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Well, no one participated in the April Story Challenge, and we're all sadfaced over here at AAGS admin. :raritycry::raritydespair::raritycry::raritydespair::raritycry::raritydespair:

So I guess we're going to have to up our game.

This month's challenge is: ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: What if it was Minty who got sent to HE, not Sandalwood?. :pinkiegasp:

We obviously know what happened to Sandalwood and what made her into DJ. But what if it was Rarity and Silversteel's second child that went? What would the differences be?

Did Minty end up with the Martinezes? Or was she sent somewhere else on the world? Could she even have ended up raised by Faust? For that matter, did she luck out and end up with people that treated her as a child? Or is she a pet? Or a government project?

We know that a result of Sandalwood's disappearance was the (relative) immediate second pregnancy for Rarity, and a third child down the line. If Minty disappered...would Elusive have ever been born?

How vastly different is the world that Minty got sent to from the AAG canonverse?

Inquiring minds want to know! So get scribbling! Deadline is May 15!

The Rules (because we must have some):
- Let's keep it clean for the kiddies.
- Remember, Sandalwood remains as Sandalwood - she's not DJ. For those who are curious as to what Sandalwood is like, check out her appearance in BlueBastard's Berylverse stories. Sandalwood's appearance there is fairly accurate.
- When you submit, either post the link below or drop a line to one of the admins, (me, Cody or Blue) and we'll add to the appropriate AAG fanfic folder

Oh, and the prize is...the winner gets to get an exclusive clue about the real identity of Nightmare Moon or the meaning of the Riddles! :yay:

Cody MacArthur Fett
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Well, no one participated in the April Story Challenge, and we're all sadfaced over here at AAGS admin. :raritycry::raritydespair::raritycry::raritydespair::raritycry::raritydespair:

Well, there was at least one participant, but because he was an admin and a judge he was immediately disqualified. :applejackunsure:

Flynt Coal
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3206450 Man, it's really a shame no one seems to be participating in these challenges. If I weren't focused on writing my own thing now I'd certainly be doing my part. Still, I think after a while I'd get tired of winning by default! :unsuresweetie:

I'm sorry for not having written my story about the relationship between the Tecuane Empire and Mexico: it took me long enough to find out that the closest word to jaguar in modern nahuatl is Tecuane (and it could mean puma rather than jaguar), and between trying to translate Garland Wars and a gazillion versions of Ballgame into modern sports and wondering about how the Mayans had reacted to AE, I never could find how to approach the story.
Besides, real life has me quite preoccupied as of lately.
If you want me to, I'll be glad to offer you a brain dump for world-building purposes.

Group Admin

It's up to you. The story challenges are all about fun, anyway, so no harm no foul if it doesn't happen. But I'm really hoping people will want to do this one.

Better than anything I had. All I had was Inari saying "gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!" and "fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow!" :applejackunsure: And DJ shaking her head in disbelief. :rainbowhuh:

But work has been keeping me rather busy lately, so even if I'd had, you know, an actual idea, I wouldn't've had time to write it. :ajsleepy:

Minty was also a earth pony. There might have been some changes of nature over nurture and the influence of birth order but as a fictional story...... now if a unicorn was raised that would make for some strange days in Winchester? would Faust have taken a interest? would the super secret earth mages tried to capture her ? Others would be far better in spinning this tale then I can can only think of the awkward situation when DJ Smells what her brother has been doing why she and Mike were nearly killed twice in a single day.

DJ: SAM YOU IGNORANT SLUT!:flutterrage::flutterrage: I spent the day visiting our dying aunts, get blown up in a hospital and you spend your time shacking up with some lonely mare! Oh god whats wrong with you?! I mean you can date who ever but your my brother its kinda creepy for you to hit on a pony with me being your sister. oh shit what if the papers hear this ....wait who is she? do I know her?:rainbowderp::rainbowhuh:
Sam: eer...well I.....:facehoof:

my god, I would like to see a story of Minty being in DJ's shoes

Group Admin


Then why don't you try writing one?

1-I got exams in these next weeks in my university
2-I don't exactly have any writhing experience :ajsleepy:

Would Minty actually exist if DJ hadn't been thrown half-way across the multiverse?

Perhaps I misread it, but I got quite a strong vibe that a metric f:heart:uck-ton of her bitterness sprang from being something of Rarity's little replacement goldfish for her elder sister, and that Minty knew it on some level.

The the actual DJ showed including her lack of social graces when pissed, and the rest, was history.

