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Gonna claim Death...

3830864 I can tell already this'll be a cheerful story.

Hey now, there's no need to assume anything.
Yeah, I'm not a good enough liar to pull that one off.

Don't worry too much, it'll just be a sequel to Dark. Because my brain won't shut up. It won't be as dark (Ha!) as it was, but, yeah, not cheerful.

Yesterday was meh, today's been meh.

I apologize if Death is a bit meh.
Part two of what I'm calling Broken

”You know, when I heard you had returned and were in Canterlot, I was worried. When Celestia sent word that you were coming here to speak to me, I was afraid. Even after you told me of your… interest in me, I didn’t let my guard down. I thought you were just trying to find an easy way to get your revenge and stab me in the back.” Twilight smiled up at Nightmare her kind, innocent eyes shimmering in the day’s dying light.


Nightmare heard Twilight let out a frustrated growl. Twilight’s ex-captor-turned-captive had passed out from the pain being inflicted upon him. Again. The first time he’d lost consciousness, Twilight had searched what was left of the lab for any of the drugs they’d used on her to keep her awake, but Nightmare had been thorough in the destruction of the room and left little standing or usable other than the table Twilight had been on.

It was upon that table that the Griffin lay, forelegs outstretched and pinned to it, punctured by jagged pieces of metal torn from the machines once used to study and monitor the Alicorn now sitting on him, straddling his chest. Twilight had taken to shocking him out of unconsciousness – literally. Twilight’s collar glowed and a deep purple aura surrounded her horn.

“Twilight, wait,” Nightmare said before she could release the spell. With a snarl, Twilight turned her cold, almost lifeless eye to her. After a slight shudder, Nightmare continued. “We cannot stay here, Twilight.”

Twilight stared for a few moments longer before her eye softened in recognition. “Then go,” she muttered, waving her away with a hoof. “I think I’ll stay here for a week, or a month, or two.” She shrugged. “However long I can make his body hold out.”

“You don’t understand, Twilight. We can not stay here. Your brother-“

“Shining is here?”

“- along with Celestia and Luna, yes. They have surrounded this town – this facility in a shield. They gave me three days to find you before they collapse it in on itself, crushing everything inside of it. It was made to teleport you to them upon touching your magical signature, but… ” Nightmare gestured toward the supports on the ceiling. “If possible, I didn’t want to risk you being harmed more than you may have been.”

“How long did it take you to find me here?” Twilight asked calmly.

“Find you?” Nightmare blinked at Twilight’s sudden shift in tone. “After I arrived, not long. Perhaps an hour. To do that?” Nightmare gestured to the hole above them. “Judging by the sunlight’s angle, about half the day has passed.”

Twilight smiled faintly but remained silent, inspecting a shackle on the wrist of her foreleg.


”Well,” Nightmare chuckled. “You were right to fear me.”

“I wasn’t afraid of you. Well, not exactly.” She turned away and scuffed a hoof against the crystal balcony they were sitting on. Looking out over Ponyville, she continued, “I was more afraid of the consequences of a fight between us. Not who would win or lose – I believe, if necessary, I could bring an end to the fight.”

“Your confidence is quite an endearing trait, but do not presume you would so easily win-“

“I didn’t say either of us would win or lose, just that, if I had no other choice, I could bring it to an end. But they – “Twilight gestured to the town below them. “ – What could any of them do if we fought here? I could only do so much to protect them while defending myself.” She sighed. “I don’t want anyone to be dragged into something they have no stake in.”


“What about the rest of the Griffins? How will they react?” Twilight asked, breaking the long silence.

Nightmare sighed and visibly sagged. “This is an independent facility. It is not even part of the Griffin territories. They receive no funding from their crown, only what is acquired by their workers. From what we understand, they were trying to degrade our already deteriorating relations with the Kingdoms and instigate a war between us.”

“Clever. Should they ever be found out, they’re able to shift the blame.” Twilight laughed and turned her attention back to her captor. “Of course, that also means they won’t be able to retaliate to anything done here without admitting having knowledge of what was happening...” She released the spell she’d been holding, sending electricity surging through the Griffin’s body. When his muscles finally stopped their spasms, she hung her head, looking directly into his eyes.

“I’m not sure if you could hear us while you were out, but it seems our time is going to have to be cut short.” She chuckled as he began to struggle, succeeding in only making the gashes in his forelegs wider and longer. She lit her horn and the collar lit up along with it, the shackles on each foreleg becoming enveloped in a deep purple aura.

“I had planned on saving this for last – I had so many plans, “ she huffed. “Guess we’ll have to see how many we can get through before you give out, then.” Twilight sat back and watched with a grin as long, thin strands of magic began to form, connected to the shackles. The magic formed and hardened into five long, jagged talons, a cruel mockery of what had been used on her so many times.

“I had originally planned to use the keratin from my hooves for these,” Twilight said off-handedly, waving her forehoof. “But then I realized there wouldn’t be much mobility with them.” To demonstrate, she curled each talon one-by-one down around the hoof. “And this way, I can control each of them separately.

“Now,” Twilight said all too calmly. Leaning down to look in the Griffin’s eyes, she stroked a talon down his cheek. Even from across the room, Nightmare could smell the burning flesh as the magic easily burned through his skin. “I hope you can appreciate the irony of-“

The Griffin’s head darted forward, embedding his beak into Twilight’s neck. Nightmare’s magic flared, but a dark chuckle from Twilight stopped her casting.

“Alright,” Twilight growled and dug her talons into each side of his face. She slammed his head back onto the table, ripping his beak from her neck. Her magic flared and the hole began to sew itself closed. “Enough pretense.” She began to rend down his face, easily searing through his flesh and, incidentally, severing the gag. With his screams no longer being muffled, a vicious grin split Twilight’s muzzle.

“I’m going to enjoy this so much more than I should.”


“Eviscerated” was the word Nightmare decided she’d use if ever she had to tell anyone what happened to the Griffin scientist in the following eight hours.

Normally meticulous and careful in all she did, Twilight set to her task with fervent fury, tearing at flesh wherever she could dig the magic talons in and shattering bones whenever they got in her way. All before reforming the bones and stitching the wounds back up to the point where he wouldn’t bleed out. All so she could do it again.

The second time she had ground the bones in his hind legs to dust, he passed out again. Twilight only growled and dug the talons into each side of his chest before channeling electricity through them.

When the moon reached its apex in the sky, hovering just above the tunnel Nightmare had made, the Griffin’s body finally gave out. Striking him didn’t work, shocking him didn’t work, and tearing a bone from his foreleg didn’t work. Twilight even tore his chest open and used the talons to attempt to manually restart his heart, searing and crushing it in the process.

