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    Jan-Mar 2024 Art Dump


    Time Ram - Terror of the Crablikes!

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    Supermassive 2023 Art Dump

    So! Back. Not dead. Big surprise. Life's been kinda hectic for awhile now for a variety of reasons I won't go too much into, but I've had a nice long break and am feeling ready to get back to a semi-regular writing schedule! However, I have still been doing art for the past,,, six months, has it really been that long? Jeez. So, here's a big ol' pile of stuff that I haven't shared here, by month.

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    Hues of June Week 3

    Hues of June 18a - Flesh!Big Macintosh
    (Spoilered for body horror)
    Nothing like a hard day’s work to get up an appetite.
    tbh, this might be one of the best things I’ve ever drawn in terms of anatomy and shading.

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    Hues of June Week 2

    You know what time it is!

    Hues of June 11a - Eye!Sunset

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    Hues of June Week 1

    That's right, it's time for another art month, this time featuring a bit of character art for the Sunset Archives!

    Hues of June 1a: Vast!Washouts

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Supermassive 2023 Art Dump · 5:39am January 15th

So! Back. Not dead. Big surprise. Life's been kinda hectic for awhile now for a variety of reasons I won't go too much into, but I've had a nice long break and am feeling ready to get back to a semi-regular writing schedule! However, I have still been doing art for the past,,, six months, has it really been that long? Jeez. So, here's a big ol' pile of stuff that I haven't shared here, by month. Alternately, since there are more images here than there ought, here's a link to my art gallery on tumblr.

(The last week of) Hues of June

Hues of June 25a - Buried Maud
I am gray.
Like a rock.
Which entombs me.
There are walls.
Made of rock.
Which compress me.
They are rough.
Rough like rock.
Which erodes me.
It is tight.
Held in rock.
Which cocoons me.
I am gray.
Like a rock.
Which I am.

Hues of June 25b
TARDIS Tarot - 2 of Cups: Ben & Polly in The Moonbase

Hues of June 26a - Web!Trixie
Smoke and mirrors, classic misdirection, the Web always keeps your Eyes looking only at what it wants. You won’t notice the hand slipping into your pocket if you’re too busy watching those rabbits spilling out of a hat, and you won’t find what’s been planted on you until the magician sees fit to reveal it. And for her next trick…

Hues of June 26b - Paula & Sidekick
My friend’s Monster of the Week character, playing as the Stranded. After being trapped in an icy hellscape for an indefinite amount of time, the only survivor when her train slipped into another world entirely, Paula is paranoid and distrustful. On the bright side, she did get a weird dog!

Hues of June 27a - Vast!Rainbow Dash
Speed. You can only be free by going fast enough, letting the world dissolve into a blur, and then streaks of light, and then nothing at all. Nothing but the infinite road stretching out before you and the eternal blue-black sky overhead. Everything else, everything left behind, it isn’t gone, but it’s so small and far away that it may as well be. It’s just you, your car, and the force of your own velocity.

Hues of June 28a - Hunt!Sonata
The children of the night, what beautiful music they make…

Hues of June 28b
TARDIS Tarot - Page of Cups: Susan Foreman in The Sensorites

Hues of June 29a - Equestria Girls-ified Martin Blackwood
Oh, what a Lonely boy.

Hues of June 30a - End!Juniper Montage
All the world’s a stage, and everyone has their final scene sometime. The film is spun, it is measured, and at long last it is cut.

Hues of June 30b
Art for the Time Ram episode ‘The Sea Turloughs’! The Master claims to be reformed, but the Doctor has his doubts. The ancient aquatic Sea Devils are stirring from the depths and threatening to topple humanity’s grip on the world. Will the Doctor be able to defeat this prehistoric menace? Can Turlough actually assassinate Mr. Creosote? And who does have the best telephone voice in the TARDIS? Featuring Helen Mirren as Col. Trenchard!

July: Art Fight won't let me insert the images properly so I'll just link 'em.
Anadvora Aspects
The Spider and the Snake


TARDIS Tarot - The Moon: 6th Doctor in The Twin Dilemma

Raripunk wallpaper, design vaguely inspired by Spider-Punk’s magazine collage vibes.

