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To do list · 3:31pm Oct 12th, 2019

Note this might change over time
Gloomyverse stories
-Finish my Shiningsombra series
-write my Svengallop arc series
-Write a Flimblood fanfic (might be nsfw)
-Write a FlamFly fanfic
-Start figuring out the main story arcs for my next-gen characters
-write my next-gen bios and find out where to put them
-Get pictures of My next-gen characters
-write a Mac x Cheese sandwich fanfic (might be sfw or NSFW)
-Create a Short story about Earth ponies staring Magical Chord (twipie kid)

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The Gloomyverse Updated · 2:06am Oct 3rd, 2019

I didn't like how the other looked anymore since it went through a few changes so here is a newer one with more details

Shining armor and King Sombra
-parents of Gloomy Dusk and Shimmering Radiance
-Is living in the Crystal Empire and Sombra is the king again
-Sombra returned in this AU after season 4 and was reformed by the mane 6 and Shining after being his first friend
-Sombra has no memory of why he became evil

Shining Armor and Candance

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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