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Hi, it's Angel Midnight!

I've seen a lot of ponies make their own fan clubs and I thought, well hay, let's do this thing! How hard can it be?!

I want to do more to contribute to the fandom, i.e. post art, hold silly competitions, support those who need it the most in our community of crazy pones who read and write horse words, so creating a group for everything I like about this place seems to make the most sense.

I don't want to be strict about the rules, just be nice and don't post anything NSFW. Seems simple enough.

Positive vibes to you all, regardless of whether you are ponies, dragons, yaks, changelings or awesome possums. Pinkie Pie sends great big friendship hugs to everypony.

~ Angel ~

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  • Viewing 1 - 6 of 6
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