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This group is for those who know who Devonus is, and care for him, like really care. Post only motivational things in here, as to help him see his true worth.
You can find Devonus here.
You can find the rules for the group here. Thank you all for joining!

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Thank you...

Hey I'm here for you

A... very bad news came, and... and a certain person may be suffering... it's, it's hard to say... I'm sorry....

Oh, can I ask why?

Thanks... and sorry for not replying for a while... yesterday may have been the worst day in my life...

Hi, if you need to talk, I’m here for you

It is really... I don't know.... it's so hard to say. I can't believe this...


Hello. Thank you for joining this group!

Hello Devonus, everyone. I hope you are all doing well. :twilightsmile:

Now I understand how people sometimes think that I’m a girl because of my user image

Guy, girl. Doesn't mean much difference to me. I'm not the biggest fan of other humans, especially now as of recent. But that doesn't mean I should act like the rest of them.

I already knew that, but my mind is telling me to put “her” instead of “him”

Thank you for telling them.

You can help by showing Devonus that he isn’t alone, that there’s people who care about him

I don't know who any of your guys are, but I like being supportive, so I'll join to help in whichever way I can. For whatever that's worth.

I've seen your work and stuff, I think you'll make a great admin.

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