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Helloooooo ladies and gents! Its that time of week to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA welcome the wonderful AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and awesome AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Chelis!

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1) Is your name a reference to the Chelis genus of tiger moths, found primarily across Siberia and Mongolia?

2) Kill-fuck-marry: three tiger moths, a tiger, Sunset Shimmer but she's a tiger moth.

3) You are a female child molester and nymphomaniac with a fetish for tiger moths. In order to satisfy your urges, you normally fill your needy vagina with the furry, hairy caterpillars of the genus Chelis, and the irritation and itching this causes is practically orgasmic to you. Lately, however, this has not been nearly as pleasurable as it once was. You decide you need to shake up your routine with the addition of a kid. Walking off with a little girl in a mall is easy enough, but now you need to decide what to do with her. Your tiger moth caterpillars have matured now, so you're left with a carboard box full of the adult creatures.

Do you force this terrified little girl to fill your orifices with a glut of flapping orange tiger moths, or do you instead fill her, hoping that the sight of them crawling out of her, coupled with her screams, will be enough to push you over the edge?

4) You are in the village of Cheliş in the north-east of Romania. What business do you start?

Damn, I have class on this day.
And it's for a guest I know and care about.
Dang it.

Well, give me time to generate some questions.

1) What's your your favorite Sunset Shimmer story on fimfiction? SFW and (if the barcast allows it) NSFW?
2) Suppose there was a button where if you press it, all Anon-a-Miss stories on this site will be deleted and there is a rule where stories involving Anon-a-Miss will be banned. But at the same time, there will be an special adaptation of that Anon-a-Miss story. WOULD YOU PRESS THE BUTTON?
3) What are you wearing?

How does it feel to know I’m following you on Twitter now?

1. What's your favorite non-MLP franchise?

2. Have you ever done anything for a non-MLP franchise?

3. How you so awesome?

One - What is your favorite meal, snack, or foodstuff that is really unhealthy but so friggin' delicious?

Two - What is the biggest or weirdest fear that you have?

Three - Why is Bagged Milk the Best Milk?

Four - What is your one annoying habit?

Five - What's the theme song for your sex life?

Six - How would you describe yourself using only three words?

Seven - If your entire life thus far was a movie, what would be the title of it?

Eight - Just how big is your porn stash?

  1. Whats your favorite video game?
  2. whats your favorite boss fight?
  3. have you accepted skeletor the master of the universe into your heart?
  4. you are in itty bitty equine city what business do you start ?
  5. Do you even praise bro?

\ [+] /

How does it makes you feel?:

1) Are you truly happy with what you've done with your life? (Yes you can lie.)
2) Do you regret anything?
3) Have you forgotten your Joy?

1) First meme that pops into the top of your head that you've enjoyed?
2) Insult someone in the voice chat in the most derrogatory way you can think of. You must use at least 3 insults. GO!

Hello Chelis, welcome to the cast, I AAAAA hope AAAAAAAA you AAAAAAA are AAAAA having a great AAAAAAA time on the AAAAAAAA cast, now on to AAAAAAAA questions:

1. What is your favorite heartwarming experience at a convention?
2. What advice would you give to those that want to become an admin of a prominent community group on any social media site?
4. Do you prefer bacon horse or purple nerd horse, please show your notes, as this will be graded at the end of the exam.
5. If you could become any food pony character, who would you become, and would you let people “eat” you?
6. Now that you chose your food pony character, you’re stuck on Earth in a one-star restaurant as that pony. How will how escape the crazed chef and his assistants and return to Equestria?
7. Please explain in detail why bagged milk is the worst milk.
8. Marry, Fuck, Hug (Please don’t change hug to kill Flutterpriest, thank you) Anonpencil wearing a cheese crown who wants you to succ her cheese wiz spraying dog dick, Stella who is wearing World War II cosplay who wants you to fill her chamber, and Alex_ who wants you to become his new “number one assistant” and dress up as Spike.

Thank you for answering my silly questions.

So, Chelis, has the cast been nice to you?
1.) Can i have the Wi-Fi password?
2.) If you were given $200'000 every year, would you give Vylon
a place to stay at/near your home, cooking her breakfast each and every day?
3.) Has the disappointment kicked in yet?
4.) Will all these questions bother you?
5.) Any interesting stories from News for horses?

Group Admin

*T posing to intimidate*

1: What are your thoughts on the current state of the fandom? will it last the change from g4 to g5 or will it fall to the inevitable heat death of the universe?

B: Where did the name "Chelis" come from?

Charlie: In your words, what is horse news, and why is it the true hero of the fandom?

potato: If you could go back, and do it all again, would you? What would you change or do differently?

Bonus: if the ride never ends, why is there a clock for when the ride ends?

Alright, I have a small list of questions for you.

What is your favorite song from the show, and song from the fandom?

Who is your favorite non-pony?

What is your opinion of changelings?

What is your opinion of Spike?

What is your opinion of the Barcast?

What is your opinion of ponies in sweaters?

And finally, would you recommend watching MLP to those of us that don't?

How are you today?~

1. Listing from most to least; What does Equestria desperately need more of?: Socks. Chest floof. Bat ponies.

2. Does Sunset Shimmer's carpet match the drapes?

3. What kind of good luck did you get for re-tweeting that image of a a stack of hundred dollar bills and a glowing horse cock? (I won $40 on a lotto card.)

4. Along with a big, veiny, horse cock; what do you find to be more essential for a futa mare to have: a Vagina, or Balls?

5. When one asks "Does pineapple belong on pizza?" it's rather like asking "Do dicks belong in butt holes?"
In the strictest sense, the answer is 'no'. But that doesn't stop people from enjoying it. Do you enjoy it? (Pineapple and/or dicks in butt holes?)

6. Wiping: Sitting or standing?

Is this question underwhelming?

What do think about a bag of dicks a giant bag of dicks?

1. would you stick your dick inzi the spooder cooder?

It's just a photograph of a moth, man

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