Violent, racist history that could have so easily have been avoided if the people involved hadn't had entire rain-forests up their plots... :facehoof:

Edit: Dow! Reading comprehension fail! Missed just the above example in the text itself. My bad. :ajsleepy:

Twilight. Tore apart the multi verse looking for the firstfoal born to one of the main six. That is the mane reason she looked for 15 years Minty woluld have been a tragic loss but foals do die (apple jacks stillborn) now if dinky had been sent instead that could have changed I will have to finish Derplicty for more info

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Just to stir the pot a little, this challenge works both ways in terms of the worlds involved. As mentioned in the OP as an example, the presence of some characters on the pony side of the dimensional barrier may be significantly different. As mentioned in the story; Rarity's parents allegedly died in part due to the depressing disappearance of their first grandfoal, so if Sandalwood wasn't taken, they might have lived longer. Obviously the same would also probably apply to Derpy and her adopted kids, though the idea her bloodline would be made into a seventh noble house on par with the Element Bearers may not happen as a result since Celestia only did that in honor of their sacrifice. And then the reverberations from Derpy still being alive need to be taken into consideration, as without her death, the effect that had on her sister Ditzy Doo would be negated, and...Yeah, there's a LOT that can be taken into consideration if the griphons hadn't gone and attacked Derpy's cottage.

Then, on the human side, Sandalwood/DJ really has sort of a lucky break in being somewhat of a boring non-human in normal appearance, since she is colored much like a human anyway for the most part and aside from being absurdly strong she doesn't really do much else. Minty doesn't have that luxury, since she's colored like an Easter Egg. Additionally, I'd need to check on the story to see if I remember this correctly, but DJ's appearance on the world scene took attention off of some other big political thing that had been brewing at the time. Since Minty would arrive at least a year, probably more, after the date DJ is transported to HE in AAG canon, the entire world may be a different place.

Just some food for thought.


Yeah, I feel you there. I'm in the same boat with end-of-year tests and crap

3209692 huh, I wonder when I'm gonna get enough time to write my own one-shot as a warm up, I got a couple of ideas, like a darkfic of Flutty running from a monster after earning her cutie mark:fluttershyouch:, only to realize later that said "monster" is far from threatening:yay:


Since you seem to remember them, could you list her colors? I was just about to hunt the info down myself, but asking does seem simpler.



Thanks! Going to be quite useful. :twilightsmile:

Group Admin


I take it you plan to participate, then?:rainbowdetermined2:


Got an idea I think could work, but I'll see if it bears fruit.

Time and inspiration and bla, you know?

Group Admin

To stir the pot even more:
Human Side
- Tyson McAllister would not have become a senator without DJ (it was his legal defense of her that got the public notoriety)
- Mike would likely have joined the Navy, but he'd also likely be enlisted, like his father (it was Sen. McAllister that recommended Mike for the Naval Academy; while it's possible Mike could become an officer via ROTC or OCS, it was likely that the recommendation for NAVCAD was his impetus as his family is career Naval enlisted.)
- Erica would never have become a doctor
- Erica and Carlos might never have met. For that matter, Carlos and his wife Sabrina might have never met, as Carlos was dating Zadi when he met Bree.

Pony Side
- After the number of deaths from Project SANDALWOOD, Twilight kept pushing to search for her niece. Given that Rarity would likely be more aware of the equine cost of lives, a Project MINTY might be cancelled early by either her, Celestia or Twilight.
- Rarity's and Silversteel's parents might likely have lived longer
- Would Sandalwood, having lost her baby sister, be even more overprotective of her cousins than Minty was in AAG canon?

starter plot i still think my dinky Idea is cool
1. If Derpy survived the attack she would be the only other pony capable of bridging the gap between worlds WITH SCIENCE!:derpytongue2:
2 Derpy would have the drive and support of silver and twilight to find her little muffin.
just an idea feel free to use it.
The leader of the griffins cursed himself it was a feather brained idea to pull this job in ponyville. The job capture or kill the foal sandalwood . They had cornered the four fillies, a flick of the knife and it should have been done with... but noooo! The pink mare, a freaking teenager had blasted two of his men then taken the mark away in a flash. I thought only a handful of unicorns could teleport? He had wounded the grey mare but she had flown away and the smallest one had made it outside into the forest . The two he sent after the Pegasus had come back saying she had met a weather team that was pushing a storm towards the everfree he needed the smallest unicorn filly as a hostage if he wanted get out of this in one in one piece.
Firecracker ran as if the nightmare was on her heals if she could get to Zecora's hut she would be safe. if it didn't start raining or the three griffins that had hurt mom didn't catch her first ." RUN MUFFIN,RUN TO ZECORA'S MOMMY WILL BE OK ! ,Sparkler and Sandlewood are safe and they will send the elements to help me but you must run to Zecora's and get away!
The griffins bashed through the under brush that damn filly was running like a rabbit staying in the thickets the leader of the group smiled he liked hunting rabbits. The wind had picked up the rain began to fall the storm seemed to get stronger every minute firecracker was starting to falter she was just a unicorn she didn't have the earth pony endurance or strength. a crack of thunder and a nearby tree exploded throwing the young filly onto her side she laid there panting maybe she lost them maybe she could just rest a minute. " I smell her were close I'm going snap that fillies neck and skin her like a rabbit!" Fire cracker got to her feet and the cold fear of a prey animal spurring her on.

