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This is the place for where the movie reviews are at. This place will be only unlocked by either by Admins or Contributers.

Any thing other then that, enjoy.:pinkiehappy:

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So, you know when those times when you see a miriacle happen? This is one of those moments, where the director, who did torture movies, such as Saw, finally did something that wasn't torture. That and it also a miiracle to see a good scary movie fore once.

The Conjuring. Ok, so this movie is based off of a true story. Now I know sometimes, those true story movies, can be bullshit sometimes. And sometimes, they are legit. This one is quite legit. I mean, at the end of the credits, you do see some actual photos of the family and investagators that the movie is based on.
This movie stars Patrick Wilson, who also was in Watchman as Nite Owl, which was cool. It also stars Vera Famiga, who was in Safe House.
So, the movie is all about this family who moves into a house back in 1971, in which they start to see crazy shit happening. Shuch bas things moving or hearing voices or things. Eventually they get two ghost hunters, Ed and Lorraine to help them out. However, all i'm going to say that the plot is good, and considering this actually happened and all.
The question is, is it scary? I mean, this movie got an R-rating because it was scary. You don't see that in movies much these days. It's either because of blood or for language or nudity. Non of that is in this film. Well, except for Cursing of course, but still. That and there is a bit of blood here and then, but that's not the point. I'll admit, this movie is scary. Although i'm not saying that this movie is so scary, that i'm not going to go to sleep tonight. I'm not saying that at all. Besides, it would have to be a really scary movie, that has everything done good. Sadly that really doesn't exists in my opinion.
However, it's mostly for creepy atmosphere and at times, just the thought of this stuff actually happeneing is quite scary a bit.
Also, you should possiably know this, but the movie starts off slow. And of course, it either means it's bad or good, if done well. Well, for me, I like it that way, but only if it's done well of course. Movies like Paranormal Activity, I found it to be too slow for me. However, it does at a good pace and it really keeps into the movie.
Although, one more thing before I give this movie the official rating, I have to say. Even though this movie did it's job well with being scary, the only other movie that comes close to it is Sinister. Now that movie wasn't that scary. In fact, none of it is, except for certain parts. It's the parts where the old film footage comes in and the creepy music. That's where the movie get's it creepy atmostphere from, and i'll ask you guys a question. If you have seen both, which one is more scarier for you. The Conjuring or Sinister.
Anyways, The Conjuring is a Good time, no achoal Required.

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Pacific Rim
4/4 Stars
Spoilers Ahead

Pacific Rim is the kind of summer blockbuster that only comes out every few years. My only thought after seeing the film was that I would pay money to see it a second time in the theatre. I’ve had that thought for Avatar, Inception, MLP: Equestria Girls, and 2001: A Space Odyssey (which I saw in theatres while my own Blu-Ray sat on my pile of movies, to give you an idea of how brilliant the film is). It is a sign that that film is worth the bus ride, the price of a ticket, candy not bought from the theatre because it’s damn expensive to get candy there, and the price of trying to get a good seat. Pacific Rim is a success, both in terms of visual effects and storytelling; del Toro’s film is not only a great work, but will definitely be remembered in the years to come. It is much like Star Wars or Minority Report—a film which uses today’s technology to its fullest and is a great mix of action, character, and ideas.
The story starts off by giving the audience a quick synopsis of the events which lead up to the main plot, a simple start—but entirely believable. The Kaiju (Japanese for Monster) came and humanity fought back, finding a way to beat them—the colossal Jäegers, mecha’s built for the purpose of going toe-to-toe with the Kaiju and defending humanity. They are enormous machines, piloted by two pilots who share a mind link to control the mecha; a single mind becomes overwhelmed. Pilots must share the physical and mental load, so they also share each other’s mind and thoughts—compatibility is an issue here, as well as not getting distracted by you or your co-pilot’s thoughts.
The central character, Raleigh, is a Jäeger pilot, or was, before he lost his brother and co-pilot, now finding odd jobs around the world. As the Kaiju seemed to evolve and become bigger and more powerful, governments stop funding the Jäeger Program, choosing to build a wall around the edges of the Pacific. The fights between the Jäegers and the Kaiju are spectacular, as both of them move with weight, lumbering and smashing, as well as being excellently filmed. They switch between the new style of fights in movies, along with older technics, and it all flows together beautifully. On that note, I should mention that almost every set and shot are amazing, each one could essential be a still frame and still be a sight to behold.
But Pacific Rim is no simple macho, fighting, brainless action film—rather; it is the type of action film which surprises by having something most lack—heart. The characters all have feelings and emotion, and both express it and can be compromised by it. The relationship between Raleigh and his new co-pilot, Mako, is not a forced love plot. What is brilliant about them is that Del Toro made sure that he didn’t add in a forced love sub-plot; he knew that their relationship wasn’t one of exactly of love, but of partnership. They’ve shared their minds and understand each other. There is still an aspect of love between the two, but it’s not forced into the film; it’s a best friend’s love (a moirail relationship basically). He let her into his mind and vice versa—that connection is one of trust and togetherness. The film itself is about humanity, and the different kinds of people trying to protect it. Each character might at times be clichéd, but they are real.
Pacific Rim is a homage to the old Japanese Kaiju films such as Godzilla, as well as many others, and it’s obvious that del Toro had great respect for them—all his Kaiju are incredibly detailed and each one is different, as well as all the Jäegers. del Toro also built much of the mechas, so that CGI reliance was low.