The Minotaur scene from The Game of Rassilon’s ‘Perfection’

TMA Tarot
Page of Swords - MAG 144: Decrypted
Image isn't loading, link here


Reimagining of an old Garfield comic but it's my favorite disaster father-daughter time-travel team

TARDIS Tarot - 5 Swords: The Master in The Daemons, The Deadly Assassin, the TV Movie, The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar, and Power of the Doctor

A little bit of self-indulgent birthday art of my alicorn OC as an Avatar of the Eye.

Creeptober - My personal annual Halloween art challenge!

1 - Something Burned
1 Wands/MAG 089 - Twice as Bright
“At first I channelled this new energy into my job and my relationship. Gretchen and I had never been happier as I moved from one success to the next. I think she realised there was something else going on, though…
All this time I was serving my god, but only for my own glory. But with each new gift, each renewal of the fire, I saw how lifeless and hollow it was, how grey and ashen my existence had become. It became clear that, where once I had destroyed to fuel my life, I now lived for the pain that I caused.”

Creeptober 2 - Faceless Ones
Cover for the Sunset Archives chapter 20 - ’Only a Drill
“Statement of Gilda Gruff, regarding an active shooter drill.”

Creeptober Day 3 - Transformation
After a certain depth, you’ve got to worry about more than just the bends.

Creeptober 4 - Envy Your Dead
Knight of Discs/MAG 152 - A Gravedigger’s Envy
“There are some nights I find myself easily slipping to dreamless respite, though you’ll think me a morbid soul for it. Those days I spent digging graves in the churchyard – on those nights I sleep, if you’ll forgive the joke, the sleep of the dead.
I’ve never quite known a rest like it. Perhaps it is the harder, more physical aspect of the task, or perhaps the quiet rhythm of it. There’s no echo as there is in the church, just the sound of pick and shovel hitting dirt. And when it’s deep enough, when you stand at the bottom, the noise of the world just… fades away to nothing. It is the sort of quiet that makes you feel as though the commotion and hubbub of life were but a terrible dream, and in sleeping you were waking up to peace.”

Creeptober 5 - No One Goes In, No One Comes Out
Cover for the Sunset Archives chapter 16 - Unlocked
“Statement of Ditzy Doo, regarding her rescue by the entity known as ‘Screwball’.”
Image isn't loading, link here

Creeptober 6 - Chill in the Air
Queen of Swords/MAG 108 - Monologue
“Yes, I am aware that normally there is – unless something has gone badly wrong – an audience, or at the very least other actors with which to trade dialogue. And that’s fine. But that is not what I live for. I live for the monologue: when all others fade away and the light tightens on me, excluding all else.
Have you ever had stage lights in your eyes? The brightness steals everything else, and if it’s strong enough, you can look out into the audience and see nothing at all. Just you.”
Image isn't loading, link here

Creeptober 7 - The Man Who Fell to Earth
The Tower/The Eighth Doctor in Ancestor Cell
I had a lot of options to pick from here; Eight gets absolutely put through the wringer for basically his entire existence. I thought that the book where he loses his planet, his memory, his friends, and his ship, then wanders the Earth alone for a century, was probably the best example.

Creeptober 8 - Monument
5 of Cups/MAG 180 - Moving On
“You want to scream at them, curse them all for hypocrites. How can they not smell the blood she spilled? The path of scars and pain she left behind her every minute of her life? She was a monster, brutal and unrepentant.
‘She was…,’ you begin, a heavy pause before your voice betrays you. ‘The most kind and loving person I ever had the wonderful fortune to meet. Each life she touched was left brighter and more beautiful for her presence. She was… an angel.’”
Image isn't loading, link here

Creeptober 9 - Dizzying Heights
Cover for the Sunset Archives chapter 17 - Daredevil
“Statement of Cloudchaser Stratus, regarding a dare to climb the water tower on the south side of town.”

