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New Story is released: "A Big Sister for Hearth's Warming" · 1:13am Jan 1st, 2022

Well, I did it again..... Writing on the holidays to save my goal. Which cannot be completely saved anymore now, I am falling short by one story for my December and end-of-the-year writing goal that was supposed to get released today at the latest, as it is a dedicated New Year's Eve story. One that I already wanted to write and release last year, but I focused too much on the dumb virus and that somehow messed with my writing plans for the entire year of 2020.
Now other things messed with my writing plans for this month, December was a crazy month and much more busy than it usually is, and I release a Hearth's Warming Eve story today instead, for which it is thankfully not completely too late yet, and the New Year's Eve story will get written and released in the dawn of 2022, aka, during the first few days of it. It also has to, because right now is probably the last chance for the specific idea I have to work.
So, long story short, I was writing on another holiday. Least this time, it is not as bad as it was on Hearth's Warming Eve. I just crossed over into the new year more than two hours ago while doing the finetuning on the story, but there is still some time left to celebrate New Year's Eve, at least. But if you want to help me out a bit by giving something back for another story that I worked on at a holiday, you can support me with the 1$ tier on Patreon (I am currently reworking the higher tiers) or with a coffee on Ko-fi:



So, what story did I work on? The wholesome Hearth's Warming holiday story that probably everyone (and especially a certain filly) expected to see from me on Hearth's Warming Eve instead of a story about two murderers. Yes, it was an odd choice for a story release on that day, but I rather stick to my original plans as closely as possible and this story was scheduled for release as the first one out of three in December.

But let's not talk more about that story, for now, because now it's time for wholesomeness! Scootaloo spends a horrible time in Ponyville Hospital during the Hearth's Warming holidays, after a reckless scooter stunt and a stupid accident that resulted from that. There is no worse way to spend Hearth's Warming Eve..... or is there?
Scootaloo might change her mind when a Hearth's Warming miracle teaches her a life lesson and gives her exactly what she needs. What that is, you will find out if you read.....

And with that, I'm off to celebrate the first, few hours of 2022. It's finally time to open a bottle and enjoy some holiday dinner. Be on the lookout for another story in just a couple days and I hope you'll still be in the New Year mood when it releases!

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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