Everything looks, sounds, and feels real—they move with weight and gravity.
There are a number of nods to other great films, as well as series’ such as Neon Genesis Evangelion (of which del Toro is a fan).
After seeing Pacific Rim, I had one or two small complaints. As I write this, I can hardly remember them. This is the type of movie that doesn't really have flaws, in the way that Citizen Cane doesn't either. It is a film, as Roger Ebert would say, “a film to nourish us. Not a story so much as an experience, it is a triumph of art direction, set design, cinematography, special effects—and imagination.", and I believe this to be true.

1450013 This mostly certainly beats out any of Michael Bay's Transformer movies. Sometimes I really wonder how anyone allowed him to stick around after "Peral Harbor".

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So, apparently, when you kill a drug lord guy, you better be sure to kill the children of him, for the child will come after your ass, make your life a living hell, and call himself...'The Mother Fucker.'
--------------------------KICK-ASS 2----------------

Non-Spoiler: Kick-Ass 2. So, this is a sequel, obviously, to an awesome fucking movie from 2010, Kick-Ass. Although, the first one was made by Lionsgate, and the second one is made by Universal. I'm just a bit...i don't...find it weird that it's like that. For one thing the movie has a new director, however, if you were worried by that, don't be, the guy's good. Anyways, Kick-Ass 2 continues the story where the first one left off. Kick-Ass is no longer Kick-Ass, but he eventually comes back and shit. That, and Hit Girl, who is still a badass. However, I like what they did with the movie and how they tried to switch between or sort of have a conflict between her badass self, with her trying to fit into high school. It was done well I must admit. In addition, with the main villain’s name, The Mother Fucker, I see nothing wrong with that. I mean, to me, it's just a normal villains name, and in a badass way as well, but if you think about it, it's kind of fucked up, but, whatever, that's how a villain is supposed to be. In addition, Jim Carrey was also surprisingly good as Stars and Stripes. However, he's only in the movie for a little bit and for not long, which is disappointing, because I really want more of him. Also, the other villains in this movie are also badass as well. Especially Mother Russia. It just seems like, well, she’s a lesbian. Who's also Russian and shit. Anyways, overall, this is a good movie. However, it's not that, 'This is the best movie ever. You've got to rush and see it.' It's still good, but whenever you have the time or have the money, go see it. The action is good. You'll have a good time with it. Especially with the final battle scène. It was awesome.
Rating: I would buy this movie, on Blu-Ray

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So, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, once again, brings a movie that we can all love as Americans. and forgive the British for not sharing their wizard powers and War of 1812. Yea, in my opinion, after about 200 years, i'll never forgive them for that, even though no one cares about such a thing. I know...that joke was a horrible one, but apparently British comedy is much better than that, including this movie.
---------------THE WORLDS END---------------------

Non-Spoiler: The World's End. So, this movie stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the same guys who did Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, which I might review at a later date. However, if you have not seen those movies yet...what are you doing? Don't just sit there. Go ahead and see it. It's awesome. So, this movie is the third movie that they have done. However, in my opinion, i count Paul as one of their movies, mostly because, one, they are in it. Two, they even wrote it, which I was surprised on. Although that's according to the Blu-Ray case. but whatever, I count it. So, This movie is all about Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and three other guys, who I believe is also Martin Freeman, who go back to their old town to drink a beer at 12 bars, which is mostly known as the bar crawl to them, all in one night. However, shit starts to happens and it turns out that the town has been taken over by robots. Although according to the movie, robot means slave, so they just end up calling them blanks. So, this movie was a great movie, just like the previous two movies. It was funny and it’s worth matinee price. However, that is only if you enjoyed that past two films or you British comedy. If not, then you might not have the best of time with this movie. However, chances are, you will. I mean, this movie got a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, and that says a lot about a movie. Also, may I say that the movie, well...the way it ended, just ended. Well, at least in my opinion though and no other opinion matters all opinions matter. However, I just felt like it could've needed a bit better eh way that it did. Like, it ended, and went straight to the happy credit music. I don't know, I just feel weird with that happening. Anyways...I can't decide for the rating, so i'm going to go both ways on this one.
Rating: The Worlds would buy this movie, on Blu-Ray.

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Well old sport. It looks like a movie has been made if you were high. That, and this movie didn't need to be in 3D. No it did not old sport. No it did not...old sport.
------------------THE GREAT GATSBY-----------------

Non-Spoiler: The Great Gatsby Old Sport! Yea, that's kind of getting old, but, really, who the fuck cares? Anyways, this is a movie directed by Baz Luhrman. Well, however you say his last name. Ok, so this is based off the book from like the early 1900's. How do I know that even though I never read the book, even though it's a classic? Well, it's because this is a remake to the 192 something film, however, it is lost and chances are, it was lost sue to the fact that back in the day, film were quite flammable. Many old movies were lost. However, there is a trailer to it, which is this.