She seemed more upset that she couldn’t revive him than that he needed to be revived.

With a huff, she climbed off of what was now essentially a biology class dissection project, onto the floor, and shook what blood hadn’t dried from her coat and wings. “I was able to deal with this for how long? A year? And he doesn’t even have the decency to last a day?” Twilight groused.

She turned to Nightmare, who had taken to lying on her belly in an area cleared of debris, watching the whole thing impassively. “So seeing that doesn’t bother you?”

“Not so much, no.”

Twilight laughed, the distress in her voice barely contained. “I guess the stories they used to tell about you weren’t entirely false.”

“Twilight,” Nightmare sighed, a small smile forming. “I have been alive for a very long time – possibly longer than Discord. Though it’d be better if he didn’t know that. Knowing him, he’d attempt to find out and, if it were true, possibly attempt to change it.” Nightmare chuckled, but her smile faded.

“I have seen many things, Twilight. I saw the dragons rend and tear each other apart for impeding on one another’s territory, over a few baubles, over mates, or even just because they could. I saw their might and bodies shape the land until they had no choice but to come together, lest they became extinct.

“I watched the Centauran tribes constantly fight and die until they did die out, all to prove whose magic was stronger, whose artifacts held more power. I saw countless villages of various races drained of emotion by the Changelings until all that remained were their baser instincts, leaving them but empty husks; cruel mockeries of what they once were.”

Nightmare looked into Twilight’s eye, her gaze turning hard. “Before Celestia and Luna, I witnessed the three pony tribes fight, kidnap, torture, and kill each other to learn the other race’s secrets. And I assisted in an attempt to bring about an eternal night, which would have resulted in the deaths of countless souls.

“So no, Twilight Sparkle, death does not affect me in the ways it might others.” Nightmare’s visage softened. “But,” she continued, her voice subdued. “It does affect me – I wouldn’t be able to call myself a pony if it didn’t. And I quite like being a pony. It does not bother me that you ended his life. It doesn’t bother me how you went about it, either.

“It is what led you to feel the need to set yourself to the task with such ferocity, such anger, that bothers me. I may not have been with you long before…” she gestured around the room with a hoof. “This, but I am worried that there is not much, if any, of that mare left.”

Silence reigned for a long while, with Twilight staring off to the side, her mouth moving unconsciously as she thought and Nightmare silently watching her. “So what happens now?” Twilight blinked at her own soft spoken question, as if she hadn’t meant for it to actually come out.

Nightmare raised an eyebrow. “Now we leave and get you some rest and see to your recovery.”

“No, I mean, what happens – wait, leave?! As in leave the entire… facility, as you called it?”

“Yes, removing oneself from a location is generally how one leaves it.”

“No,” Twilight growled, her hackles rising. “There were more than who was down here; I’m not just going to leave.” She turned, aiming for a better angle on the entrance Nightmare had made. As she stepped, though, her leg went limp along with the rest of her body. Nightmare enveloped her in her magic, preventing her from hitting the floor. She set Twilight upright, but even after she regained her footing, Nightmare held her.

“Your magic has healed most of your wounds, Twilight, but your body is still weak. You must rest.” Twilight’s talons dug into the ground and Nightmare mentally braced herself.

Twilight’s collar flared with her horn, feeding her with whatever magic she commanded it in attempt to teleport out of, negate, dispel, reverse, or overpower Nightmare’s magic. Nightmare matched her easily, watching impassively as she struggled. “Nightmare, I have to do this. I need to-“

“To what?” Nightmare snapped, rising to her hooves.” Leaving here in your state, and in a blind rage, would simply lead to you being captured again – or worse! Your magic is strong, yes, but your body is not yet recovered. You are immortal, yes, but you are not invincible.” Twilight stared back at her, defiance clear in her eye. Nightmare sighed. “Let us leave, Twilight, your brother – the shield – will do what is-“

“They don’t deserve that!” Twilight cried out. A flash of light erupted from her horn, as blinding as the sun on a clear day in the desert. Nightmare lost her concentration for a moment as she turned to shield her eyes, only to find herself on her back with Twilight standing over her, straddling her. Looking up at her, Nightmare could only equate what she saw on Twilight’s face and in her eye to a feral beast, its claws searing through the ground on either side of her head.

It took only a moment for Twilight’s eye to widen in realization and tears to well up in it. The talons fractured and dissipated into the air as she stopped channeling their spell and her collar and horn lost their glow. She hung her head and spoke, her voice wavering. “Shiny doesn’t deserve that. He came here to save me – to protect me.

“If he sees what they did to me – if he even suspects it – he’ll collapse that shield for the same reason I tortured that griffin. I don’t want him to feel that, Nightmare. I don’t want him to get pulled into this anymore than he already has. I can do it – I want to do it.”

Nightmare smiled softly and brushed a hoof through Twilight’s mane before running it along her cheek to wipe the tears. “Very well. You will stay here, with me, for the entirety of tomorrow and rest. Day and night. I will do what I can to aid in your recovery.” She chuckled as Twilight collapsed on top of her, wrapped her hooves around her neck and buried her muzzle in it.

“Promise me that you’re not just going to wait until I fall asleep and drag me out,” said Twilight’s muffled voice.

Nightmare gently lifted her in her magic and rolled on to her belly, setting Twilight next to her. “I swear, I will do no more than watch over you.” Twilight pressed herself close to the larger alicorn and the moment her head rested against Nightmare, she was out.


Twilight chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of her head with a hoof. “But that’s not why I asked you here. Sorry, I got a little off track.” She’d turned away to hide her blush, but the twitching of her wings betrayed her. “I’ve enjoyed talking with you these past few weeks and, if the offer of… courtship, was it? If it’s still open, I would love to take you up on it.” Twilight looked back at her with a soft and hopeful, if a bit apologetic smile.


Twilight stirred against her side, whimpering and shaking. Nightmare draped a wing over her and pulled her close, causing Twilight to curl tighter against her. She then laid her tail over the young alicorn’s flanks and curled her neck around Twilight as best she could.

I cannot safeguard your dreams; it is not my realm. I cannot safeguard your body; there is no longer a need. I cannot safeguard your mind; you do not want me to share your pain. Nightmare gently brushed away more tears with the tip of her wing. “Then, should you allow me,” she whispered. “I shall safeguard your heart. Even for all you have been through, it has remained strong. I will not allow you to lose that."