She could not run any more the three griffins and her surrounded she braced her four hooves panting heavily lighting up her horn desperately trying not cry. The leader of the griffins cackled,"The chase is over little rabbit , now just relax come with us your worth more alive then dead." Fire cracker shouted back " Liar! you hurt my mom and you were going to hurt both my sisters your a bad griffin I know other griffins and there nice your a ...a..meany!" the leader laughed ," yes little rabbit, I'm a killer,a sell sword and thief. but I wish to keep my head and I will need you alive to do that. ,Take her now! " The griffins lunged ,Dinky screamed and there was a great brilliant flash of light.

Matt Martinez stepped out of the car and went to kiss his wife as she walk up the block with stinky there dog at her heal "Hey sweetie lets get inside before the sky opens up" as if on cue a thunder bolt struck down behind the house setting the back yard shed on fire. "Call 911" yelled Matt has he dashed toward the fire, 20 years of Navy training placing him on auto pilot as he tried to remember where the closest fire extinguisher was and what kind he had the heard the whaling of a child coming from the shed. He knew opening the shed door was bad but if someone was in there. Matt whipped the door open and saw a "something" laying on the shed floor crying hysterically . He ran in and grabbed the Critter and stepped out just as the shed started to go up. holding the creature in his arms resting its head on his shoulders he did his best to calm the crying thing.
"Your ok..sssshhhhh its alright now ", he said in soothing tones the fire department was just then running into the back yard with charged lines matt moved inside to stay out of their way . as he entered the back door he finally was able to look at what ever he had rescued from his now burning shed. A horse? a Miniature horse? as his hands had bee stroking its mane he saw it was covered in scratches and small cuts its fur was matted as if it had been sweating from running its little heart out it was shivering and whimpering quietly it small hooves had instinctively wrapped around his neck in a death grip of like a lost child.
Firecracker was scared there was the griffins lunging at her then she felt a surge of magic then a nothing it was white and no sound then falling and a crash then the smell of fire and smoke then she screamed again then a big some pony had picked her up and carried her away from the fire and the noise and held her in his fore hooves but he had claws like spike ,but they were soft and he was strong and she felt safe like when dad would hold her.
Anna, Matts wife walked in the living room to see here husband holding a Horse? she started to say something when she saw what a pitiful state the the poor thing was in. " I'll go check with the fire department you look like you have your hands full." she said with a smile. Matt rolled his eyes but continued to hold the mini horse picking up a "Go Navy" blanket from the couch and draped it over the shivering creature. 45 minutes later anna came back in the house to find Matt still with a horse clinging to his neck he had managed to sit down and the horse had apparently falling asleep in his arms. "well, the shed and the gazeboo are a complete loss". Anna stated ,"I guess I can get that new riding mower I always wanted." she finished with a grin. " I'm just glad that's all, if the gas cans had gone up it could have been a lot worse, I'm going to by some extra BBQ plates next time the Winchester VFD have a fund raiser." Matt replied. " so what do we do with your little pony?" asked Anna . Matt looked down at the sleeping critter The poor thing was fast asleep "I don't know ,its to late to call animal control and I would hate to think it has been abused, we can figure it out in the morning. I guess we can corral it in the garage till morning." Anna looked at here husband with love '' Your such a softy." she giggled. Matt nuged the small horse to get it to release its grip " Come on sleepy head its time for bed." Matt chided Fire cracker stirred " " i just want to sleep here with you Daddy." Anna and Matt both Blanched Did it just no .. Fire cracker streched her neck and yawned her large eyes bleary blinking and opening up. "This isn't Mom cottage." she said aloud. Matt and Anna stood like statues Matt paralyzed by having a talking alien horse on his lap and Anna holding her hands to her mouth. Firecracker looked around feeling the weight of a blanket across her withers and looked into the eyes of the creature holding her , he wasn't a pony or a dragon or even a minotaur. but he had held her as she slept and had saved her fro the fire and the noise and she guessed they were nice "Hello my name is Firecracker but ponies call me Dinky . Whats your name?"