Yea, I don't get it either, however, I wished it did survived, because i'm interested on how it was done. So, let's get into the movie. So, there has been mixed opinions on this movie, which I can understand. It's as if you're high or the director got high. However, you have to understand, that the director, Baz whatever how you pronounce his last fucking name and I will never understand these foreign people’s names, That he did Romeo + Juliet. In other words, this is how he usually does movies in. He does it in this type of style. The type of style that you would see if you took LSD and had the most awesome acid trip in the universe. That lucky batsrerd of a director. He got the lucky batch. I mean, every director has a style. Michael Bay has explosions everywhere in his movies, and I do prey to god that Transformers 4 is not filled with explosions and shit. I mean, has long as it has a decent plot and good action i'm fine with it, and bring something new to the table for once. Anyways, there's J.J. Abrams, who does that weird lens flare with his movies. M. Night and his horrible ways for add horrible twists. We will never forgive you for The Lady in the Water, The happening, The Village, and After Earth. You have been warned M. Night. Although Unbreakable was a great movie. Too bad he no longer does films. Anyways, that's what I was getting at. So, at least take in the consideration, that the director does this style because he chooses to. For me, I want to be a movie Director one day, and chances are, I will have that certain type to movies that is unique in it's own way. However, let's movie on how to the movie is then. With good ol' Leo, he did his performance pretty well. I mean, he was in Romeo+Juliet, which is pretty much the same like Titanic, but...whatever, I thought I should mention that. There is also, Toby McGuire, which i'm surprised he still does movies. We haven't seen him do shit since Spider-Man 3, which in my opinion, it was ok. Maybe i'll go into detail for the sometime in the future. However, he didn't have to do this role. Any other guy would've been fine. I mean, this role is meant like for those actors who need a bit of boost in their acting career, and this movie would've given them their start. There is also that one guy, who I have forgotten the name to, but he's basically the villain of the movie, and he's amazing. I really do like him in the movie. Also, if you don't know what the movie is all about. Well, it's hard to explain, so, yea. But it's about love though, but in a good way. So, it's certainly not a chick flick, but it's good. Although, I find it weird that Baz does this for his movies, where he puts modern Music into old time shit. Like, having today's rap with the 1920's. I just that weird, but I don't hate it though. I just find it weird that he did that. Anyways, other then that, I have nothing else to say but the rating itself.
Rating: The Great Gatsby is a good time, no Alcohol Required.

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So...The question here is, will we ever get that Michal Bay that well once knew and loved from The Rock and Bad Boys. We will ever get him ever again. That answer is not anytime soon, because this movie says so.
----------------------PAIN & GAIN------------------

Non-Spoiler: Pain and Gain. So this movie is directed by Michal...Bay. Fuck. Well then, we're fucked. I mean, he did Transformers 2, which was god fucking awful Why did he have to do this? Well, for one thing, he just did so,. but wasn't involved with the script or anything, so, yea. I mean, yea. Also, I should mention that their is comedy , to this true story type of story, which was really fucking dark. How should i put this? In real life, back in the 90'sthese guys were assholes. In the movies, they are assholes, bu also looks like the good guy and are funny. well, to me, nope, not at all. However, I guess Bay wanted to lighten up the mood with the dark true story. I can understand that. I mean, when there is a dark situation happening, you don't want to see everyone completely depressed and shit, so you try to lighten up the mood just a bit. Show everyone that their is still light in this world, although, Bay didn't do it correctly. Well, at least a little bit. Also, really don't want to say this, but... I have to give props to Bay for what he did with this movie. He did this movie with a 25 million dollar budget. That's a low budget film and he usually works with over a 100 million dollar budget type of movies. That and Mark Walberg usually goes for over 12 million dollars i believe when he does his acting. That's pretty good how bay did this, so, props to you man for at least doing that. That's a bit amazing. Then Project X was good, and that was on a 12 million Dollar budget, but still. Also, one more thing, this movie is all about how, back in the 90's, this guy didn't have much, but saw this guy who did, and tried to kill him and steal all of his money and shit. Which he did at first, but soon later, failed and got killed. Also, I have to admit, do i hate this move? Not You see, this movie is not the best movie around, however, it's certainly not the worst movie there is. I've seen worse movies then this, I guarantee that. So, if you just happened to have 15 dollars laying around or have a red box, rent the movie or buy it on DVD, but, really, it's only if you have nothing else better to do with your life.
Raiding: It's a good time, No Alcohol Required/ It's a good It's a good time, but you won't remember it in T-Minus 1 day. Yup, already forgot about it.

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Shaun of the Dead

4/4 Stars

A Review by - Lord of Nothing

Theatrical Release Poster

One Sentence Snynopsis: Shaun (Simon Pegg) tries to find some direction for his life, all the while fighting through a zombie infested UK, and dealing with a girlfriend, mother, and stepfather.

Released in 2004, Shaun of the Dead is a film written by both Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, which was also directed by the latter. Simon would go on to star, alongside Nick Frost and several other friends of his.

Now, I don't think that I can really get too much more into the plot than what I put into the OSS, but I'll try.

Shaun is an electronics salesman with no direction in life. Those under him pay him no respect, his relationship with his stepfather, Philip, isn't great, and things are tense with his housemate, Pete, because of his friend Ed (Nick Frost), who lives on their couch. After remembering he forgot to book a table for his anniversary with his girlfriend, she dumps him, and he and Ed go to their favorite pub, The Winchester. The two return home to Pete complaining about a headache after being mugged by "some crackheads", but all three just kinda brush it off.

The next day, reports flood in of a zombie outbreak, and Shaun and Ed embark on a journey to make sure everyone that the script says is important to them is alright. I'd reather not delve much deeper, as I don't want to give much away, but there's definitely more to it than just this.

You might be thinking of me as lazy for making a review so short, and that's fine, but I'd really just like to give you enough to want to go see it. You might also think I'm failing at that, but I'm trying my best to keep this short and sweet.

Anyways, this film kicks off Simon and Edgar's Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, which includes Hot Fuzz (2007), as well as the recently released The World's End.

I'd say that anyome that hasn't seen this film needs to make it their job to watch. Not only is it one of my favorite comedies, it's a great zombie film, a great drama, and just an all-around great film.

So, yeah. That's about it. I hope that you (especially you, oh great TheKnight) enjoy this review, and will go on to enjoy the film.