I wanted Twilight angry and a bit unstable, not insane. Not sure if I got that.
Word count: 2,645
New Prompt: Persecution
I noticed that most of the prompt I've given have been (Accidentally, I swear!) Judas Priest song titles.
I've decided I'm okay with that. :moustache:

3836736 Absolutely perfect. Can't find anything wrong or even improvable.

Disclaimer: :trollestia:
Edit: Updated 2014-12-08

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Edited Death's post with the title for whatever I'm calling whatever it is: Broken.

I'm drunk and tired, so It probably won't stick, but meh, a generic title for a generic story.

Also gonna tentatively claim Astonishment.

Back in the saddle, so to speak. Glad to see some action!

Tentatively claiming "Persecution".

Time to dust off the old writing skills. Been out of the game too long. I shall claim my one true love Alcohol.

Okay so I finally managed to get a connection to post this. Hopefully guys enjoy my first contribution to this prompt thread. Hopefully you don't have problems with the tags. Feel free to PM me if you want the document with tags already added.

Twilight Sparkle hates Ponyville. Well okay she doesn’t really hate Ponyville, but at the moment she wanted nothing to do with the unassuming town. She thought that when she was told she could hold court in her new castle, that it would be a simple affair. She got along well with the townsponies and it was by and large the friendliest town she had ever been to. So naturally she assumed that things would go at a more relaxed pace. Not as much bickering and whining as the Canterlot nobles.

She was wrong, she was so very wrong. In fact, after a thorough study of all of the past times she had been proven wrong, this one was seventeen point two Twilightyears™ ahead of the pack. They somehow seemed to think that just because Twilight lived there, that they would get special treatment and have her bypass decisions previously decided upon by Celestia or Mayor Ivory Scroll. Which did not help her relation with the Mayor in the least bit. Where before they had a friendly relationship, it had devolved down to offical meetings and strained politeness.

But that wasn’t even the worst of it. They attempted to schmooze her, trying to get on her good side before bringing up issues of land disputes with their neighbors. It was when things got hurtful is when she really grew to understand the true disdain her BBBFF had of court proceedings in the Crystal Empire. She had started a relationship with Roseluck. Everything the mare did was seemingly innocent at first glance. Then Twilight discovered that the over the course of several months, that she was attempting to abuse their relationship to get funding for an expansion on her flower business. That was the first and last romantic adventure Twilight decided she would ever have until she was married. Her parents would be proud.

No she only had one true love now, the sweat nectar of life, alcohol. This wasn’t the dainty wines that Rarity loved to sip on as she read romance novels. Nope, Twilight wouldn’t settle for anything less than rock gut whiskey and mead. She hadn’t even considered alcohol until she met for peace talks with a Minotuar Viking Chief whose people were preying on small costal villages. Part of the agreement was that the Princess who headed up the peace talks would be required to join in on traditional Viking bonding ceremony. Which boiled down to a week long afair of drinking as much alcohol as you could and hunting the biggest prey you could find in the wild. Which lead to Twilights lovely new Ursa fur blanket….and carpet in her room.

Now was not the time for reminiscing on fond memories however. She had a particularly trying day and she was now going to perform her greatest magic trick, making an entire cask of mead disappear.

Twilight was well into said cask when the doors to her audience chamber burst open. Standing in the doorway was none other than Nightmare Moon.


Twilight stared at the dark alicorn and finished off the rest of her mug before smashing it on the floor and filling up a new one.

“What the buck do you want? Can’t you read the sign, court is closed for today. Go bother somepony else with your nonsense,” snapped the irritated and inebriated mare.

“I SHALL NOT WAIT PRINCESS, I SHALL CLAIM YOUR THRONE AND YOUR LANDS FOR MY OWN! AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME!” Nightmare gloated before breaking into another wave of maniacal laughter.

“You want my throne and lands? Fine, take them and shut up” she said as she launched her crown at Nightmare Moon, causing it to bounce off of her head.

Nightmare was reasonably confused as her nemesis went back to drinking her beverage, which judging by the scent and the impressive pile of smash wooden mugs, was mead. She was expecting an epic duel to the death, or at least submission. Instead, all she was yelled at and everything she came here for. Something was wrong.

“Are uh…. You okay?” she asked tentatively.

Drink. Smash. Drink.

“No I am not okaaaaay, I just spent the last fifteen hours listening to the townsponies argue and demand the most inane and self centered things. Then treat me like I’m the bad pony when I tell them no!”

This was awkward. Nightmare did not really handle awkward well. Civil Wars? Easy. Corrupting the weak minded? Foals play. Flower arrangement ceremonies? Just try and stop her. But awkward situations? You’d have better results from a pack of chewing gum.

“Do you uh…um” Nightmare struggled to think to something to say, “Do you want to talk about it?”

Before she could even blink, Nightmare found herself sitting on the spacious throne beside the mare in question and a flagon of mead shoved into her hooves. Then Twilight began to rant.

Five hours and three casks later….

“An thash why thosh ponnies can just kiss my purple princess posterior” Twilight slurred, with a satisfactory smirk on her face.

“Yeeeeeah you go girls” Nightmare whooped as she tried to figure out which one of the Twilights said that or if all of them said that. Since when were there more than one of her?

Twilight smiled at the encouragement. Nightmare was such a good listener. She had never felt so comfortable talking to somepony before. Sure she had Celestia to talk to, but even then she always felt nervous about disappointing her. With Nightmare, it was just so easy.

“Sho Moonie, how are you here? I kinna member makin your face go boom” Twilight giggled as she added pantomimed the elements hitting Nightmare Moon. She even slumped over and pretneded to be dead.

Nightmare proceeded to choke on her drink at the rather embarrasing nickname. And did her best not to laugh at the younger mares acting skills, it was a hard fought battle.

“Not sure if you figured it out, but those things don’t actually kill. One minute I was in Lunas body, next I was a in the stupid forest growing a body. Its weird, considering I was really just a part of Luna. Just laying on the floor gave me a lot of time to think. Figured I’d just get rid of you as soon as I could. Found out you were a princess and it made things pretty interesting, if I could take over you…er your lands, I’d have a nice start to take over Equestria.”

“I she” Twilight nodded sagely, “howsh that workin out fer ya?”

“It’s not exactly going to plan…I was expecting some big climatic battle to the death…or at least surrender. A battle that ponies would speak of for generations” Nightmare sighed, “Instead I got…this.”

Twilight hummed and she thought to herself. She certainly didn’t feel like fighting right now, not after having such a good time. But on the other hoof, it wasn’t fair that she had helped out Twilight by listening to her problems. Something had to be done, but what? It was then that a sly grin made its way across her face.

“Moonie, come with me. We can totally have an epic battle” Twilight said, jumping off the throne and stumbling down the hallway.

