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June Updates + Art · 2:22am Jun 1st, 2022

Just a couple of quick personal notes before we get too far into this; first of all, I've graduated. Majors in History and Anthropology, minors in Classics and Women's & Gender Studies, and Cum Laude to boot, so overall I'm quite proud of that. I'm already set to start on my Master's in the fall as well.

Other thing, thing which is going to impact my writing schedule, is that I've got a full-time summer job helping my dad with the planting and growing seasons on the farm, so updates may be a little less frequent than usual. That being said, I'm about halfway into the next chapter of The Sunset Archives and I only have a couple more to go after that, so I'm hopeful that I'll be finished with this first part of TSSA by July. Then I'll hopefully be able to finish up Played On Strings before I dive into TSSA part two.

Final thing, I did a bit of an art challenge this past month. Again. I have a truly shocking number of them planned out, honestly. This was "Horrible Things We Say May," where I took a selection of the deranged quotes my friends and I have actually said in conversation. So, here's a selection of some of my favorites. (Content warning for some body horror, rot)

“this is the look I mean” [flips around computer to show a bluescreen]

“Scientifically ethical is just another word for lame.”

(Featuring the Rani!)

"You’re telling me Colonel Sanders gets a dating sim, but not Cthulhu and his boys?"

(Yes I do know now that there is an eldritch dating sim, but I didn't know then)

“This is me digging into my sci-fi horror protagonist inner self.”

(Planning on doing a series of individual covers for each chapter of The Sunset Archives)

"This is some eldritch bullshit."
"So long as it didn't come from an eldritch bull! [...] That actually looks a lot like an eldritch bull and I'm upset now."

“My favorite way of preserving my corpse would be getting launched into space.”

(Sunset Archives covers part II)

]"It turns out the real assholes were the friends we made along the way"

(My friend group's Monster of the Week characters, featuring Cyrus the reluctant Chosen, Helena the sweet Spooky, Daisy the soccer mom Monstrous, Paula the distrustful Stranded and her not-dog, Sidekick, Enya the accident-prone Spell-Slinger, and Nema Tode the overly friendly Parasite (formerly Alfred the Crooked).)

"Let's play dolls! Let's play tag! Let's play GOD!"

“If anyone is a poor little meow meow, it’s Jonathan ‘Catboy’ Sims”

(I call this piece 'Head Nyarchivist')

“I think it’s time to face facts; it’s time to kill the Sun”

(Manuela Dominguez kinnies rise up)

“No Gender, Only the Grave.”


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So congratulations on your graduation! From a fellow Post Grad to another, best of luck on the masters. It gets tougher from here. But you got this.

Wow quite the Renaissance person! Congrats on college and best of luck with grad school and the farm and writing and drawing and all that

Congratulations! Here's hoping your postgrad experience goes smoothly.

I love how that representation of the Crawling Chaos communicates both eldritch horror and utter nerd, and the Scooby-Doo style emulation on your MotW group is outstanding. And Dinky is, as ever, best filly.

So many heartfelt congrats! Onward and upward, as they say. :twilightsmile:

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