Thanks for reading, and have fun.

RF and AG
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I'll try not to let my absolute favouritism back this review. As well as minimum spoilers.

Elysium, brought to us by Neil Blomkamp, is a spiritual successor to District 9. Once again, Blomkamp dives into the realm of controversy by utilizing a socio-economic plight involving the struggle between the upper class elites and the rest of the impoverished earth. The reason this is a spiritual successor is due to the main conflicts being eerily similar to each other (including Sharlto Copley making another amazing performance). In District 9, the same plight is shown but with the added race issue to be thrown in. Elysium substitutes the race card for instead a different issue; universal healthcare. Not just any regular healthcare though, this stuff can cure anything as long as your brain still functions in the slightest. This sets up a struggle, as Max (main protagonist) must find a way to access this healthcare for his own sake. Over the movie though, his character shifts to realize that maybe the whole issue is bigger than who he is, bigger than any one person.


Matt Damon actually does a great job at portraying Max. He has struggled in previous movies, aside from the Bourne Series, to make his character seem likely. Normally his acting is rather simple and cold in a way but this character almost suites his acting style. All the while he actually improves his abilities in acting by showing some heart tugging emotion.

Now Sharlto Copley on the other hand makes you want to shot him over and over again. His ability to play a psychopathic black ops agent is insane! He puts his complete effort into making the watcher think, what the hell is wrong with him? His character Krueger is one hell of a badass but in the worst way and Sharlto makes him come to life. On a side note, the amount of fucks that he says in the movie is beyond ridiculous. There had to be a fuck in almost every sentence if not, then every other sentence.

The setting and visual display in this movie are not over the top and in fact have that District 9 feel to them. At every turn, the world is constantly shown as an overcrowded world that puts houses upon houses while the design on Elysium pulls a little inspiration from the Presidium on the Citadel in the Mass Effect series. Not so much though as to say it was a rip off. The movie has that realistic yet futuristic feel in that it seems plausible that we might actually have such technology.Hell, it is happening in 2154. I'm sure we will have all that type of tech by then, and if not then I am wrong.

The special effects of the movie are rather well done in the way that they are not overwhelming yet yet are still beautiful to look at. Compared to movies like Pacific Rim and Avatar, this movie has barely any CGI. Yet in its own right, it looks perfectly integrated and used just in the right amount. The mechs and space craft looked beautiful and moved in such a realistic manor; especially the mechs. Also Neil Blomkamp and his love for blowing people and machines up is just gorgeous to look at... I was actually blushing pretty hard at one point. Yeah...


Jodie Foster's character felt kinda one dimensional and was more or less a gut shot at the stereotypical, over patriotic, defence minister. She kinda took it to the point where she was more or less a character just focused on fucking over Earth while protecting the "freedom." There were a couple of times where I thought to myself, "I think Blomkamp really bought into the whole 'Murica thing."

On the flip side to the character Max, at times he kinda seemed like a dumbass. Not so much as to ruin a character but it just felt like he should have known better. The second instance of Krueger using his shield comes to mind.

The movie focused a little too much on the poverty issue when it could have really hit home with the feels. Sometimes it over shadowed everything that Max was doing.

If you haven't noticed, I am kinda struggling to bring to mind negatives aside from pointing out specific scene issues. Oh! One last negative! Max seemed to almost be able to run at ridiculous speeds or teleport. The time skips seemed to transition so well that you couldn't tell that there was a time skip which did confuse in certain instances.


To me this was probably the best movie of the year. I loved it for everything it did. The character hit me personally really hard since I tend to love martyr characters. I nearly cried at the ending and would be willing to do that over and over again.

As for the rest of you. This movie is definitely a must see movie. It might not be reviewed overly well by other sites and all that but I can tell you that it will not make you want to refund your money... unless you agree with the negative critics. Either way, check it out for it is among the top tier if not the best of those that have been released in August.

Plot: Great
Characters: Solid
Setting: Great
Graphics: Amazing
Cinematography: Amazing

Scaled: No > Horrific > Poor > Average > Solid > Great > Amazing

Overall: 9.1/10

Also known by me as "Watch this! Watch it, watch it, watch it!" Also known by the formal rules as "I would buy this movie on Blu-Ray."

This review is brought to you by me, Rain Fire. A non-girly girl point of view :rainbowwild:

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Released in the US on December 8, 2000, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon became a shocking international success at the box office. As an American/Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwanese co-production helmed by director Ang Lee, with a budget of $17 million the film was expected to make a small profit from the hardened martial arts film fan base. Instead of earning a meager profit, the film went on to $213.5 million, with $128 million coming from America.

How did a film with Mandarin dialogue gross nearly $130 million in America, and make a nearly $200 million wind fall?

The answer: by being one of the most beautiful, amazing, and influential films in history.

If you doubt that assessment, Crouching Tiger has the hardware to back that reputation up. Having won over 40 awards; including 4 Academy Awards, and nominated for another 6, one being best picture.

Set in the Qing Dynasty; the legendary Wudang swordsman, Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun-Fat) intends to give up the life of the warrior and asks his long time friend, Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh) to accompany him to the city of Peking. Mu Bai is leaving his equally legendary sword, the Green Destiny, in the care of their friend, Sir Te (Sihung Lung). While in the city, Shu Lien gets acquainted with the daughter of Governor Yu, Jen (Zhang Ziyi).

The young Jen is arranged to me married and is as jealous of Shu Lien's warrior lifestyle as she admires it. One night, a masked thief steals the Green Destiny and is discovered to be the apprentice of Jade Fox, the woman who murdered Mu Bai's master many years ago.