Creeptober 10 - Against the Clock
Scene from The Game of Rassilon episode ‘Universe on Fire’

Creeptober 11 - Something Lost
Cover for the Sunset Archives chapter 18 - Down the Garden Path
“Original recordings of visitors to the Canterlot High School garden.”

Creeptober 12 - Obsession
10 of Cups/MAG 102 - Nesting Instinct
“I watched this new person go about their happy life for almost an entire night before I finally decided that I simply had to ask him what had happened. At first he appeared puzzled by my question, but when I told him how much happier he seemed, his smile grew wide. He leaned in close to me and looked around playfully, as if pretending to check for eavesdroppers. “A woman,” he said at last, “François, I am in love. And she loves me!” And then, without warning he grabbed me with both arms and pulled me into a short embrace, which I was simply too stunned to resist."

Creeptober 13 - Dragonfire

Creeptober 14 - Probing Look
Judgement/MAG 193 - A Stern Look
“He recognises those eyes. He’s seen them all his life, watching him, judging him, cutting through him so no part of him was secret or safe. They peel away the armour, his carefree smile and practiced shrugs. They are the eyes of his father, and they stare at Elias over an old mahogany desk, sat in the face of a man who said his name was James Wright. His interviewer smiles with his mouth, but the eyes are the same.”
“So tell me, Elias. What are you afraid of?”

Creeptober 15 - Bees
A little preview of an upcoming plotline I’m toying with for The Sunset Archives, featuring a Hunt-aligned Shining Armor setting out to find new hives for his Corruption-aligned fiancee to fill.

Creeptober 16 - Out of Place
Cover for the Sunset Archives chapter 15 - Void
“Statement of Star Tracker, regarding inaccuracies at the Starswirl Planetarium.”

Creeptober 17 - Ashes
Knight of Wands/MAG 43 - Section 31
“The fireman just sort of nods to him, and I realise for the first time the bald guy’s saying something. Not loud, but intensely. I mean, this was years ago, so I don’t remember exactly what he was saying, but it definitely involved the words “cleansing fire”, “all shall be ash” and the name Asag, which I later learned is some kind of Sumerian demon. So that’s fun.”

Creeptober 18 - Broken Trust
Cover for the Sunset Archives chapter 14 - Screwball
“Statement of Erasmus Q. Discord, regarding a series of encounters with his daughter.”

Creeptober 19 - Academia
Temperance/MAG 161 - Dwelling
“You are entering a new world, a place I’ve lived for most of my life. A place… A place that will often demand a high price from you. Pay it without hesitation, because one way or another, the world is now on your shoulders.
I wish I had more time to explain it to you. But time is short, and hopefully my actions tonight will ensure that this tape never needs to see the light of day.
But if you are hearing it, then – good luck. Do what you have to do.”

Creeptober 20 - Shimmering Bubbles
Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of void shall keep this mailmare from her appointed rounds.
As a friend of mine once noted, “Yog-Sothoth’s most common manifestation is as a “conglomeration of glowing spheres,” sometimes compared to a series of “iridescent soap bubbles,”” so it and Ditzy have that much in common.
Image isn't loading, link here

Creeptober 21 - Something Broken
10 of Discs/MAG 181 - Ignorance
Image isn't loading, link here

Creeptober 22 - Premonitions
Cover for the Sunset Archives chapter 12 - Cut
“Statement of Juniper Montage, regarding a slasher film she found.”

Creeptober 23 - Hi-Tech Terror
s4 - Martin and the Extinction
“The Extinction is… different. It’s – active; it will seek to create a lifeless world, in a way that none of the other powers ever would. Some interpretations suggest it might replace us with something new – that can then fear annihilation in turn.” (MAG 134)
“So. So what; what does it mean? Am I supposed to be reassured that new entities can be born, that there’s some – some kind of precedent for the Extinction?” (MAG 138)

I'm just gonna link the animated one
Creeptober 24 - Crack of Dawn
Or perhaps I should say, ‘Break of Day’?

