I just have my time spread thin at the moment, but that is no excuse.

Anyway, Louisville Comic Con.

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F/F/Y3K19 2/21: WAY PAST COOL · 3:13pm Feb 21st, 2020

The previous installment is all finished. Enjoy.

This time around, on top of last week's story's epilogue, we have a "celebration" of both the Animal Crossing Direct from yesterday AND the new Sonic movie. Dread it.


F/F/T3K19 3/1: No te amo. · 6:11am Mar 2nd, 2020


My Movie Review on Storks (2016) · 5:58pm May 9th, 2019

Hello, hello, my friends.

This is your friendly film and TV show reporter here with another review.

Today, I will be making an analysis on Warner Animation Group’s 2016 film “Storks”.

Here’s the summary of this movie, which is also the 2nd film done by Warner Brothers’s new animation department:

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