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Here are the rules:

1. Can be any maturity level

2. Bat ponies should take a primary or secondary role

3. Can be Halloween/Nightmare Night themed

4. Prizes awarded are based on 5 categories

-Best of mature/teen/everyone

-Staff pick

-Fan pick

5. To vote in fan pick must be a member of group
6. Must be submitted by 11/15/15.
Submit Here

Read my answers to comments below to clarify the rules.

There will be prizes awarded $$$$$ So the prize money will be five $25 gift card to amazon to the winner of each category. So it is possible for one story to win $75 if they win staff/fan/maturity.


So $125 is a lie?

No it is $125 in prizes but it is split into categories. If I didn't break my arm it would of been that for each. Which is why I asked for donations to raise it back up. In return they donates get to participate in the staff pick.

Changed the title too $125 prize pool

Go ahead and try and do it so far only two submissions have occurred


The prize is $25 + whatever you manage to convince people to donate towards the prize pool. You're allocating funds you do not have, or never had to begin with due to medical expenses.

Do you have proof of any such donations? If not you're straight up lying to anyone interested.


Rules have been modified. The prizes will ONLY be $25 to amazon. They have already been purchased.

hope you get better soon. reprovedhawk.:pinkiesmile:

Did somebody say... money?

4797198 I'm probably going to enter-started a shorter bat pony story but I'm not sure if I'll get it done in time for the competition (RL is pretty busy). But we'll see- got it outlined, now I just need a title (and if any of you are good with title ideas from a plot summary, please PM me- I might need some help with the title for this story).


4797198 As with all contests on Fimfiction, I'll promote this one on my user page. Good luck!

>money prize
Why would I waste my time entering a competition with a money prize?
Let alone one that has been posted in one of the larger groups of the site?
Is just a waste of time, yo.
All the better writers will have seen it and join in for the money prize.

Can I enter a story that wasn't specifically written for this competition, but otherwise fits the criteria?
Is there a wordcount limit?

EDIT: I added it since it doesn't break any of the listed rules. If there's a problem, feel free to disqualify.

If you don't have a title just call it competition entry

This competition is good for writers block which is why I put a suggestion of it being Halloween themed.

To anyone reading this it doesn't have to be Halloween themed

Thanks you should compete as well

Why did I post it in a larger group?
Because my group only has 1000 members and only a handful of them actually write. I have already seen their abilities and know what they can and cannot do. By posting this to a large group 6000+ people see the announcement. That doesn't mean the best writers will actually do it.
I'm doing this competition for two reasons 1. It promotes my group and a class of ponies I feel that don't get exposure. 2. It's Halloween and it's the best time to promote bat ponies.
Have the better writers joined in for money prize?
So far there are only 2 submissions. Plus you have to think about the "better writers" time schedule. They usually have many stories going and time lines foe them. So will they stop that for $25? Maybe maybe not

I left it open ended for that reason. However if you have a specific chapter in mind it would be fairier. Keep in mind you have invested several months were as some people may only do a few weeks.

I wasn't asking why you posted it in a larger group.
I know why. To get it attention. Is pretty obvious.
It was a rhetorical question about joining competitions posted in groups with large numbers of members not just this particular one.
I figured the reason for it was the Halloween thing.
I wasn't asking if they did join I was stating they probably did and you did just post this thread they're probably still working on the story to submit.

I might actaully join a contest :pinkiegasp:

4806151 And I will :pinkiesmile: (hopefully)

Hello everyone!
I'm Reprovedhawk and I'm on if the Admins of the Bat Pony, Threstals, and Stories of the Night group on FimFiction.
As some of you know we have been hosting a writing competition for a $125 prize pool in Amazon gift cards. Thanks to some members pointing out that there are some holidays in other countries as well in the US we are going to be extending the competition to the end of November. This way we are not showing a bias to authors based on their geographic location.
I know some of you will say that this isn't fair to the people who have been working to the original deadline. However, this does allow for more time to polish your stories so they are at their best. It has pointed out that there wasn't enough time to have editors edit stories in the given time frame. Since we want to bring the best stories out of this competition and show our appreciation for the bat ponies we all know and love.

Here are the Rules:

1. Can be any maturity level (Everyone, Teen, or Mature)

2. Bat ponies should take a primary or secondary role in the story

3. Can be Halloween/Nightmare Night themed. This is not a requirement but can be used for a suggestion if you cannot think of a story idea

4. Prizes are awarded in 5 categories

Best of Everyone
Best of Teen
Best of Mature
Staff Pick
Fan Pick
5. To vote in the fan pick you must be a member of the group hosting the competition.
6. Must be written and submitted by 11/30/15 at 9PM Eastern Time (GMT -5)
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