Creeptober 25 - Insignificant
The Sun: MAG 151 - Big Picture
“Days, weeks I would spend, focusing so intently on these patches of clear sky or swirling cloud at the top of his latest self-proclaimed masterpiece. And gradually it sort of, um, drew me in, until it seemed to dwarf the rest of the work. Every stroke of the brush felt larger than my entire existence. And when I finally lost my footing, well…
I should, of course, have fallen to the floor of the church, broken my neck. But that blue-painted sky welcomed me with open arms. And I never looked back.”

Creeptober 26 - Hanging Tree
The Tower: MAG 008 - Burned Out
“People had always whispered about Agnes, but now the whispers got nasty. Nasty enough that when smoke was seen pouring out of the old Fielding house a week after little Henry disappeared, no-one did a thing. No-one phoned the fire brigade or tried to help. They just watched. Agnes must not have phoned for assistance either, as by the time the fire trucks arrived, there was nothing left to save."

Creeptober 26 - Inner Demons
Justice: MAG 179 - Accomplice
Image isn't loading, link here

Creeptober 28 - Radio Signal
Cover for the Sunset Archives chapter 13 - Lost to the Beat
“Statement of Vinyl Scratch, regarding a radio station.“

Spoilered for some body horror

Creeptober 29 - Fresh Meat
The Empress: MAG 171 - The Gardener
“Look at this. It’s like you’re trying to grow ugly. That won’t do. You’re better than that. Not to worry friend; no harm done. Just a bit of pruning will set you right. Should sort you right out. Soon you’ll be good as new. Better, even. You just need to – reach down inside and – really feel that fear. Let it guide how you grow. You’ll feel it in your – heh - Bones.

Creeptober Day 29 - Tattoo
TMA Furry AU - Tiger Jude Perry (with bonus Fire Salamander Agnes Montague)

Creeptober 31 - Something Buried
Cover for the Sunset Archives chapter 19 - Holding
“Statement of Pinkie Pie, regarding her family-run rock quarry, and the involvement of its mascot in said family’s disappearance.”

Time Ramvent: My art challenge where I celebrate 60 years of Doctor Who by drawing fan art for a podcast that rams Doctors into Doctor Who stories that don’t belong to them. I've attached links on each to posts with various alts.

Time Ramvent Day 1: Attack of the Hartnell
Today’s episode is William Hartnell’s ‘Attack of the Cybermen’, in which Ian and Barbara are considerably better than Stratton and Bates, the viewers’ heads explode from all the Cyberman lore being dumped on them, and the Cybermen’s heads explode from the Doctor bludgeoning them to a gruesome red pulp. Slaughter-aligned First Doctor for the win.

Time Ramvent Day 2: Jolly Good Bottom
William Hartnell’s take on the ‘Empty Child/The Doctor Dances’. Or, more accurately, ‘The Empty Child / Air Raid / Hospital of Fear / Volcano Day/ Unexploded Bomb / The Doctor Dances’. Thrill at the introduction of the handsome Captain Steven Taylor! Chill at some genuine brat of acting in a gas mask filled with the eyes covered up! Weep at the reunion between Nancy and her… son? Would they do that in the '60s? Oh dear…

Time Ramvent Day 3: The Jewell Inside
William Hartnell’s ‘The Return of Dr. Mysterio’!
dear reader! Thank you for purchasing this edition of the final run of Super Ben-Man comics,
For the first time, witness Ben’s origin story, his first encounter with the enigmatic traveler to whom he owes his powers, manifested by
Now, however, Dr. Mysterio’s arrival, along with his new sidekick, 'Dodo’, heralds a dismal and deadly plot for the future of humanity. Well, it can’t be worse than Liz Truss, eh? To stop this malign alien scheme, however, Ben-Man must risk it all – and to make matters worse, sweet Polly Wright is getting dangerously close to uncovering Ben-Man’s secret identity. Will our hero survive with his secret intact? Can he stop the invasion of Harmony Shoal and their malevolent Morpho-Brains? And why does that robot look like Donald Pleasence? Read on, dear reader, and remember;
Image isn't loading, link here

Time Ramvent Day 4: Freshwater Troughtons of Mars
It’s Patrick Troughton’s ‘Waters of Mars,’ a perfectly standard Second Doctor story with a base under siege, Ice Warriors, and an excess of foam. The Time Lord Victorious? Oh my giddy aunt!