Nightmare was reluctant, but followed the stumbling mare. She even had to press up against her to stop the mare from falling over occasionally. Twilight lead them to a large door and motioned for her to enter. Nightmare did so with slight apprehension, pushing the door open and walking inside.

The room was large and the carpet felt very soft under her hooves. It was clearly someponies bedroom. And the carpet seemed like she was walking on the sky itself. She couldn’t help but gasp at the realization she was standing on the fur that once belong to an Ursa Major. While an impressive room, she couldn’t figure out how they would have an epic battle in here. There was not even enough room. When she heard the door locking behind her, she turned around to face Twilight whose face couldn’t be described as anything other than predatory.

“Yes thish room if perfect for our battle, I hope you’re ready Moonie”

“Twilight, how can we battle in here? There isn’t enough roo-“ she started before being tackled to the bed with lips pressed against her own.

Thus ended the Great Nightmare rebellion. The shortest rebellion in the history of Equestria. Nightmare even got her wish, Ponyville ponies would definitely remember that battle for years to come.

The new Prompt is Squirrels


the sweat nectar of life


nonsense” snapped the irritated

Missing comma after nonsense.

shut up” she said

And here. And several other places after this I won't list.

She was expecting and epic duel

An instead of and.

Civil Wars? Easy. Corrupting the weak minded? Foals play. Flower arrangement ceremonies? Just try and stop her.

Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking.:rainbowlaugh:

Nightmare even got her wish, Ponyville ponies would definitely remember that battle for years to come.

That last line was amazingly delivered!

Love it! Welcome to Moonlight.

I fixed some of the commas and even a few other things I discovered on a second pass, thanks for pointing it out. Fresh eyes are always a big help.

Also I am glad you liked it. It's a good thing my internet was down because it gave me time to think up that much better ending than the one I had before. I realized how much I wanted to sail this ship till I saw the boat.

Astonishment is coming. I just need to stop being dumb lazy. Is dumblazy a word? It should be.

Don't drink the clear, odorless liquid down in the cargo hold. It isn't water, and it's mine.

Uhhhh good thing I didn't drink it. It evaporated....yeah that's it.

And thanks for the warm reception. I look forward to participating more in the prompts.

I swear, every time I started writing this, something came up and my train of thought just sputtered and died.

But, here's Astonishment, part three of Broken.

Shining Armor sat atop a hill overlooking the town Twilight was being held in watching the last vestiges of moonlight filtered through his shield, his horn glowing dimly. Even in the dying light he could still make out the crater Nightmare Moon had made on the edge of the town. Seeing her dive from on high like a meteor, bathed in fire and fury, had him awestruck. Feeling that fury – that power – even from such a distance, had left him shaken. By the time he’d recovered his wits and erected a shield around the town, she was gone, burrowed deep into the earth.

When the shield was raised, there was no panic as they had expected. Instead, every Griffin made toward the center of the town, as if it were a designated rally point. He had noted, in what little time he had to inspect them, that there seemed to be no civilians. There certainly weren’t any children. This was, beyond a doubt, a military facility hiding behind the façade of a standard town.

As the moon was finally laid to rest, he turned at the sound of hoofsteps to see Princess Celestia approaching. She had foregone her usual attire, leaving her crown, hoofshoes, and torc back in Canterlot. Instead she wore a set of brilliant golden armor. From her hooves to the top of her neck, overlapping plates covered her. Even the leading edges of her wings were protected. She wore no helmet, but even with her face unobstructed, her best kind smile was still intimidating.

He was more than sure it was all for show: A way to tell anyone who saw her that she was not there as a diplomat, not there to entertain dignitaries, and not there to be bargained with, without saying a word.

She stopped at his side, her horn glowing faintly, but said nothing. He turned his attention back to the shield. Modifying the spell to teleport Twilight to them when her magical signature came into contact with it had been Luna’s idea. His had been to simply have the shield collapse upon itself until it hit her, ignoring anything else alive or not, and have it surround her, and then pull her directly to them, through anything in its path.

Celestia had been the one to suggest collapsing it and everything inside it. As former Captain of her royal guard, Shining Armor knew that Celestia was powerful. He knew that she would likely do anything to protect her kingdom, her ponies. But she had said it in a tone as cold as ice and hard as steel. He had never seen her – or anyone – look and sound so vindictive and couldn’t help but wonder if some of it was aimed at herself for being unable to act for so long.

She had also taken the duty of powering his spell while he kept the framework solid. Griffin shamans tapped into the world’s leylines to perform their magic, so they had a near limitless supply so long as their bodies and minds held out. Even patching minor damage over the past two days had begun to tire Shining Armor.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Celestia’s magic flare for moment before returning to its dim glow. The sun rose without any fanfare, the morning light illuminating the empty town.

Shining Armor sighed. “That’s three days.”

“You don’t need to be the one to do this, Shining Armor,” Celestia said, her voice soft with a hint of sorrow.

Neither turned their gaze away from the town. “No, I don’t have to be. But she’s my sister, so I will.” Shining Armor’s voice was firm, resolute. “I’ll give Nightmare five more minutes.” Luna would wake soon, as would their other “guest”. Best to do it quick. “Nightmare knew her timeframe.”

Instead of simply staring, Shining began to look over the town once again to pass the time. Looking at it, it was a perfect rendition of a town, as if it were a hobbyist’s model. Split into four in a circle surrounding a central building, on one side was a residential district. On one side of that was a market district, fit with stores, stands, and everything else a merchant might use to peddle their goods. On the other side was a business district fitted with buildings of mismatched heights, giving the impression that some were either more important or required more workers than the others. Interspersed between the three were buildings and shops of the others.

The fourth slice contained what would house the “upper class” citizens, if there were any. Gilded buildings, each one more grandiose than the last, filled the area. The central building, larger than even the most grandiose of the upper district and flanked by a tall tower on either side now housed the entirety of the town, when they weren’t attempting to break through the shield. He and the Princesses were sure that no actually one used any buildings outside of the residential area; that the rest was just for show.

Still, if Nightmare hadn’t… ‘Persuaded’ the king’s advisors into giving up their information to her about this place, we’d never have suspected it, Shining thought with a sigh.

His magic flared in preparation of altering the dimensions of such a massive shield, but paused before he even began. A ping came from his connection to the shield, a signal that someone was being teleported. He couldn’t stop the relieved smile that spread across his muzzle. She had actually found Twilight.


“Thank you for not asking me to go back with you – or taking me back – yesterday, Nightmare,” Twilight said as she stood and stretched. The room was empty except for the two of them and the broken machinery. Everything else had been buried, incinerated, or otherwise destroyed.