Well, that's one nice short story.
You should expand it and post it.

Thanks nacho

Cody MacArthur Fett
Group Admin

Problem. Dinky was in her late teens/early twenties during the kidnapping incident. She wasn't some cute little filly, she was almost a full grown mare.

Cody fett

That"s why I leave the writing to others more qualified then I. unless I invoke Taladaga Nights Baby Jesus status for Dinky :pinkiehappy:

I thought dinky was younger between 5 or 6 were the current show crusaders are 9 or 10 so a preteen dinky or younger was in my head. The muse struck me last night at about mid night so wrote thank you for the feed back and interest maybe one day I will get the nerve to post something but just the fun of being part of the discussion.
and Shinzakura .... Be a dear and :flutterrage::flutterrage: MOR CHAPTERS AAG NOW!! if that's ok with you.

I think you are confusing Dinky with Sparkler. Sparkler was supposed to be mostly an adult, but Dinky was still a kid.

Group Admin

Dinky was about ten or eleven when she died; Sparkler was about sixteen or seventeen.

Ah ha you are no match for my power. Sorry got carried away

so if Fire cracker /Dinky was 9 or 10 and crusader size or smaller the my physical description is valid. now, considering that a pony is of the age of majority of say 16 to 18 years equestrian. which is off by only 2 weeks from earth calendar. this opens the door to the fact that she has Self Identity , Nationalism and some history . dinky is closer to a older adoption scenario she still may not know who her birth parents are but her adopted parents Silver and Derpy have given her a self awareness she is the daughter of Depry hooves and Silver is her dad. now my guess is that Dinky would be just as a dutiful daughter as Dj and also be able to cope with these are my Human earth Parents and theses are my Equestrian Parents {the Feels are strong } also Dash would not have gone off the deep end and call for a Snatch operation. Which would have allowed for a more normal opening of relations

A) As far as I remember, Dinky and Sparkler did know the identities of their birth parents. It was just that their parents were complete douche bags and lost their children to abandonment.
B) The foal napping attempt didn't actually have anything to do with DJ: it was about the Equestriani Government first approaching the US Government with intention of pressing kidnapping charges against the Martinez, the US Department of State getting angry at their attitude and retaliating by smothering them on red tape, and then Dash and Co losing patience.


Let's keep it clean for the kiddies.

How clean, language-wise? Would an F-bomb or two (or three) be a serious problem?

Group Admin

Meaning same as AAG: not turning it into a mature-rated sexcapade.

Nacho the " Rescue was not sanctioned, The foreign Ministry and the Mages guild had been working for weeks in preparation for first contact. In the first AAG side story twilight is pissed that all her work and intel have been blown in a OP that turned into a full blown Inter dimensional incident that injured Sandlewood.

Derpy would had the Patience to follow Twilights lead in this matter and even if she did fly out to to Winchester the meeting would likely been far more civil

Cody MacArthur Fett
Group Admin

This is off-topic posting. This topic is about a Minty-centric AU, not your own Dinky-centric idea. Please take your discussion to a thread of your own making. Any further attempts to derail the thread will result in posts being deleted.

sorry, to in attempt to apologize , minty if she had taken DJ's place on Human earth it would not be under the same circumstances
Minty was not heir to title as second born , and the minty we know is a product of Rarity's direct influences. Sandalwood could be even more protective given we have an example with the way she interacts with Sam .you can infer that she would act same way with Elusive. again If we take some inferred fan concepts such as Filly to Colt ratio are young stallions considered special due to the male to female ratio in equestria again the second born filly does not match the amount of Effort put forth tearing the universe apart to look for her. Unless sandalwood died in the attack with derpy and her family
then a loss of 3 daughters , that would give the motivation to search the universe.

Comment posted by NachoTheBrony deleted Apr 22nd, 2014

Thanks for the clarification!

Have you read Harry Potter? I hold it as an example of self-censoring, as Rowling didn't create a world of teenagers who would never say a dirty word: it was her own writing technique what kept her writing clean, alluding to dirty words and rude gestures rather than writing them.
By the way, if you want to contribute interspecies slurs, there's a thread about that on this forum.

Thanks, Nacho. The things I have in mind are pretty straightforward stuff, though.

Specimen 25467
Freshly submitted. Now lets see how long until it passes moderation.

And my submission, I Believe in Miraces, which just passed moderation.

Down to the wire, but here's my submission: Bittersweet

I hope to have the closing chapter done before there's no more May 15th in the world.

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