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Mpreg,the multiverse and other arguments · 1:24am Sep 29th, 2017

Just a disclaimer: I made this journal about a week ago on another site I'm on (its DeviantArt if you're wondering) so it might sound a little out of place but I think my message here is pretty much the same and will add new things for the sake of this site and decided to upload it it here because to me I take Mpreg seriously (I also have it as a fetish too but it mostly serious for me) to where I'm not really the type to joke about it or enjoy jokes about it, so I'm putting my stance on

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A New story-The new Mane 6 · 12:29pm Sep 17th, 2019

yep it's finally happening after 2 years of trying to find motivation and inspiration to really get into MLP like I wanted to I finally think I know what kind of stories I want to tell. I find it a little sad it took me to when the show is about to end in the USA but I guess now is better than any in the future and I am hoping Gen 5 will help keep this fanbase going.

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Pairing request open · 2:31am Sep 27th, 2017

since I wanna upload some stories on here I'm open to any pairing request you guys might want I only have a few rules

1.only Male/Male pairings, please
2. tell me if you want it to be sfw or nsfw
3.tell me if you would like mpreg in it as well can give up to 3 pairings at a time and I'll pick the ones I have the most ideas for
5.give as much detail as you can even if you don't have much

that's about it so if you have an idea for a story let me know in the comments


To do list · 3:31pm Oct 12th, 2019

Note this might change over time
Gloomyverse stories
-Finish my Shiningsombra series
-write my Svengallop arc series
-Write a Flimblood fanfic (might be nsfw)
-Write a FlamFly fanfic
-Start figuring out the main story arcs for my next-gen characters
-write my next-gen bios and find out where to put them
-Get pictures of My next-gen characters
-write a Mac x Cheese sandwich fanfic (might be sfw or NSFW)
-Create a Short story about Earth ponies staring Magical Chord (twipie kid)

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Alright change of plans · 5:06am Sep 23rd, 2019

So that fanfic I said I would do "the new mane 6" while writing I realized I think that is gonna require much more set up than when I first started as my ideas for my AU's story started to change greatly as I started writing and in my current emotional state (which isn't very strong) I feel I shouldn't be tackling such condense stories right now but still wanna write stuff that will be canon or semi-canon to my AU

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My MPreg Shining/Sombra fic is up on Patreon! · 4:02pm Jun 16th, 2018

The winner of my May 2018 Patreon story poll is officially complete, and is currently up for my Patrons to read before I publish it tomorrow. If you wanna read it now, you can contribute as little as a dollar to help with my future writing endevours. My story will also be up on this site tomorrow morning if you wanna wait until then. And if that's the case, here's a sneak peek to the page:what the story will look like:

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