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100 Movie clichés · 1:44am Jul 28th, 2017

Cinema is one of the most artistic media that has ever existed and one of the most recognizable entertainment in the world. It lets you to travel to another worlds and do things you will never do. But, among the large quantity of existing productions, there are some tropes that repeat in different movies. They don't affect the quality of the movie (sort of), but they can become annoying. This is the Top 100 movie clichés.

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Top 10 Fimfics (Blog Post #3) · 11:37pm Feb 1st, 2019

Just wanted to compile my 10 absolute favourite works of fanfiction I've found on this site so far, and will provide reasons why to make it a fun read! Maybe you'll find something here that catches your eye!

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Top 100 furry tv show characters · 10:42pm Jul 24th, 2016

100: Harvey beaks characters
99: pig, Goat,and all Pig goat bananna characters
98: Scooby doo and Scrappy doo
97: Garfield
96: Tuff puppy characters
95: all Zootopia characters
94: Littlest pet shop characters
93: Catdog characters
92: Ren and stimpy
91: Tmnt characters
90: Paddington bear
89: Mickey mouse
88: Sonic tv show characters
87: Loony tunes characters
86: Arthur characters
85: Nature cat characters
84: Heathcliff
83: Road rovers
82: Craig (From sanjay and craig)

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100 Videogame absurd logics · 2:39pm Jul 19th, 2017

A videogame can warp us to magical worlds beyond our imagination, where we can interact with their characters, think about perspectives of lifes or simply have fun. However, there are incongruities and absurd reasonings that, although they don't ruin our experience, when you think of them, you realize how bizarre they are. This is the Top 100 videogame absurd logics.

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100 Anime clichés · 3:38pm Jul 20th, 2017

One of the most representatives media of Japan, anime has become a worldwide phenomenon thanks to its unique design. However, anime has a lot of clichés that can ponder to our subconscious, no matter the plot, genre or content. This is the Top 100 anime clichés.

Disclaimer: Due to its own nature, some of these clichés may be offensive to some people. This blog post is only made for the purpose of entertaining. Reader discretion is advised.

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5 characters who wouldn't exist in real life (and why) · 9:34pm Jan 29th, 2018

The difference between reality and fiction is that, well, fiction must make sense. And it’s not strange to be fond of certain archetypes or fictional character styles because they appeal to something internal that we cannot find in the real world: money, power, beauty...

Like this, but better.

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My 100 favorite movies · 4:23pm Oct 26th, 2017

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Uncomfortable truths that are true · 3:45pm Feb 22nd, 2018

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The Top 100 (+20) movies of the decade · 3:00pm Dec 20th, 2019

Inspired by moviemaster8510, I've decided to make my own list of the best movies of the decade, but instead of genres I'll cover them by year. This is to have a better pesperctive of the progress within this decade. Now, if there's any movie that you think should've been included and it's not on the list, I want you to take into acount the next possibilites:

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100 Silly things that have happened to you · 3:03pm Jul 24th, 2017

Throughout our life we do a large amount of actions, from simple (like breathing) to complex (like taking decisions). But there's a large amount of actions that, independently of your opinion, you can't deny they are dumb or pointless. This is the Top 100 silly things that surely have happened to you.

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Top 10 Favorite Episodes of Regular Show · 3:30pm Feb 17th, 2017

I think it's time to wrap things up and say which are the episodes I watch and re-watch the best. One of my favorite shows deserves a good way to be recognized.

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My Top 10 Worst Films of the 2010s · 2:50am Jan 5th, 2020

I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from Phoenix Heart 20. Here are the ten worst films of the decade. Well, in my eyes. Though a forewarning: this will be rather rant and snark heavy.

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Top 10 underrated dance music genres · 10:09am January 5th

1. Uplifting trance
2. Deep house
3. UK garage
4. Nu-disco
5. Ambient house
6. Balearic beat
7. Acid jazz
8. Electroclash
9. Alternative dance
10. Synthpop


My Top 10 Eric Reed stories · 1:47am Apr 7th, 2020

I’ve known ThePinkedWonder for a while now, and as a personal favor to him, I thought I’d rank a few of his stories. Only problem? He has 37! So, to make things easier on myself, I’m only focusing on the 18 (I counted) stories that have to do with Eric Reed.

For this list, the only actual requirement is that it has Eric Reed, Pink’s OC.

These are also based on my personal opinions, so you may not agree with a few of my picks

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My top 10 favourite accents · 1:08pm Sep 13th, 2020

1. English
2. Irish
3. Australian
4. South African
5. Scottish
6. New Zealand
7. Welsh
8. French
9. Swedish
10. Southern American

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My top 10 favourite desserts · 2:59pm Sep 14th, 2020

1. Oreo cheesecake
2. Rainbow crepe cake
3. Gelato
4. Flan
5. Panna cotta
6. Macaron
7. Bomboloni
8. Hotteok
9. S'more
10. Strawberry rhubarb pie a la mode


My Top 10 Favorite Films of the 2010s · 1:23am Jan 6th, 2020

Yesterday, we discussed the 10 worst films of the past decade. Now for that list that nobody really likes: here are my ten favorite films of the 2010s! Also, I didn’t steal this idea from Phoenix Heart 20 this time. She gave me permission (not that I would’ve asked for it; she can’t sue me or anything, right?).

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Top 10 Favorite Episodes of Dan Vs. · 1:50am Oct 4th, 2019

I'll be posting my Top 10 episodes eventually

Wow... it only took me a year and a half to do this pendant... In no particular order, let's get this over with. As always I'll leave you the episodes in the link below if you want to check them out.

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My top 10 favourite cheeses 🧀 · 11:08am Oct 9th, 2020

1. Mozzarella
2. Gruyere
3. Gouda
4. Muenster
5. Mascarpone
6. Provolone
7. Ricotta
8. Brie
9. Parmesan
10. Cheddar

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My top 10 fears 😨 · 9:37am Sep 27th, 2020

1. Hoplophobia (guns)
2. Aichmophobia (knives)
3. Acrophobia (heights)
4. Basophobia (falling)
5. Thanatophobia (death)
6. Arachnophobia (spiders)
7. Ophidiophobia (snakes)
8. Katsaridaphobia (cockroaches)
9. Amaxophobia (driving)
10. Astraphobia (lightning strikes)

Honorable mention: Pyrophobia (fire)

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