As much as I would love to keep talking about this movie, I won't because this film should not be spoiled. If you haven't seen it go experience it for yourself. As you can tell from the synopsis, the story is intricate, captivating, and grand. There are two phases to story telling:
1.) concept
2.) execution
...and Crouching Tiger is a master work of both. All the conflicts and realtionships in this film are deep and layered. Li Mu Bai and Yu Shu Lien share a mutual love for one another that has always played second fiddle to duty and honor. Yu Shien struggles as she tries to both defeat and reform Jen. Jen is torn between being with her true love, heeding her family's wishes, living a true & free life, or growing her power. simply put, the story telling is nothing short of exquisite and is well served by the acting. While all the member of the main cast were trained to be martial artist first, there is no dearth of talent or ability when the kicks aren't flying.

In Chow Yun-Fat's storied career, Li Mu Bai is the crowning jewel. He plays the part with a truly unique gravitas.The part calls on him to be sorrowful, reserved, calm, conflicted, angry, and joyous; and Chow Yun-Fat hits every beat, all the while carrying an air of god like power. This performance is a tour de force. Michelle Yeoh's career was sparked by Crouching Tiger, and it has been one of the most prolific amongst Wuxia cinema. But as impressive as the performances by Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Yeoh are, the newcomer Zhang Ziyi stole the show. Every moment she has on camera is riveting and is the best fighter in the cast; which is quite the feat when you're competing against real world legends. She moves like fire on the wind.

The most significant impact Crouching Tiger had on cinema is the choreography and cinematography. Each and every fight is like a theatrical production unto itself. Simply said, the wire fighting done in Crouching Tiger is the best ever put to film. Ranging from grappling along the rooftops of Peking, the battle atop horseback in the Gobi dessert, the flying sword fights among the trees, the weapons showcase between Shu Lien vs Jen, and the poison darts of Jade Fox from the shadows; this film is a master piece of staging and shooting a fight scene.

I think I've gushed over this film long enough. There's two ratings I need to give: the first being my 1-10 critical opinion, the second being my emotional opinion. One comes from the brain, while the other comes from the heart.

Critical Opinion: 9.5/10
This film is truly one of the all time greats. The acting, plot, choreography, cinematography, and directing are masterfully done. Director Ang Lee deserves to be remembered for this cinematic marvel for all time and eternity, and not the failure of The Hulk. While no film is flawless, it takes a serious knowledge of film and serious searching to find what few there are in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Like its choreography, the film moves along with such intensity, passion, and skill that outshines all flaws like the sun compared to a match flame.

Personal Opinion: Better than Sex
For the record, I am borrowing Spill's rating system for this. Which their rating are (from worst to best):
-F*** YOU (self explanatory really)
-Some Ol' Bulls*** (bad)
-Rental (meh)
-Matinee (good)
-Full Price (great)
-Better than Sex (awesometacular)
This film is an all time favorite of mine, a top 20 for sure. If you're a fan of "kug fu" movies, then Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is on the short list with Enter the Dragon, The Legend of the Drunken Master, Hero, Once Upon a Time in China, The 36 Chambers of Shaolin, and The Master of the Flying Guillotine as the greatest martial arts film of all time.

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So can we talk about the movies reviewed on this thread...civility and rational explanation/proper articulation are obvious requirements.
The Great Gatsby is actually a remake of the 1970's remake of the 1920's adaptation of the novel. In fairness however, it's much more a readaption than remake. Baz Lurman was both the right and wrong choice to direct this film. For the epic parties at Gatsby's house, the director of Moulin Rogue was born to make those scenes. But good ol' Baz doesn't have any idea how to direct actors on how to act.

It's a good thing he had Leonardo DiCaprio proving himself as one of the best and biggest stars in the business.

The team of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost really are one of the of best teams working today. I hope they keep working together but don't run themselves into the ground.

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Even though this isn't the place to ask, what did you think of my review? Like, just the way it was set up. I'm only asking because I'm still relatively new to giving more than just a "yay or nay" answer to my feelings on certain movies, and you seemlike you know what you're doing in yours.

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1668988 Yea, at first It wasn't aloud, but at this point, i'll allow it, so, comment away i guess.

Also, I knew about the 70's I just forgot to left that one out, and I do agree with you on baz. He does a weird way of directing his movies, but, it is a good thing that Leo was in it. I mean, they did do Romeo + Juliet together, so, yea. Also, that movie was also a bit weird, and I would prefer the 1960's version over the one he did, for some reason that I don't know why. In fact, it seems that all the films baz does, he does reaptation of it. Sort of revisoning in his own mind how it should be. I n all hoensty, it's ok, but sometimes not the best way to go at certain times I guess.Besides, the only reason why he even directed this film was because he owned the rights to make it, surprisngly. I found that out when I got the blu-ray, and yes, I do own it on Blu-ray, but I own a lot of movies on blu-ray.

Although, one thing i'll admit, even though the soundtrack wasn't correct with the film that much, i Do have to say, it was pretty decent in my opinion. Although, from what i've seenon the blu-ray, it said that Baz wanted to have both 1920's jazz and morderen music. So, he combined them both, plus leave them seprate. Well, combining them...well, he actually did get that right just a bit. For example,

Or a bit mor noticable oin the film...

