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There is one last thing I need to do before I dive into the Generation 5 Movie myself..... and that, is this story. (+ My return to writing after a near complete 5 months long break.) · 8:22pm September 29th

Generation 5 is here. The long awaited moment has come. I look forward to this and I'm hyped for the start of Generation 5 since January, ever since I learned that Generation 5 is not a reboot of the "My Little Pony" franchise, but a sequel to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I always said that Generation 5 could very well be a sequel, the first

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"Dreamwalker Dash" will return next week (but you get a sneak peek on Chapter 5 today) · 10:45pm Feb 2nd, 2020

I guess you gotta admit your defeats when you can't avoid them. Unfortunately, I can't make good on my promise to still release a "Dreamwalker Dash" chapter this week..... The physical exhaustion in the middle of the week combined with pushing down hard to still deliver the next chapter of "Letters to Cozy Glow" this week, to have the new chapter of "A Storm on the Horizon of

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"Dreamwalker Dash" continues and Chapter 5 "Two Sisters" has landed! · 3:00am Feb 6th, 2020

"Dreamwalker Dash" is finally back after a small delay and now you can read Chapter 5!
We have an unexpected new character making her debut in this chapter, one who I decided to write into the story only very recently when I began working on it. And we have buildup for something that will be of significant importance for the story later on!
Now go and read, there is a certain adorableness waiting for you that you don't want to miss!

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Season 5A: My Thoughts · 7:30am Jul 13th, 2015

The Cutie Map - 5/5
A strong opener with a unique antagonist and a somewhat more complex story than the prior premieres and finales, and does a good job introducing the new mechanic of the Cutie Map.

Castle Sweet Castle - 5/5
An impressive episode with genuine emotion, that goes a long way toward helping me not hate the new castle.

Bloom And Doom - 4/5

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A new Nightmare Night story is released: "Don't Look" · 12:50am Nov 1st, 2020

It's Nightmare Night! One of the best days in the year! And I finally, after stresses and delays, got my Nightmare Night story for this year finished!
And since the initial release date of this story that I intended was much earlier (October 17th, to be precise), I don't waste time with many words. You have something to read from me and I have to take a break from writing and finally do some Nightmare Night stuff proper.

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New fic is released: "Pinkie Pie's Hearth's Warming Vacation" · 3:42am Dec 23rd, 2019

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