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We, the readers of GMBlackjack's story The Influence, do various things together, including discussing what happened in each chapter, discussing what to say in the next one, sharing information about the world of The Influence, and other random things. For more information, go read the amazing work of art from our Lord and Saviour GMBlackjack, God of Being Master of Stuff!

-Ponygood11; Failthful Worshipper of our Lord and Saviour Sparkle-Butt the Honorary Cloud, Goddess of Dealing With Our Insane Internet Drivel

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And can we stop with the pointless fake religion stuff, I am getting really triggered from it, even if it's a joke.

Should there be another thread to discuss on other possible ways to beat the Dark Lord guy (is his name Siron, think so. I don't remember anyone's name, except for family or really close friends (or the occasional acquaintance))?

That isn't how it works, if he did that, he'd piss off everyone, XD

GM, you better not be letting Mr. Eyeface listen in on this group's conversations. :twilightangry2:

For some reason, I am largely ignored in the story... I wish real life was like that. So yes, I am anti-social.

till mentioned

You mean you didn't see it until I mentioned, or you can't see it at all?

didn't see that, i'm actually quite new to this kind of thing, didn't figure it was worth using most of the advanced functions until i found this

Uh... beneath the banner, next to 'members' and 'stories?'

where do i find that? i don't really know where to look for such a thing.

I've put up a forum for character discussion. So we can discuss characters we want to add. I might also use it as a tally counter for whenever we all vote for a character.

is there somewhere we should put drafts for any currently unreleased stories or characters we try to reference?

Then you are a boring poopy-face.


And if I believe in nothing? Not even what I'm aware is nonesense?

more like the goddess of first believers and master of the arcane, dealer of internet shenanigans and all around best pony in a close running with Luna and rainbow dash.

Meh. Ol' Buttface is overrated. All hail our Lord and Saviour Sparkle-Butt the Honorary Cloud, Goddess of Dealing With Our Insane Internet Drivel! Hail!

yeah, XD you sort of placed yourselves in front of the punching bag with that comment chain.

well, we were also assholes for the butt-the-cloud religion we did the last chapter so I'd say this should be the least bothersome Assery we’ve pulled.

...great. And now we both look like assholes for leaving a bunch of "message deleted" messages on GM's story. Yaaaaay.

  • Viewing 16 - 35 of 35
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