“Of course,” Nightmare replied, nuzzling into Twilight’s neck. “I promised I would only watch over you, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, but I also remember you saying that I should rest.” Twilight chuckled. “It didn’t take you long to throw that idea out… “She trailed off at Nightmare’s smug grin. “What?”

“You are more relaxed, are you not? You are certainly at least much more calm.”

“T-that’s beside the point, “Twilight sputtered, turning to hide her blush. “And I’m only calm because I’ve pretty much sealed off my anger. Probably not healthy for any length of time, but I didn’t want to risk losing it with you again. Seriously, you could probably say anything and I wouldn’t even be able to get angry about it,” Twilight chuckled nervously.

“Twilight…” Nightmare saw the last vestiges of moonlight fade from the top of the hole and sighed. “The sun will rise soon. I will ask you only once more, as it will be your last chance: Will you leave with me?” Twilight ruffled her wings and shook her head.

“Very well, but promise me that, should become weak or feel that you are becoming overwhelmed, you will make contact with the shield and escape.”

Twilight grinned. “Don’t worry, I already planned for that. What I need to do for it, though… Please apologize to Shiny for me. He’s not going to like it…”


Nightmare appeared with a pop and immediately heard Shining Armor ask, “Where is she?”

She blinked the remaining spots from her eyes before focusing them on him. “Still inside. She… elected to stay behind.”

“What? Why? Is she alright, is she hurt?”

“She is… alive. “

“Then why didn’t you bring her here with you?!” He shouted and turned back toward he town. “Whatever, it doesn’t matter, I’ll get her out.” Just as he prepared to shrink the shield, bolt of deep purple magic fired like a flare out of the crater. It impacted the shield and Shining fell to his belly, clutching his head and writhing in pain. Even Celestia’s head bowed against the unexpected power. Both of their horns lost their glow.

Nightmare watched as the shield flickered before becoming a deep purple tinged with black. She chuckled. “If it’s any consolation, she asked me to apologize to you for her for that. I’m sure if she’d known you were assisting with it, that the apology would extend to you as well, Celestia.” Celestia scowled at her, Nightmare just shrugged.

“That was Twilight?” Shining groaned as he rose to his hooves. “How? If she can do that then why wasn’t she able to escape?”

Hearing hoofsteps behind her, Nightmare turned to see Luna approaching wearing pale silver armor identical to Celestia’s. Luna said nothing so Nightmare turned back to Shining and sighed. “When I found her, she was strapped to a table, her horn broken off…”

She told them everything she’d seen and done, excluding parts of the second day and what little Twilight had told her they’d done to her and what she’d been able to infer. If Twilight wanted them to know, she’d tell them herself. When she finished, all their eyes were wide in astonishment. Shining’s gaze quickly hardened. He turned and began marching toward the town.

“Where are you going?” Nightmare asked.

“To get her out. I’ll drag her back here, if I have to,” Shining replied without stopping, his voice firm.

Luna laughed in disbelief. “She overpowered both you and my sister and wrestled control of your shield without trouble. What makes you believe you will be able to ‘drag her back’?”

“We weren’t expecting it. I will be-“

“She overpowered me.” Nightmare said. “And I was prepared. Your going in there will do more harm than good, Shining Armor. Should any harm come to you, who do you think she will blame? What do you think will happen then?”

“So what am I supposed to do?” Shining snapped and turned. “Sit here and watch and leave her alone in there with them?!”

“I would say that we are leaving them in there with her, but yes, that is exactly what you should do. She is angry, Shining Armor. She is unstable, dragging her out and back to Equestria may be the right thing to do, but it is not the best. Let her have her revenge, let her rid herself of at least some of that anger.” Her visage turned soft. “Then, when she is finished, we will be here for her. She is not broken, not completely; she is not lost to us.”

Shining slumped, hung his head in defeat, and nodded.

Nightmare turned her gaze on both Luna and Celestia. Both nodded in agreement. Satisfied, she moved past them and approached the fifth of the group. The Griffin stood alone and off to the side watching the town. He wore only a set of ornate talon guards, leaving the rest of his body unprotected; a testament to the arrogance in his belief that he could not be harmed here.

She stopped beside him, not bothering to look at him as she spoke. “King Skytalon, I have said it before and I will again: You do not belong here.”

“And as I have said before,” He replied, his voice deep, his words spoken as if he were speaking down to a lesser. “Whether they are part of my kingdom or not, they are Griffins, my people. I will see them punished properly.”

“Do you honestly think that we believe you? That you knew nothing about this place? We are not fools.”

“And yet,” he chuckled. “You have no proof. Even your kin did not go to war with us over this. So while you may not believe me, it seems those in power do.”

Nightmare laughed, low and dark. “Celestia and Luna did not invade or wage war due to potential civilian casualties on both sides. They know as well as I that you only lead us here because, otherwise, your head would roll. As for proof? If I believed for even a moment that going to war would not harm Twilight’s psyche more than you already have, I would rip your mind apart and tear the memories out in an instant, just as I did to your advisors.”

“Ah, so it is the young alicorn that is keeping my mind intact? I will have to thank her.”

A flash of light erupted in the residential area of the town, blinding all on the hill momentarily. When the light subsided, nothing was left standing. There was no earth quaking force, no sound, no warning. One moment the buildings stood, the next they were rubble. A purple streak blurred across to the business district. Up and down the alleyways and streets Twilight flew, collecting an increasing trail of Griffins that had apparently been hiding.

When she finished her search, she flew as high as the shield would allow her. The Griffins, of which Nightmare counted twenty, were held in her magic in a line. As one, their wings expanded to their full lengths. As one, twenty sets of wings were sheared off and fell to the ground. Even with the distance between them, Nightmare could hear their screams faintly.

One by one each Griffin fell to the ground, limp, the only indication that Twilight had done anything being her movement and splattering of red on the shield. When the last Griffin impacted the ground, the Business district met the same fate as the residential. Twilight then moved on to the market.

Nightmare grinned wide, bearing her fangs, when the King took a step back, it only widened. “You believe yourself to be untouchable. You believe that, since you will with get away with this that you will be able to do anything. And I am so very glad that you do. Because when you decide that one, petty, perceived slight is finally enough and you do decided to engage Equestria, I will be there.

“And I’m sure I speak for Twilight as well when I say that we will so enjoy crushing every foolish Griffin that chooses to follow you.”

The left tower flanking the central building cracked and spit in two as Twilight flew straight up it, her magical talons each leaving a purple streak behind her and whenever she swung at a Griffin as she passed, cutting though them with ease. Those that didn’t die fell with the tower as Twilight broke through the top and flew into the top of the second tower.

