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My Little Pony G5 News 05/16/2022 · 12:58pm May 23rd

PIPP, PIPP, HOORAY! A new review's today!!!

GOOD MORNING, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for Generation 5 and beyond! Some exciting turn of events are set to take place later this week as the road through 'My Little Pony: Generation 5' continues with their upcoming special, 'Make Your Mark'. Returning to the 3D scene since the events of the movie, we the MLP faithful have been blessed with one of 'four' specials all of which are animated by Atomic Cartoons. Granted, as we've seen in previous previews, the animation quality is not quite on the level as the 'New Generation' movie that came out earlier but I can assure you there've been FAR WORSE in terms of 3D animation.

Hey kids! Who wants an autograph?


*Shudders heavily* S-S-S-S-S-S-S-Sooooooo.... baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddd...

*Clears throat*

Anyways... we all know the story about the special episode slated to kick off the events of the actual 'Make Your Mark' episodic series (All of which will be featured on Netflix). But earlier this weekend, we've been granted some previews in regards to what we can expect to take place in the special... as if we honestly don't already know the story at this point. But in the meantime... brace yourself, faithful viewers.

We begin with a four minute preview which takes place in 'Mane Melody', Pipp's shop which was first established in the 'Tell Your Tale' series. Not only are we introduced to the first few minutes concerning the antagonism of which is taking place in town, but we are also introduced to a rather catchy musical number entitled 'Everything is Gonna Be Okay'. The song comes and goes slightly quickly, but it does come off as rather catchy. The video in question can be seen right below:

The first few minutes support the fact that Zipp appears to be the one pony who notices something amiss in Maretime Bay, as apparently the newly returned magic in Equestria is currently on the fritz. But in typical fashion, her friends initially dismiss Zipp's claim insisting that with their magic and friendship renewed they have nothing to worry about... or so they think...

Honestly, Maretime Bay was better off without unicorns and Pegasi or their magic...

EASY LOONA! Steady girl... *Straightens up* Sorry about that... but you ever notice lately that Posey Bloom's been posing as a problem for the Mane Five lately? It's like we remove one thorn off the rose, and all of a sudden we are treated to another pricking out fingertips...

I know someone's talking shit about me again!

Anyways... while I was honestly hoping for a returning villain to cause some chaos and panic amongst the newly reformed ponies, this clip seems to indicate that's not entirely the case. Now it's no secret that background characters, especially the ponies, can often end up being the source of the issue for our protagonists. Just when we think they've learned their lesson, next thing we know they're panicking the moment another issue arises or they end up ganging up against each other as if to indicate that lesson just 'flipped' over their heads. Now I can understand the argument that Earth ponies don't believe they have the same magical properties as Unicorns or Pegasi, even G4 would indicate that their greatest strength is in their pure muscle and hard work and... nothing of significant importance.

Am I a joke to you!

Noooo... no, not at all... heh-heh-heh... moving on!

Believe it or not, faithful viewers, there's more from this story to come. Aside from troublesome ponies and a glitching crystal, another teaser has been brought to us earlier this morning. Granted, it's only a thirty second preview of what's to expect, but in a way it also gives us more footage of Hitch Trailblazer... and Posey Bloom...

Does this show 'want' us to hate Posey Bloom?

All annoyance aside, this clip brings up the fact that at some point during the special Hitch Trailblazer discovers an egg around Maretime Bay and decides to keep it around before he can find the actual owner (Not to spoil, but those who've seen previous trailers will know what's in the egg). Granted, we still don't know 'how' Hitch found the egg in the first place or why it was even in Maretime Bay in the first place. Honestly, I don't really expect it to be a 'major' plot point for this special but perhaps moving forward with this series we can only hope that it does start an arc that somehow connects their journey during the series.

And again to address the elephant in the room... urgh, Posey...

Come on!!! I'm just being honest!

I know it sounds like I pick on Posey a lot, but who can blame me? This is the pony who was pretty much the inspiration for G4's Fluttershy, practically having the 'same' coat and mane style as the character herself. But it's like 'every time' I see this pony in action, it seems as though she's just around to either be the source of constant bad luck... or to serve as a foil for the ponies. We've seen this happen when she didn't give Pipp a stellar review for her Mane work...

I thought we agreed to never 'talk' about it...

That being said... just because this special seems to have this need for an 'antagonistic' substitute for the currently missing Sprout Cloverleaf, should we really address Posey Bloom as a 'villain' per say? Yeah, she starts to show that 'Karen' side in this special (Apologies to anyone actually named Karen), it seems she still retains that racist/paranoid persona we've seen from the first movie, and on top of it all, she upright admits that magic (Especially from Unicorns and Pegasi) shouldn't be part of their Maretime holiday only because Earth Ponies don't have magic... or 'do' they?

