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The God(desses) of Olympus - There Goes The Neighborhood · 12:56am Apr 30th, 2016

Well, now I've done it. There Goes The Neighborhood just had the first chapter posted.

I have no idea what originally triggered this story idea, but it dates back to an odd thought/conversation about how much Greek there was in My Little Pony, from pegasi to the tall mountain on which the goddesses made their home, and two totally random brain cells made contact.

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Preview To Twilily Saga: Journey To Heartwarming./2nd Updated Version/ · 5:11pm Jul 28th, 2017

This is the preview to the next part of the Twilily Saga. Twilily Saga: Journey To Heartwarming, which is a sequel to Twilily Saga: Past, Present, Or Damnation, and is the third in line of Endless TIme, Or Forever End. This preview is ripped from Chapter 4 and has quite a bit of characters being shown off in it. In particular, we get to see a small cameo of my personal OC. Now, this scene doesn't really give what these characters look like, it just a fun little scene that I had available that

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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