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The peace talks are going through between the Storm Kingdom and Equestria.

The Storm King is allowing concessions, which will include no future hostilities, and the release of Mount Eris and emancipation it the Hippogriffs, as well as Equestia keeping of War Prisoner Tempest Shadow to stand trial.

The price? Equestria turns over Prince Blank Page of Equestria. He has been branded a terrorist and assaulted the King and threatened the People of his providence. He is considered far too dangerous.

What say you?

sure hand him over, and watch the storm king weep

Doubt I'd see that happening, but let's humor you...

Let's see, Blank Page, a 'primate predator' who has taken his adoptive race as his own, who has knowledge of many horrors courtesy from his homeworld versus a goofy, idiotic, arrogant primate creature who thinks himself too smart to be overthrown.:trixieshiftright:

All hail Blank Page, the Storm King!:trollestia: (presents former Storm King's head impaled on a pike next to the new kingdom's flag.):pinkiecrazy:

Never gonna happen.

Just asking for it would have the Sisters declaring exterminatus on the Storm King's little empire. Sunfire and spacerock raining from the skies, tidal forces rending their land asunder, that sort of destruction would not be imminent, it would be immediate.

Dear Storm King.

Are you sure you want to get within 10 miles of the guy who will not hesitate to usurp your throne and rule with an iron, but caring, hoof :moustache:

Group Admin

Hah Nice!

I do see the Storm King trying it.

I don’t see Luna and Celestia going for it.

But if the Nobles got wind? They might.

I recognize those words! :pinkiegasp:

Garland, from 8-Bit Theater.

You have good taste, dear sir.:moustache:

Don't forget to have Blank Page saying that while wearing blue heavy armor.:trollestia:

To That I say...


If everything went badly, knowledge about the nature of human warfare could be forcibly extracted from Page. In a world where magic mind control is a thing, that's far too great a risk to ever accept, even if they were willing to trade him otherwise. "Peace" would become an 18 month armistice, after which the Storm King would try again, and with much better weapons.

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That’s horrifying

Not happening, Luna would wipe him from the face of the Earth (or local equivalent) and Celestia would clean up.

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No doubt.

*stares at you for a second deciding if you are just joking or not*... BWAAAAHAHAHAHA...! *Laugh's like a madman for about an entire minute* oh...oh Lord! That's funny...wait...your serious?...AAAHAHAHAHA...! *Continues laughing as everyone else backs away*:rainbowlaugh:😂

Not even in the Storm Kings dreams that would come true... I see 2 reasons. Both are on bad terms with him after the shit he pulled... Besides...

Even if Celestia would not burn him to ash for making her only Sisters weddingday a disaster!
As i see it hes going to be replaced by the Alicorns to make a exampel out of him Or/and greenlock his mind (curtasy of Chrysalis for endanger the Waifu horder that will give her swarm many strong drones one day) to accidently kill himself on a training exercise or something similar unimportant/embarasing :twilightsmile:

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That’s the point my fine fellow.

The princesses for sure would never allow it, might even laugh at it, BUT,

The nobles wouldn’t, a quick way out of war that also gets rid of the Royal who doesn’t put up with their crap?

I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to do so via political gymnastics

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