Time Ramvent Day 5: Mission to Department S
Today’s Doctor is Jon Pertwee, and today’s story is ‘Mission to the Unknown’. You know, the story that famously doesn’t have the Doctor or any companions in it. So now there’s a bunch of famous actors, Varga plants, clams, and alien weirdos instead! Hooray!

Time Ramvent Day 6: Cinema Veritas
Today, it’s Jon Pertwee in ‘Extremis’ – the Master faces his execution, the Doctor faces an existential crisis, and the Brigadier faces VATIPUTE, the Vatican’s secret supercomputer (coming soon to Big Finish)! Blindness! Computers, as interpreted by the BBC in the 1970s! Interrupting Popes! All to be continued in 'The Pyramid at the End of the World’… wherever that turns up.

Time Ramvent Day 7: Maximum Power of Three
It’s Tom Baker’s ‘The Power of Three’, the story that famously takes place over a year now shrunk down to a couple of days, because Four is NOT going to stay still for that long. It’s the start of season 12, the swan song of the UNIT era, and the possible extinction of all humanity. Who’s up for a fondue party at the Sullivans’ house?

Time Ramvent Day 8: No Pex Please, We’re British
It’s ‘Paradise Towers’, starring Tom Baker! And Floella Benjamin? David Prowse? Arnold Schwarzenegger? CARRIE FISCHER? The Doctor and Leela take on tower-block terror in this surprisingly star-studded social satire that spawned the scintillating spinoff, 'The Pex Brothers’ from Big Finish. Featuring Helen Mirren as the Last Yellow Kang!

Time Ramvent Day 9: The ‘Tache Pirates
Tom Baker stars in 'The Space Pirates’! Wait, no, don’t leave! Yes, somewhere there’s an actual thrilling adventure going on, with Hi-Ships and Alpha-Darts, but this is good too! Look, there’s Milo Clancy! You can’t say no to adorable old Milo Clancy. And there are scenes where Tom Baker and Brian Blessed interact, you’re going to want to see that scenery chew-off. And if all that’s not enough for you, how about the debut of the hit single, 'She’s Only a Girl (with a Bottom on her Head)’? Nowhere else do you get stories like this! Nowhere.

Time Ramvent Day 10: The Abominable Doctor Five
Today, it’s Peter Davison’s ‘The Abominable Snowmen’! The Doctor and his friends have arrived in Tibet (still not Heathrow) to return a ghanta the Doctor borrowed awhile back. No sooner have they arrived, however, than they bumble into a crisis with the local Yeti population. Peter Davison gets tied to a gate. Tegan knows how to cook Yeti. Nyssa… Nyssa’s having a lovely nap this story. But in the end, everything comes down to one crucial question: how many balls do Alzarians even have? And what flaps do they keep them under?

Time Ramvent Day 11: Saturday Super Stor
It’s Peter Davison’s ‘The Invasion of Time’, and the Doctor has finally lost it. He’s returned to take up the mantle of the Gallifreyan Presidency, a plotline which hopefully can be woven in at some earlier point. Tegan’s been expelled from the Capitol, Turlough’s gone on the run, and Nyssa’s fallen in love with Maxil Andred! At least the TARDIS scenes look a bit better, even if Gallifrey’s come over all beige.

Time Ramvent Day 12: Excellence in Silver
It’s Colin Baker’s ‘Nightmare in Silver’, and the shock reveal that Peri’s been a nanny this whole time! Or something like that. A trip to an amusement park planet goes horribly awry when the TARDIS lands right in the midst of the opening salvo of a new Cyber-War. As Peri gets flanged after by Porridge the totally-not-a-space-emperor, the Doctor is forced to match wits and shouting against his only true intellectual rival; himself, but in monochrome.

