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Three months after the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows, the cloud city of New Pegas has emerged as one of the great powers in the wastes, a fully independent city run by a mare named Eden and a pre-war computer program named High Horse. The two have successfully driven back the forces vying for control of the great pre-war city and have begun to work towards lasting peace in the region.

However, one day, Eden receives a letter from an unknown sender, pleading for her help in the unexplored Equestrian Northwest. Her quest takes her across the continental divide to the sunken city of Tall Tale, where she finds an impossible mare and a threat that could destroy her fragile peace... as well as everything else in Equestria.

This story takes place in the universe of Kkat's Fallout: Equestria, and thus contains spoilers for the ending of that story.

Chapters (4)

When they were young, Big Mac and Cheerilee stumbled across a spot in the orchards that they made all their own.

From friends to lovers to nothing at all, their spot was always there.

Two decades later, the two meet there by accident and end up having a long overdue conversation about their past relationship and what their future might hold.

Chapters (1)