Nah... that was a probably just a coincidence.

Overall, in just a few short minutes we the MLP faithful have been granted a 'warm-up' of sorts for what we can expect moving forward with this special. How this fares overall could very well determine if we're 'willing and able' to continue lending further support for the planned series. At the very least, the song we get to listen to (As 'brief' than we imagined it to be) is admittedly a catchy melody and does offer a chance to highly supporting characters Jazz & Rocky during this number.

I could definitely see this trio as a traveling K-Pop band if not styling Manes.

Much like embracing the renewed friendship amongst ponies, there are still some things that we will slowly have to warm up to. While the animation is slightly close to the first picture for G5, you can tell that the quality is not entirely on that level. By this point, we've hopefully gotten used to the new cast members who made their voices heard prior to the release of 'Tell Your Tale'. And while it seems like we already know how the story is going to go, hopefully the special will be so entertaining that we won't mind it so much by the time we make it through forty-four minutes of whichever quality we're expected to receive. In a way, it's like watching a two part pilot as far as what we can expect from 'Make Your Mark' moving forward.

But the bigger question remains: What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful viewers, this is the Dramamaster829... signing off!

Comments ( 16 )

Probably work better in 2D

Yeah... the more I look at it I'm thinking... maybe the 2D approach wasn't as bad as we made it out to be.

But if we're talking 2D, honestly I would much prefer either how MLP used to look back in G4 if not the 2D animation we used to appreciate from the 80s... or at least from the Disney Renaissance. But who knows? Maybe the animation won't be so terrible after, I don't know... a couple watches? I don't know.

The animation of MYM somewhat reminds me the “spline progress” of CGI Disney animation. Not a bad thing, obviously, just something I couldn’t help but notice when comparing it to the animation of the movie.

I can see the point you are trying to make in terms of comparisons between the animations of 2D and 3D. The animation for this special is not 'entirely' bad, I've seen WAY worse. It's just so easy to compare the animation of this project with that of the movie. Even with television adaptations of 'Aladdin' or 'The Little Mermaid' or even 'The Lion King', it's easy to notice the contrast between the animations styles (Especially with 2D) but we hope that the stories, music, and humor within the shows makes us forget all the nitpicks.

unrelated but pipp is starting to grow on me a bit, i have to admit i wouldnt mind her giving me a makeover while just having a friendly chat and maybe some romantic advice. i mean im not a furry or anything and i havent watched the show but Loona is kinda hot but im not sure how princess dream horse would take it. im sad to say due to my Asperger's its extremely hard to have friends or even a romantic partner so ive struck out more often than not and one girl ive dated went behind my back and started dating my best friend who was my roommate at the time

Oooo... kay?

Yes, I will admit Pipp has started to grow on some fans. It seems like the more time she has to be on screen and give us a taste of her character the more we start to see that maybe she is more than just the Princess with the social media and the singing and shit.

Word of advice: Do NOT blame your Asperger's just because love isn't going easy for you. Frankly, it doesn't go easy for 'anyone' not even the ones who don't have it. I for one have had trouble getting back into 'actual' love ever since my first girlfriend broke up with me and we've been dating for six years after high school. I've been with other girls but either the girls I've been with wanted nothing to do with me, they just didn't meet my expectations, or... they were just crazy in the 'worst' way. I've yet to find that 'one' person who's just right for me... but I may be getting close.

I agree.

Heck, not even sequels are safe from this. You ever seen the animation of Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 compared to its predecessor? Looks more fit for a TV adaptation (like the ones you listed) than an actual film (granted, it’s direct-to-video, but it’s still a fairly blatant downgrade)

I’m definitely gonna give this a watch though.

It’s right next to Mulan II and Fox And The Hound II in the worst Disney sequels

Oh, they were definitely bad. Though I count 'Fox and the Hound 2' as more of a 'midquel' than a 'sequel'.

Top notch blog Drama, im still going full blast forward with no spoilers, in 4 days time we'll see what comes, still hyped, as long as the story is good any animation is fine with me (except Disney sequels.....i mean seriously:ajbemused:) lol, anyways, stay cool, stay classy, you're awesome Drama XD

I'm totally going into this blind myself. I refuse to look at the leaked plot because otherwise what good will my blog do if my reactions don't feel natural. If I already know what's coming, what good is writing something down? Where's the fun?

Exactly :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::raritywink::ajsmug::derpytongue2:...hehe

...where this series will go.

The series could definitely go either way. It's going to rely heavily on 'first impressions'.

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