Time Ramvent Day 13: Mummy (and a Nice Tux) on the Orient Express
Today, it’s Colin Baker’s ‘Mummy on the Orient Express’ and a reminder of why I don’t normally draw panel comics. My god, how does anyone keep any sense of continuity? Anyway, it’s the first (published) Time Ram episode, featuring Jasper Carrott, Tomek Bork, the malevolent Magnox, and a lot of ex-spleening to do…

Time Ramvent Day 14: The Arousing
It’s Colin Baker’s ‘The Awakening’, the tale of a sleepy English village beset by that most terrible of fiends – war reenactors. But a malign force below the church is out to ensure that the war games will be far more than mere reenactment, and the Doctor joins forces with friends from his past and future to stop the second English Civil War.
(also, I know it’s hard to see, but look in the upper left stonework. You’ll know it when you see it.)

Time Ramvent Day 15: Invasion of the Randoms
It’s Sylvester McCoy’s ‘The Android Invasion’, and it’s a good plan, Styggron. (It’s not, you know.) It’s a good plan. Mel develops a fondness for ginger pop. The Doctor gets attached to a village green. Yuri Crayford needs to get his eyes checked. And, of course, we see the return of a mysterious figure from Mel’s past; Some Bloke. Oh, and Shirley Bassey, as herself.

Time Ramvent Day 16: The Professor, Ace, and the Chase Through Space
It’s anniversary season, and that can only mean one thing; the return of Ian and Barbara in Sylvester McCoy’s ‘The Chase’! Not featuring Bradley Walsh. The dastardly Daleks are out for revenge against their greatest foe – two middle-aged schoolteachers. Well, what did you expect from a project that Dalek Putey worked on? From the ironically-named Aridius to meeting Larry Hagman on the Empire State Building, from the possibly satirical Festival of Ghana to the deadly world of Mechanus, the TARDIS crew are starting to run out of something they’ve always had in great supply – time.
Image isn't loading, link here

Time Ramvent Day 17: Maggie and the Maggots
It’s Sylvester McCoy’s ‘The Green Death’, where we Carry On Up the Shaft. It’s the return of the Brig and Benton, a pointed critique of Margaret Thatcher, and a whole slagheap of innuendoes and single entendres.

Time Ramvent Day 18: Don’t Shoot, I’m Half-Human on my Mother’s Side!
It’s Paul McGann, starring in ‘A Town Called Mercy’! I’ll swear to you on the Leekley Bible, it’s a Time Ram three-way, where Grace does no harm (but takes no shit), Chang Lee wants to be a Cyb, and the Doctor goes for a ride on Helen Mirren. YEEEEEE-HAWWWW!

Time Ramvent Day 19: Norwegian Wood
Today’s story is Paul McGann’s ‘It Takes You Away’! It’s the Norwegian with the frog, or possibly the Canadian one with William Shatner. Chang Lee cracks wise and finds a minidisc player. Erik should absolutely be charged with child neglect. Grace meets Grace (played by Grace), who’s there replacing Grace. Or maybe it’s Ulysses, played by Gabriel the Toad? And Meglos fights moths in the Auntie Zone!

Time Ramvent 20: The McGann of Mandragora
Today’s story is Paul McGann’s ‘The Masque of Mandragora,’ that secretive Patrons-only pilot episode, featuring the TARDIS’s rapping lips, the Eighth Doctor’s flouncy open-bosom shirt, and Robert de Niro in drag. Eclipse Eclipse ECLIPSE ECLIPSE!

Time Ramvent Day 21: Terry and Judoon
It’s Christopher Eccleston’s first and only* Ram thus far, with ‘Fugitive of the Judoon’! The Doctor finds himself facing down his own past in the most literal way possible, while Rose meets a friend from the future.
*no longer accurate!

