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Random Thought #1 · 2:00am Jun 15th, 2015

So, I'm going to try and do a thing where I post random thoughts every now and then. See if it sticks. Well, here goes!

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Random Thoughts: Melancholy · 1:49am Sep 7th, 2021

*Disclaimer, this post has nothing to do with my fanfics. Just needed somewhere to vent my thoughts.

You know what the most annoying emotion to deal with is? Melancholy.
Sorrow lets you have a good, cathartic cry.
Anger lets you vent through loud, fast music.
Fear goes away once you're done with whatever was making you scared.
But melancholy...

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TwiStory - A Blog Story · 1:00pm Dec 6th, 2015

Twilight was somewhat annoyed by my fascination with her.

"Why am I the subject of so many of your stories?"

I ignored the statement, partially because it annoys her, and partially because I'm too busy sketching out the plan for her next involvement in my plot. Lots of work this is.

"At least tell me why you want to write me in."

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Random Thought #2 · 6:18pm Jul 24th, 2015

You probably thought this was dead, didn't you? Well, it isn't! I was originally going to posit the question of who would win if an ant made of lions and a lion made of ants fought, but I thought that this would be a better thought. Commence with the thinking!

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Random thoughts: No You Shut Up · 7:15pm Dec 11th, 2015

I like checking out the forums of the groups I'm part of - well, some of them. Like Reddit, Facebook, and even my hotmail account, my feed consists of a certain proportion of items relevant to me and the remainder being fluff. I, as with pretty much every other member of this generation, have self-taught the skill of quick filtering - by recognizing key details, you mark a pattern of traits borne by things you find interesting, and anything that doesn't bear such is ignored. It can be texts. It

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Another Love Song For Zephoria · 11:43pm Mar 3rd, 2022

So, I've listened to both the original and cover of "The Mario Kart Love Song", and while listening I thought it'd be kind of a cute even funny idea of Zephyr singing it to Victoria, while Rainbow Dash would play her guitar.

(Since Zephyr doesn't know how to play one lmao!) But, even I thought of Flash playing the guitar too instead of Rainbow.

Here is one of the songs at least:

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