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Noxus and Demacia's feud has taken new heights as both the opposite forces of Valoran have broken their Champion contracts with the Institute of War, and are now expanding their battlefields into new, unknown territories. On the Noxian side, LeBlanc, with the aid of several of Noxus' top dark mages, have discovered a portal leading to another dimension where their grip of evil can extend. At the same time on Demacia's side, Luxanna Crownguard and her light mages discover the same, and without further ado sends in a team comprised of her older brother, Garen Crownguard, the Night Hunter Vayne, and several of the Dauntless Vanguard to seek possible allies in this new world.

The world in question? Equestria, and the lands beyond.

Structure of the world beyond Equestria is based on a fan-made map made by the amazing Hlissner. Note that I am NOT going to draw anything from his own Fan Fiction, Where the World Ends. I am only using his map as a means of reference. The map belongs to him.

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