Other than the dust settling and Griffins leaving the main complex, armed and ready to retaliate against Twilight’s rampage, it was silent. Then a scream, magically amplified, rent the air. A Griffin flew out of one of the tower windows, followed by Twilight. By the bright purple colors and what she could make out of the ornate designs on his cloak, he was likely one of, if not the head of the complex.

His wings spread, then snapped shut before he swung back toward the tower. Upon reaching the vertex of the swing, a sickening crack resounded through the air and he went limp.

A dark, sadistic chuckle came from Twilight and Nightmare saw Luna, Celestia, and Shining Armor tense. Then the shield began to collapse and Twilight flew to the top and touched it before disappearing. Nightmare turned and began to move toward where Twilight would arrive and couldn’t help but grin as the King stood motionless, staring as the town was crushed from all side. He was tensed, likely to stop himself from shaking. His tail, however, continued to flick back and forth nervously.

Twilight appeared crouched low, wings spread, and growling, her breathing coming out in pants. Only Nightmare and Shining made to move to her, but when her eye, wild and unfocused, fell on him, he paused. Slowly, her wings folded at her sides and her eye focused on him.

“Twily, are you okay?” A pointless question, but Nightmare couldn’t fault him. “You look – I mean, Nightmare told us how she found you, but – “

“I’m fine, Shiny.”

“But-“ he stepped closer and raised a hoof to touch the bare skin on the left side of Twilight’s face. Most of the scarring was gone, but she still had no feeling on that half.

She gently lowered his hoof with her own and smiled softly. “I’m fine, really.”

“But what was that?” He threw a hoof out, pointing to where the town used to be, now just a purple bubble draining dust and dirt from a hole in the bottom into a crater where the town used to be. “And that?” He finished, pointing to the metallic collar around her neck.

“The results of an experiment.”


She wrapped his neck in a hug. “Thank you for coming here. It means more than you know. “

Shining hesitated for a moment, another question on his tongue before sighing and returning the hug. “Of course, you’re welcome.”

Twilight looked over his shoulder at Celestia and Luna and smiled. “Thank you both, too.”

Luna acknowledged it with a nod, but Celestia said, “Twilight, I apologize for how long it took us. We couldn’t-“

“Don’t,” Twilight sighed and released her brother. “Nightmare told me everything. I understand.” She chuckled lightly. “I hope I didn’t hurt either of you too much when I took control of the shield.” Both simply shook their heads in response, but Celestia shot another scowl at Nightmare. Nightmare just smiled innocently.

Twilight’s gaze eventually fell on the Griffin King, still standing away from the group, scowling at them. His scowl only deepened when Twilight approached him with Nightmare against her side, supporting her weak legs. “I never did get to thank you for the feast you set up for my escort and I,” Twilight said casually. Before he could reply, she continued.

“Though that’s probably how you got me here in the first place. I spent some time trying to figure out which dish or drink you must have poisoned-“

Nightmare fought hard to keep the grin off her face as the King’s hackles rose and scowl deepened even further at the offense, and that Twilight didn’t bow or even address him. “This is all you have to say? Petty insults on my chefs? I will tell you as I have told your kin: I had nothing to do with your capture and imprisonment,” He growled back.

Twilight laughed, but lowered her voice. “So, all the times the researchers were told to report their findings to the King, they weren’t referring to you? And when the head told me that, ‘The King will have your head for this’, before I threw him through the window, that you are not the King he was referring to?” Twilight chuckled as his talons dug into the earth. “Now, now, you wouldn’t want to attack me here, with proper witnesses, would you?

“Just stand there and keep looking indignant, wouldn’t want them to think something might be wrong. Yeah, just like that, perfect.” Twilight’s raised her voice enough for the others hear again. “I haven’t been able to figure it out yet; everything tasted like rotting garbage.”

With that, Twilight turned away, Nightmare leading her away from the group.

“This is insulting!” Skytalon shouted. “Celestia, this is how you allow your apprentices to act toward royalty?!”

Celestia regarded him for a moment before looking around. “According to you, this land is not claimed by any race. It has no hierarchy and no laws. That being said, I see no royalty here, only five ponies and a griffin. She has done nothing wrong, perhaps besides being a little rude, but under the circumstances – and as I am not her mother – I will let it pass.” She turned her gaze back to the King. “Unless you wish to claim this land as your own. Then I may scold her.”

Skytalon made to reply but quickly caught his tongue. After fuming for a time he glared at Celestia. “No, it is not part of our territories. But, this will not be the last time we speak of this.”

A loud, mocking laugh came from Luna. “Please, do bring it up during our next meeting. I would love to see how both councils react to the knowledge that you nearly dammed your people for the sake of your pride.”

After attempting to sputter a reply, Skytalon took flight, leaving the five ponies to themselves.

“Right,” Celestia sighed. “We should return to Canterlot. I’m sure Cadance and Blueblood are close to losing their minds by now. Twilight?” Celestia called as she approached her. Twilight turned her head, but didn’t shout back. Stopping next to her, Celestia asked, “The skin on your face has healed, but I assume the nerves are still dead?” Twilight nodded.

Celestia smiled and lit her horn. “I should be able to repair the damage when we get back, it’s the least I can do for you.” In a flash of sunlight, the five ponies disappeared, on their way back to Canterlot.

I'm sober and I don't hate the title Broken, so that's staying.

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Word count: 3,484
New Prompt:Passion

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Just know that, no matter how bad you think you are at singing, I sound like I'm begging to be put down when I sing. So you'll at least do better than I ever could.

Also, claiming Crazy.


"Pinkie, tell me again why you woke me up in the middle of the bucking night and dragged me to Twilight's castle?!" Rainbow Dash groused.

"Because, silly," Pinkie bounced. Her voice was actually bouncy. Dash groaned as Pinkie lowered her voice, whispering conspiratorially. "Twilight's been acting really weird whenever she's around Nightmare Moon. She's always running off to see her, she walks really close to her when they're together." Pinkie sidled up next to Dash, rubbing against her side for emphasis.

"And she's always unfocused when Nightmare's around." Pinkie's irises moved to opposite sides of her eyes "And she's always sighing like this." she sighed dreamily. Quickly, her eyes shot back to Dash and her visage turned stern, determined. "Twilight is never unfocused! It's our duty as her friends to find out what's going on and to make sure Black Snooty doesn't have her under some sort of spell to make her all crazy!" Pinkie exclaimed triumphantly.

"I saw Nightmare go into her castle earlier and she still hasn't come out. We're going to find out why."


