The No name 13 fan club! 33 members · 115 stories

Do you all love me?

Am I awesome?

Do I like trains?

I hate my self.....

Then this is your group!

Join dis damn group for your own health!


What the hell me....:facehoof:

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I always had good health thank you very much

Comment posted by sweetie-star deleted October 20th

Cool, I'm in this.

"Do I like trains?" I have a VERY bad experience with them... *Wrong side of the trucks flashbacks*

Guess I'm 17th.

A good and plucky number.

I am fourteenth to join zis group (Imagine the voice of Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the chocolate factory 😂😂)

10th member is me btw. :3

Okay, joined the group BAM!........... now what?

Okay, now I have good health. Thank you very much.

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