So, yea, he did what he had to do, and, in a way, he's alright to direct the film, but there could've been better directors to make it. I wouldn't know who, but I know for a fact that there are a better directors out there. Perhaps in an alternate universe this movie was made better then here I guess. That and there couldn't have been anotherdirector, unless Baz said so, since he said he owned the rights to make the film, which I didn't even know from the start.

1687448 this review sucks lololololol


Oh, there's the video!

Thanks for telling me that! Now I can REVIEW MORE!

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I don't know, man. Like, I'm all for more reviews from you (or anyone), but it does kinda suck. You sound completely uninterested theoughour, almost like you're being forced to review.

Like I said, I've got nothing against it, but it does have its faws here and there.


Should I just type it? It'll be like really short.

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You don't have to. If you like making vifeos, then don't let us get in your way.

Besides, look at my review of Shaun of the Dead. It was pretty short, but Lucifers Lawyer said it was alright, and that's all I needed to hear/read.



Has anyone reviewed EQG yet?

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I was planning on doing it. Other than that, nobody has (that I've read).

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Hot Fuzz Review

The final film (to be reviewed here) in the Blood and Cornettos trilogy, Hot Fuzz stands as perhaps the most intelligent film in the series. What do I mean by intelligent? Is it a deep philosophical masterpiece? Does it make you question the morality of right and wrong? Whether utopia can ever truly justify the means? No not that kind of intelligent. I’m talking about the kind of intelligent that you don’t really think about until you have it pointed out to you then you talk about it in conversation to make yourself sound more intelligent, the editing.

This is perhaps one of the most perfectly edited films ever made. If this film were a steak it would be a fine cut of meat without so much as an ounce of fat on it. Every character, every scene, every little line serves some purpose. Whether in developing the characters, making a funny joke, or just foreshadowing the films brilliant finale (more on that later). Now I know this sounds delicious, but you’re probably wondering, what’s the heck is this perfect hunk of cooked cow meat of a film about?

The film opens with an introduction to our main character Nicholas Angel (played by Simon Pegg). (A million pretend dollars to anyone who can figure out who the actor that played the Santa at the end is. Without looking it up.)

If you are unable to see the one minute 46 second video here’s the rundown. Nicholas Angel is the greatest police officer to ever live. He is skilled in all aspects of the field from crime solving, crime prevention, to paperwork. Think Judge Dredd, if Dredd did everything in his power to come to a peaceful nonviolent solution, and only used violence with reluctance. In fact, Nicholas is so good that he is promoted to sergeant, and sent away for making the rest of the department look bad.

To make matters worst, he is sent to the peaceful town of Sandford. A picture perfect town full of the nicest people you could ever meet where nothing bad ever happens, and has won village of the year for countless times. The police force is made up entirely of eight people and one dog, the riot gear has been rotting in the storage room for years, and they seem to spend most of their time eating sweets or going to the pub.

Fortunately there’s the neighborhood watch to pick up the slack! Documenting such horrendous criminals like the loiterers and street performers! If that wasn’t bad enough he Angel is partnered with Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) a naïve man whose mindset about police work is based on a lifetime of watching action movies.

But, it seems that Sandford might be hiding a dark secret, as seemingly random people are killed in increasingly contrived “accidents”. Working with Butterman Nicholas has to discover the dark secret of Sandford even as everyone around him begins to question his sanity. After all, nothing bad ever happens in Sandford.

Not with people like Tony Fisher on the case!

To say anymore would be to enter spoiler territory. But when you find out the full extant of the towns evil, you will be presented with one of the most depraved, horrid, and hilarious villainous plots in cinema history. All leading up to one of the most over the top finales in an action film history. According to Pegg they watched hundreds of action movies so they could understand how to both send a love letter to the action genre, while making it look as ridiculous as possible. And it shows.

But enough about the plot how are the characters? The leads Pegg and Frost are great as always. But whats brilliant about them is that they are not just the same characters from Shaun of the Dead but with a different name.

While Shaun was a slacker needing to learn to grow up, Angel is always ready, always prepared, and always focused on being the best police officer he can be. The only problem is he doesn’t know how to do anything else. This leads to some of the best comedy in the film as he treats everything with the utmost seriousness and professionalism no matter how mundane.

Frost is also excellent as Butterman. While Ed was kind of a jerk, incompetent, and really a detriment to people around him, Butterman is well meaning and genuinely wants to help. Even if he doesn’t quite know how. The two play off each other perfectly and you really believe it when their relationship goes from mutual cooperation to genuine friendship, forming the emotional center of the film.
The side characters are also a blast. From the antagonistic Andys, the almost sickeningly sweet townsfolk, the incompetent Tony Fisher (seriously, take a look at the picture again) and of course the sinister Mr. Skinner.

I don't think its a spoiler to say this is the bad guy

But again, to say much more would ruin some of the best jokes in the film. It’s really just something you have to see for yourself. Then when your done, watch it again and see how literally the entire last half of the film was foreshadowed or set up in the first half. Unfortunately you’re probably asking yourselves, what’s the catch? What aren’t you telling us? WHERES THE BOMB are there any flaws in the film?

Well, even though I think it is a considerably more clever film, I don’t think it’s quite as laugh out loud hilarious as Shaun of the Dead. In fact in some respects I find myself respecting the film on its editing genius more then I enjoy it. Also, some would say the films twist is a bit to jarring into legitimately disturbing territory. (I thought it was hilarious, but others might be freaked out).

And, it may be my stupid American brain showing, but at some points it is hard to understand or hear characters requiring a loud volume setting. (And no people that have already seen the film, I don’t mean the parts where that’s the joke.) But that’s more of a personal pet peeve of mine in regards to some British films. But you know what? If some of the only flaws you can think of are is this movie is to smart or too creepy in that one scene… Well then that sounds like a pretty darn good movie to me.