Time Ramvent Day 22 - Torchwood and the Sad Omen
It’s David Tennant’s ‘The Dæmons’, the tragic final story in Series 2. Strange things are afoot – I mean ahoof – in Devil’s End, and Time Team is quickly supplanted by Torchwood. Ianto makes some calls. The Doctor gets a chilly reception. Yvonne Hartman is flouncing around in her pajamas. And at the center of it all, the local vicar seems to have a very old connection to the Doctor – but who could 'Reverend Magister,’ possibly be?

Time Ramvent Day 23: Pyramids of Martha
David Tennant stars this week in ‘Pyramids of Mars’, featuring murderous mummies, ancient aliens, and a good chunk of the cast of 'The IT Crowd’. How would the mummies look in the early '00s? What is Sutekh doing with that hand? And who employs their own poacher, anyway?

Time Ramvent Day 24: The Bells of Allons-y!
David Tennant stars in ‘The Bells of Saint John’! It’s Donna’s introduction story… possibly for the second time, we’ll see what ends up replacing 'The Runaway Bride’… and she’s having some serious computer trouble. And there’s… well… it’s in Standard Definition, so that’s something. And Wilf’s there! Lovely Wilf.

Time Ramvent Day 25: Dirty Box from Space
It’s Matt Smith’s introductory episode, ‘Spearhead from Space’! Plastic rains down on Leadworth, bringing with it a crashing blue box. The Doctor steals Helen Mirren’s look. Amy steals her dad’s dirty old box. Rory is just trying to make it through the day. Relatable, relatable Rory.

Time Ramvent Day 26: The Doctor’s Nuclear Family
It’s Matt Smith’s ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’, featuring River Song, Clara Oswald, and the titular Daughter of the Doctor… MacGuffiny, played by Lily James. It’s a low-rent Clone Wars as the Doctor, River, and MacGuffiny struggle both to find the mysterious Source and to figure out their new family dynamic. Meanwhile, Clara and Hath Peck face off against Memory Quicksand, Hand Mines, and of course, the dreaded Macra-rena.

Time Ramvent Day 27: Death Hat 2000
The Doctor is dead. Long live the Doctor. It’s Peter Capaldi’s first story as the Doctor, ‘The TV Movie’, or if you prefer, 'The Enemy Within’! As Missy beguiles a well-meaning Chang Lee, the Doctor partners with Clara Oswald – but possibly not the one you were expecting! Is Lee secretly a bit Scottish? What does a regeneration look like from the bottom up? And can you imagine the fanworks that would have ensued from Michelle Gomez playing a butch lesbian paramedic? Only in the Time Ram!

Time Ramvent Day 28: Christmas on Androzani
Well, we’ve just seen Peter Capaldi’s birth, now let’s watch how he dies in ‘The Caves of Androzani’. That’s right, the grimmest, most depressing story in all of Doctor Who is now a Christmas special! It’s all blowholes and bat milk, featuring Helen Mirren as Sharaz Jek!

Time Ramvent Day 29: The Naughty Cactus Wants a Shape
It’s Jodie Whittaker’s ‘Meglos’! The TARDIS is summoned to perform maintenance on the Dodecahedron, which is slightly complicated by the fact that the Doctor has apparently just stolen it. Ryan and Graham get chased by Miriam Margolyes and Jimmy Nail. Yaz moons after the Doctor. The Doctor encounters her evil, green, and prickly twin.

Time Ramvent Day 30: The Girls in the Fireplace
It’s the end of Time Ramvent, but the moment has been prepared for… with Jodie Whittaker’s ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’! It’s a thrilling space adventure in pre-Revolutionary France! The Post Office is the only thing ensuring time runs properly. Yaz is about to throw hands with Madame du Pompadour. The Doctor is on a horse.
Image isn't loading, link here


Starting a series of Doctor Who episodes reimagined as TMA episodes. Up first, The God Complex as the Spiral
Image isn't loading, link here

TMA Tarot: 7 of Swords - Across the Street
I think I’ve done this one like 5 times now

Justice: The Fugitive Doctor



Doctor Who + TMA 2: The Web Planet
Image isn't loading, link here

TARDIS Tarot - 10th Dr. as The Lover. Look at this sad, wet beast.


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