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"You can change destiny, but you can’t change fate.” Simon sighed... “And you and I are fated to be together, I know it in my heart.”

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Remember Katie? · 10:51am May 3rd, 2017

My first crush? The girl I wrote "I Gave To You" about? I told her how I felt and she said she didn't feel the same way. I guess that means I can move on now... find someone else. I know I have New Hope, but I need someone in real life to love me. Not just a friend, but a real bona fide lover. No more pretending, (though I will keep the list of pretend lovers, because you guys are my best friends... and I really do love you. But I've come to the realization that I can't be in love with a person I've never actually met... no matter how much I care for them, I can really only love them as friends... best friends, sure, but nothing more) I need something real. Something that I can share with someone who shares my feelings. Wish me luck, and, until next time...

...Stay fly, my friends.
Sky out!

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