In fact, returning to the steak metaphor, look at whatever flaws the film might have as a piece of parsley. Easy to ignore or throw away all together, allowing you to enjoy the sumptuous, juicy, finely cut piece of steak that will take you 2 hours to eat/watch. And now I’m hungry…

Rating: Awesometacular!
(Also the Santa was Peter Jackson. Just let that sink in.)

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* a badway.*
----------------------------------------MOVIE 43-------------------------

Non-Spolier..even though no one gives a fuck about this movie: Two words: Just...No
Rating: This movie is a piece of pure, fucking, shitty, bullcrap, assholyness, horrible, terrible, nasty, rage influenceing, DOG SHIT!!!!!!!

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So...Sherlock Holmes equal is a sort of a fat guy that has a place somewhere in swizterland...if i'm spelling that that is who is insane and listens to classical music and would blow up a building...that seems about right.
-----------------------------SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS-----------------

Non-Spolier: Sher lcok Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows. Or just Sherlcok Holmes and no defiente Sequeal number...but that's fine. So, some months ago, I reviewed the first Sherlock holmes. Well, it appears that the pencial wants to finish the thing up, so let's do so. So, this stars the returning cast from the first movie, Robert Downy Jr. and Jude Law. Now, as always, they always do their roles great. However, the plot of the movie continues right off from the last film, although it's been sometime since the last film, nd very little to no mentioning from the first film ar epresent in this film at all, but fine. Well, Waston, is getrting married, and Sherlockhas found his equeal and shit like that, and it somehow the villian, who is professor something, I forgot his name, but he is the villian, tries to kill Watson and his new wife, but Sherlcok is there to save thme and they go on anadventure together, with some other chicks. Now, I'll admit, the movies awesome. For one thing, the slow motion segments of the film are pretty cool, and ar enot annyoing as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which I will review that movie at a ;ater date, but let's move on. Also, Holmes-o-vision is back from the first movie, whichis those slow movie parts, but with Robert's voice over in it as well, and it's back, and it's been kind of upgraded. It might feel weird at first, but later on it's awesome. Now let's talk about the villian in this movie. I'll admit, he;s a bit insane in this movie, but the actor was great. I forgot his name who played him, but was a great at this movie and shit...yea, I am a shitolic. Anyways, I don't know what else to say wityhout spoling it to you i'll just give you the rating.
Rating: I would buy this movie on Blu-Ray

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Ok might all think that the simon pegg and Niock Frost trilogy is finished, but to me, there's a fourth one that isn't apart of it, I know it's apart of it...but I can still dream...can't I?

Non-Spolier: Paul. Or Seth Rogan playing a CGI alien if you want to put it like that. So this movie stars Simion Pegg and Nick Frost, alogn with a bunch of other awesome comdieans. Like Seth Roagan..I think he's funny...a little bit that be specific. Sometimes he is and sometimes he's not. Pick and choose yourr moment I guess. Anyways, the movie is all about these two British people Or Wizards who came from Hogwarts, go to America to go to Comic Con. Oh, how awesome that would be if I could go...but it's always on the east or west coast! Just like the Brony-cons! Why?! Why always on the East! Why not the Mid-West! Those bronies who go to Brony-Con get to see awesome shit while I get stuck here and see nothing but coirn grow! I mean, that's like the only thing to do around here but just watch shit grow from the ground. Sorry for getting off topic ther,e but it had to be said for those Bronies who live in the Mid-West. Anyways, they to comic con and eventually takes a bit of a road trip and eventually finds a CGI alien named paul and they try to get Paul back home. Now, this movie is fucking funny. You'll have a good time, and you will have a better time if you get the refrences in these films. Such as The Close Ecounter of the Third kind or E.T. Now, there is some one liners in this movie that you may have not noticed at first, but if you pay attention to them, you will hear some famous Universal Studio movie quotes, such as 'smile you son of a bitch! oe I am on a m,ission from god!' However, they end up making fun of that. I don't to ruin the joke, but it's pretty funny when you get it. As for anything else, there's not really mcuh to say about other then it being funny. Howeve,r in my opinion, I do count this movie part of the Simion Pegg and Nick Frost Triliogy. Yes, I do know what it's called, but forgot the name of it, but it started with a C, that much I can remember. Anyways, I do count it, mostly because I looked it up, and apparently, accordin to the back of the box, where it gives you the credits and shit, it says that Nick Frost and Simion Pegg wrote the script to it, therefore, I take it as one of their films. You may or may not count it, but I do.. even if they don't count it...
Rating: I would buy this movie on -Blu-Ray

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Falling Down review

The location, a random road in Los Angeles on the hottest day of the year. Traffic is backed up for some unknown reason and the air is filled with the honking of horns, obnoxious voices on cell phones, and the annoying deranged laughter of children. In the middle of all of this noise sits a man. He looks like an unassuming fellow. With his trim haircut, broad rimmed glasses, white collared shirt and tie, he looks like that nerdy dad your friend has. If the word “square” had a picture in the dictionary it would be this man.
He sits in his car trying to find some solace from the senseless noise around him even as a fly buzzes in his car adding to the problem. Looking around for some kind of distraction he sees an unpleasant Garfield knockoff plushie on one window, and in front of him a little girl in the other car just staring at him like he were some fascinating zoo animal. Seemingly unnerved by this he looks at nearby bumper stickers, perhaps hoping to see some clever pun or turn of phrase to distract his mind. Instead he sees a bumper sticker reminding him that Jesus died for his sins, and another informing him that if he doesn’t like his driving, then to call 1-800 Eat Shit.
Now that fly is back and he can’t quite manage to reach it. He flails with a newspaper trying to solve a tangible problem. He fails, he is still in the car with the fly, the noise surrounds him, the little girl continues to stare at him, and now the air conditioner is broken. As the music becomes more dramatic, almost mixing with the noise, and the car becomes more cramped you as the viewer almost share in his growing claustrophobia. Then, the man opens the door and the noise dissipates in a beautiful moment of silence, and we feel the joy in the man’s newfound freedom. As he leaves his car another driver ask him where he’s going. His reply is simple.