"Now," Pinkie said as she clambered onto Rainbow's back. "Lift me up to that window with the light coming out of it."

"Why don't I just fly up there and look myself?" Dash grumbled as she adjusted her wings.

"Well, they're probably not looking out the window-"

"Right, so just let me-"

"But! When you see something out of the corner of your eye, what's more likely to catch your attention, something still or something moving, like wings flapping?"

Dash sputtered for a moment before sighing. She had to give her that one. "That actually makes sense. For as much as your entire idea makes sense, at least."

"Exactly!" Pinkie patted Dash on the head. "Just leave all the thinking to me, Dashie, and I'll get you through unscathed!"

Dash didn't respond, but took solace in the surprised squeal from the mare on her back as she launched herself straight up without warning. Stopping abruptly, with Pinkie's head just above the bottom of the window, Dash asked, "Well? See anything?"
Pinkie hummed for a moment. "Not really, the light's coming from a candle, but I can't see- oh! There's Nightmare Moon. She's on a bed, this must be a guest room. Pretty snazzy for a guest room, too.

"Wait, I can hear someone else. It sounds like Twilight, but I've never..."

Dash fidgeted as Pinkie trailer off into silence. A few moments later, she felt Pinkir tug her mane up, and rose high enough to see into the window.

A moment later, she shot to the ground and shook Pinkie off her back, blushing furiously. "Well, I guess you were right, Nightmare is definitely driving her crazy," Dash chuckled uneasily.

"Yep! I'm always right! You'd think ponies would understand that by now," Pinkie giggled and started to bounce back toward Sugar Cube Corner.

Dash looked back up at the window, then to Pinkie, before setting off back toward the town, intent on finding a pony who knew a memory wiping spell. Or at least one who knew of a drink with the same potency.

First time claiming a prompt without actually having a solid idea and pulling it off the top of my head. I think it shows. :facehoof:

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Word count: 523
New Prompt: Eidolon

Prompt: Persecution
“What is this place?” Twilight asked looking around trying to finding her bearings after exiting a teleport from Nightmare.

She had been in her home waiting for Nightmare to return, what she did not anticipate was Nightmare whisking her off to some unknown place. Looking around she could that she was standing on a weathered stone platform that still looked in fairly good condition in spite of its suspected age. There were a few small bushes and sparse trees around the stone platform, but beyond that there did not seem to be much else.

“Long ago this place was of great significance to me,” Nightmare replied as she moved ahead through the thick foliage. “This is merely the entrance; the actual destination is just ahead.”

Twilight followed behind her as Nightmare led the way through a winding path of roughly laid stones that form cut through the thick foliage. “I would have appreciated a warning that you were going to take me somewhere,” Twilight commented.

“There is something I wish to show you unfortunately I had thought the date would be later not sooner. Had we waited then it would have been some time more before this happens again. I do apologize for not forewarning you, but I believe you may appreciate what you shall see.” Nightmare said calmly in response to Twilight’s comment.

Twilight looked ahead to see that the trees were gone and that the ground was lined with even more stone however these stones were of a darker colouration than the ones she had seen earlier. She felt a hoof rest on her back and she paused to see that she and Nightmare were standing overlooking a deep valley. Nightmare indicated towards the valley. Down below Twilight could see a thick forest and towards the center of the valley the trees were broken up the presence of a few columns of dark stone rising up from below.

“Is that building below us in the valley a temple or a shrine?” Twilight asked. “The spires I can see remind me of images I’ve seen of old temples.”

“It was a temple, a temple dedicated to me.” Nightmare said.

“I thought you said all of your temples and shrines were gone destroyed by others in the centuries since you left this sphere,” Twilight said as she looked at her companion.

Nightmare shook her head, “This is the last that remain. At its peak it was the grandest temple dedicated to me. However it is of another greater significance, this was the last sanctum. My followers were never well liked by other outsiders and in the wake of my fall from power they took it upon themselves to hunt my followers to their very last.”

“So they all fled here,” Twilight commented. “Although why here? Is there something special about this place?”

Nightmare nodded, “This temple was well hidden, more than another. By teleportation we have bypassed the defences around this sacred place. To reach here one needs to find the entrance which in itself is well hidden, but as well one needed a guide who could bring them through a long tunnel that devours light. The darkness and hidden pitfalls made navigation difficult, as well approach from above was likewise well guarded. Not even teleportation magics work here, the unusual rock this valley is hidden behind not to mention the copious numbers of runes would destroy anyone who attempts to do so, but the only exception is my magic that is able to bypass the protections.”

“The last of your followers fled here, to the last safe place they had,” Twilight commented. “I know that at least a few small colonies have survived and are now the ones who have pledged to serve Luna as her Lunar Guards.”

Nightmare nodded and began leading the way down into the valley. “Those who serve in the Lunar Guards are a small number of the already small population. There were always so few Lunars when compared to how numerous the Solars are; my worshippers were mostly Lunars although a few outsiders such as a few sympathetic Solars did join us.”

“So what makes tonight so special?” Twilight asked as they walked deeper in the dark valley.

“The moon almost never shines in here; the way this place was built prevented the moon form shining down too often. One may be able to glimpse the moon once during the whole year and on that one night a year; it is a time of celebration dedicated to their patron Goddess. However what is even rarer is seeing the Moon is directly overhead reflecting an almost golden light, that event occurs perhaps once every ten years or so. On those special years when the light reflected down is an almost golden it makes the temple shine. There is a special crystal which gathers the rare moonlight and uses it bring light to the temples and that rare night more moonlight can be gathered to store for the years to come.”

“That’s tonight?” Twilight asked guessing to why Nightmare seemed so hurried to bring her here.

“Indeed it is, but there is something more,” Nightmare commented. “Look ahead of us, there you shall see why I wish to bring you here tonight.”

Twilight looked up to realize that ahead was a dim light and rounding the last turn in the path she could now see why. The temple that Nightmare had pointed out could been seen n the distance, but before here were stone buildings crafted out of the same dark materials used elsewhere. The streets were filled with Ponies, but not ones that she usually saw. “I never thought about visiting a place like this, but from what I can see, I would think that this is one of the Lunar colonies.” Twilight said as she saw that all the Ponies with darken colours and slit eyes.

Nightmare smiled, “Not a colony, no this is the Lunar city, the capital if you prefer. A place founded by the Lunars who fled to escape persecution. Allow me to welcome you to the Lunaris Sanctuarium and we are here for their annual festival to the Moon. However as you have guessed, tonight is particularly special as tonight is that special night and my return has prompted for a grander celebration than what would be usually held. This is a special festival held in honour of the Moon,, but also in honour of their Patron and their Goddess. I wished to show you this place, lost that it has been to the world, so come so that we may enjoy this night.”

