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Hues of June Week 2 · 7:27pm Jun 17th, 2023

You know what time it is!

Hues of June 11a - Eye!Sunset
“Statement of Sunset Shimmer, regarding her search for the origin of the artifacts known as ‘the Geodes of Harmony’. Statement taken direct from subject, August 11th, 2021. Statement begins.”

Hues of June 11b
TARDIS Tarot - 5 of Discs: Dan Lewis in The Halloween Apocalypse

Huevember 12b - Stranger!Vignette Valencia
Be Yourself (But Better)

Hues of June 12b
TARDIS Tarot- Ace of Discs: Frobisher the Whifferdill in the comic story The Shapeshifter

Hues of June 13a - Extinction!Button
(Spoilered for transhumanism-flavored body horror)
Must the change come quickly to be terrible? In slow, gradual transformation, there is also horror to be found, like the frog in a pot as it rises to a boil, like the change of seasons year after year, like the buildup of plastic in our veins. The world is always ending, little by little, day by day.

Hues of June 14a - Slaughter!Gilda
This one’s pretty straightforward. Angry character gets the anger entity. This is, however, my first experiment with hatching brushes for shading, and I think it turned out pretty well.

Hues of June 14b - Cyrus
My friend’s Monster of the Week character, playing as the Chosen. There is one prophecy that claims he will save the world, and another that says he will destroy it. He just wants the cults that are after him to leave him alone.

Hues of June 15a - Buried!Applejack
(Spoilered for blood, injury)
Pressure comes in many forms. Familial responsibilities. Tradition. Hard work. The weight of soil, the embrace of roots. All bring their own stresses, but to the right kind of person, the pressure brings comfort as well. Eat of the fruits of the Underworld, and reign there as its queen, the roots beginning to dig into your flesh.

Hues of June 15b
A scene from the Time Ram episode The Krrrotons, starring Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford as they pit their highbrains against the dastarrrrrdly Krrrrrrrotons and their devious Dynotrrrrrope.

Hues of June 16a - Desolation!Autumn Blaze
When the cold and the silence becomes too much to bear, start a fire in your soul.

Hues of June 16b
Widdershins Tarot - Harriet Barber as the Emperor
Not totally happy with this one. I think the pose doesn't suit her or the card. Might redo someday later.

Hues of June 17a - Dark!Sombra
Tried to invert the shadows here so the heart in his hand appears to be radiating darkness. Not entirely happy with the result, but I think the theory’s sound. I’ll try again when I get to Dark!Twilight Sparkle.

Hues of June 17b
TARDIS Tarot - Queen of Swords: Romana II in Warrior’s Gate

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