“I’m going home.”

That is the first four and a half minutes of the film Falling Down. An interesting and in my opinion underrated film from the 90’s. Now I know what you probably thought when you looked at the poster. “Oh great, it’s a white guy goes on a rampage movie. I get to see a movie glorify a crazy racist as he guns down minorities and I’m supposed to see him as a good guy.”

It’s understandable that you would assume that. After all, the plot description on the DVD doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, “The Pressures of big-city life can anger anyone. But Bill Foster is more than angry. He’s out to get even”. Bu fortunately, this isn’t even remotely what the film is about.

The film follows William Foster (Or D-Fens) played by Michael Douglas as he decides to see his little girl on her birthday. This simple journey becomes increasingly violent as things like rude storeowners, and muggers impede his progress, and unintentionally give him the tools to escalate his violence as we begin to see hints that Mr. Foster is not a well man.

However, rather then play him as a deranged and unsympathetic lunatic, Douglas plays him as a pathetic man confused by how the world has changed around him making him obsolete. He doesn’t want to beat up the muggers, but by golly they got in his way. There’s amusing bits of humanity such as after he scares off the muggers, he picks up the butterfly knife one of them dropped. He begins fiddling with it asking himself “How do they do that?”

Or when a chronically lying homeless man pesters him, the vagrant claims to be a vet to which Douglas sincerely asks, “You’re a vetenarian?” It’s these humanizing elements that help make him sympathetic. Especially when you start to learn about his past (a controlling personality, seething repressed rage, and a messy divorce are the tip of the iceberg for this guy’s issues.) Although one scene in particular that stuck out to me was when he watches old family movies. When watching them he begins to see that the perfect life he was trying to get back to never really existed in the first place. Watching his slow realization of what he’s lost and what he’s become makes him all the more sympathetic. Even as he does terrible, unjustifiable things like this.

However, as a contrast to D-fense there is Sergeant Pendergast, a policeman on his last day till retirement played by Robert Duvall. Pendergast is shown to suffer from similar problems as D-Fens. Both lost their daughters (though in vastly different ways), have difficulty with their wives and work. However, while Pendergast learned to role with the punches, D-Fens kept it end and is finally responding with anger and violence. While D-Fens is going on his walk home causing mayhem along the way, Pendergast is able to piece it all together and tries to stop him, while dealing with the mockery and hostility of his coworkers for him being a “desk cop” most of his life.

Watching the film again I noticed some other clever inversions of the characters such as when Pendergast gets his gun taken, at the same time that D-Fens get’s his hands on a weapon stash. It’s interesting watching these two, as while as the drama with D-Fens’s wife as she becomes more and more afraid from the phone calls of her unhinged ex husband. Eventually leading to an intense climax when Pendergast and D-Fens have a final confrontation that ends in one of the saddest lines of heel realization I’ve ever heard.

“I’m the bad guy? How did that happen?”

Now, the film isn’t perfect. It runs a bit long and some scenes could have been cut or trimmed down. Also, if you’re looking to this film as having some kind of deep message about urban decay or cultural problems in big cities, it doesn’t have one. Also, in order for the plot to work, minor characters have to act like the most ridiculously rude or stupid people possible. (The storeowner that refuses to give him change for a 1, the muggers he beat that try to gun him down in broad daylight in a public street…) In addition some side characters are just annoying (like Pendergast’s wife who is an emotionally controlling shrew. I know that’s the point to further contrast him with D-Fens but it’s still annoying).

However, when the film works, it works brilliantly. Creating an interesting story of two similar men. One man that managed to hold it all together and make lemonade with the lemons life gave him. While the other man decided to try and beat up life with the particularly hard lemon he got, only to get all the juices right in his eyes.

It's a good time. No alcohol required. (Or 7 out of 10)

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I know I don't have to say this, but I feel like I have to. After looking back on this group, and seeing how dead it is, all I have to say is... I'm sorry. i feel like I wasted all of you guy's time with this stuff. I mean it went no where, the idea was great to be fair, but it went no where and it died within like a year of its creation. And while I had fun writing the reviews...I still feel like I have to apologize to all of you because I went back and read all your reviews and it's put so much time and effort into it I'm sure and in the end it went nowhere. Then again to be fair, why is anyone on this site in the first place...I mean it's not like anypony is getting paid to write MLP fanfiction...but still regardless of that...I feel like after looking back on this...I felt like I wasted all your time that you will never get back...I'm sorry...and I'm sorry this group died too because it was a good idea...

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No need to beat yourself up about it pal. We all had different things going on in our lives (for me it was increasing school work and a new job) I have never once regretted the reviews I wrote. They were acts of passion and I'm glad I wrote them and that you gave me an outlet to post them. It is a bit sad, but hey that's how life is, the important thing is you made something that people cared enough about to devote some time to however brief that was. no need to apologize for anything.

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