I think this works, maybe.

New Prompt: Frozen

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I wish my followers and readers a Happy New Year, and hope I can respond to you in the next couple of weeks.

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I See Stars.

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Claiming Frozen

Zere vill be no building of ze snowmen.


Twilight sat just inside the exit to the balcony attached to her bedroom, her eye pressed against the eyepiece of her telescope.

“Luna really outdid herself tonight,” she muttered to herself. It didn’t surprise her, Luna made sure that this night, every year, that the skies were clear. The moon, ever present in the sky was dimmed in comparison to the stars, each one belonging to a constellation brighter than the others.

Her stargazing was interrupted by a dull thud just underneath the balcony. Probably just a pile of snow falling off the roof, she thought as she stepped onto the balcony, into the crisp winter night air. No pony in their right mind would be out here. It’s got to be below freezing! Shivering, she looked down over the railing. At the top of the steps leading to the castle’s main entrance, she could just make out the shape of a pony lying in the snow.

With a gasp, she teleported herself just before the doors and pulled them open. She quickly summoned a gust of wind to clear the snow off the landing and the pony. She could only stare at the pony lying there.

Nightmare Moon was on her side, one forehoof bent and extended, eyes nearly closed, lips quivering. Her entire body was shaking, shivering in a vain attempt to preserve some of its heat. Looking out over the snow covered path leading to the castle, she could see hoofprints leading back toward Ponyville.

Why would she walk? Her internal question was answered by something pressed against the underside of Nightmare’s wing, pushing a few feathers up.

Luna and Celestia had believed that Nightmare Moon wasn’t destroyed by the Elements, but as she had not shown so much as a feather after Luna had been restored, they’d had no reason to search her out. She attempted to lift the wing out of the way, thinking the item could possibly a weapon of some sort, but the wing wouldn’t budge, held firm against Nightmare’s body.

Lifting Nightmare gently in in her magic, she pulled her into the castle and shut the doors before teleporting them both back to her room, where her fireplace was already lit, providing her warmth while she stargazed.

She set the shivering alicorn in front of the hearth and laid across from her after covering her with the coverings from her bed. Twilight sighed as Nightmare’s eyes fully closed and weighed her options.

I could contact Celestia. But that would involve waking Spike and if I’ve learned anything over the years, that’s an effort in futility. Besides, she hasn’t done anything to warrant involving the Princesses. I could let her recover here, but… She watched Nightmare silently, attempting to come up with a good reason to not allow her to stay. When five minutes passed with no reasonable reason in sight and Nightmare still shivering, she stood and lifted the blankets before settling next to her and placing them back over both of them, to aid in the recovery of Nightmare’s body heat with her own.

Fifteen minutes passed before Nightmare’s shivering stopped and a full hour before she stirred, her eyes half-lidded and unfocused. “Good, you’re awake,” Twilight sighed. “Are you feeling okay?”

Nightmare regarded her out of the corner of her eye, though she showed no recognition and she didn’t speak directly to Twilight. “I could certainly feel better, but as I have not been frozen as an ice sculpture, I cannot complain.” She turned her head, eyes scanning the room, never focusing on anything. “Would you be so kind as to tell me where I am?”

Twilight cocked her head and raised an eyebrow. Maybe she wasn’t okay. “You passed out outside of my castle –“


“– You were freezing, so I brought you to my room to warm you up.” Nightmare’s eyes widened and focused. Twilight prepared a teleport before continuing. “Why did you come here anyway?”

Nightmare tensed for only a moment before relaxing. With a sigh she said, “I have been… watching you for a time.” At Twilight’s confused look, she quickly added, “Not in that way, I assure you. More so I have been admiring you.” Nightmare sighed. “That sounds no better does it?”

Twilight shifted uncomfortably. “No, it doesn’t. But I think I understand what you mean. Still, why did you come here?”

“I noticed that you were spending this night alone and thought perhaps you might welcome company.”

Twilight blinked at that. Even with Nightmare being at most half-conscious, it had been nice just laying with the black alicorn. “But why did you walk here? It’s the middle of winter, the dead of night, and it’s freezing. You couldn’t have thought it was a good idea to walk?”

Nightmare turned away and chuckled. “I have spent most of my time apart from Luna recovering in a mist form. Would you believe me if I said I got lost in my thoughts?” She laughed. “To think I would be brought low twice by the elements.”

“Then why didn’t you fly? Or come in that form?”

Nightmare said nothing, but shifted her wing and tucked her head under it. Seeing the softness in Nightmare’s eye caused Twilight to drop the framework of her teleport from her mind as she extracted the item – a small rectangular tan box bound in crossed purple silk, tied in a bow in the center – and set it between Twilight’s hooves. “Either would have made carrying this difficult.”

Twilight started to ask why she hadn’t carried it with magic when hers simply slipped off the box. “A small oversight, glaringly obvious in hindsight,” Nightmare chuckled.

Twilight stared at the box for a moment before asking, “But why bring anything at all?”

“Is it not tradition to give others a gift on this day?”

“Yeah, but I don’t –“

Nightmare cut her off. “I do not expect anything in exchange.”

Twilight nodded before carefully untying the bow and slipping the silk off the box. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Nightmare pointedly looking straight ahead. Inside the box was a worn, leather bound tome. It had no title or author on the cover. “What is this?” She asked, nearly quivering with excitement. It looked old, it smelled old.

“It is a written account of the Unification of the Three Tribes, from someone who was there.” Nightmare said, her eye darting back and forth between Twilight and the wall ahead of them.

Twilight stared at the book for a moment longer before replacing the lid and setting it off to the side. She’d need to make sure it was properly protected before even beginning to read it. She stared at Nightmare for a few moments before a small smile formed. “You wrote it, didn’t you?”

Still looking ahead, Nightmare nodded. She tensed when she felt Twilight nuzzled the base of her neck. “Thank you, it’s wonderful,” Twilight said after pulling away.

They laid there in silence for a while, listening to the crackling of the fire. Finally, Twilight spoke sleepily. “This was nice, Nightmare, thank you for coming tonight.”

With a smile, Nightmare said, “Thank you for allowing me to stay.”

“And Nightmare?” Twilight continued with a yawn.


Twilight laid her head across Nightmare’s hooves. “Happy Hearth’s Warming.”

Nightmare gently laid her neck across Twilight’s. “Happy Hearth’s Warming, Twilight.”

Something something always some form of drama :rainbowlaugh:

Word Count: 1,231
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