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My Little Pony Tell Your Tale Episode 9-10 Review 05/19/2022 · 6:49pm May 19th

Say kids, what time is it? It’s Howdy Doody Time!


GOOD AFTERNOON, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for Generation 5 and beyond! And on this particular day of the week, I am pleased to announce that we have reached… MY 100TH BLOG!!!

It’s astounding, isn’t it faithful viewers? Way back when I was just starting to settle in here at Fimfiction.net (Mostly for a story that immediately piqued my interest), I wouldn’t begin blogging on this site not until March 8th, 2019. For three years now, I’ve been blogging way back when ‘Friendship is Magic’ was reaching its end and now to today where I’m currently covering ‘Generation 5’ at the height of its humble beginnings. Speaking of generation 5, to commemorate this special occasion, I’ve once again decided to do a ‘double review’ featuring last week’s G5 episode to this most recent installment of the series. And boy don’t we all just love a good double-header, am I right?

Wow… tough crowd…

*Clears throat* But not to be deterred, and with no further delay, we begin our series of double-headers with a very special Izzy episode entitled:

It’s T.U.E.S. Day


Yep… doesn’t get more exciting than that. Anyhow, the basic plot for the story goes and I quote:

Izzy makes her very own unicorn friend after her other friends neglect to celebrate a unicorn holiday with her.

I mean who’d want to forget a holiday that means so much to some pony? Izzy is practically getting in the swing of things with a rather ‘interesting’ declaration to kick off the holiday she refers to as ‘T.U.E.S. Day’.








Hey, when I say ‘Moon’!

Y’all say ‘Bow’!



Uh… ‘Bow’?

Okay… so it wasn’t ‘that’ big of a chant, but we got to admire Izzy’s dedication to what she deems an important day for her. The other mares, on the other hoof, are practically baffled and even Sunny points out that today is ‘Thursday’ rather than ‘Tuesday’…


Izzy tries to clarify what ‘T.U.E.S. Day’ actually means, but all her friends are too frantic to listen and panicking over how late it is they leave in a hurry.

Sorry Izzy… urgent smoothie run!

‘Mane Melody’ can’t open without the ‘mane’ attraction!

If I miss the marathon, I have to do actual ‘Princess’ duties!


Poor Izzy is so disheartened, that she laments over a wish for a new unicorn friend who’d appreciate this special day for her…

And deep in my heart I’m sort’ve wishing, for some mare like me…

Well, originally we had a ‘Mane Six’ way back when. And currently this team is ‘missing’ another unicorn to keep it an even number. I’m sure there are ‘tons’ of other unicorns in G5 who’d love to be a consideration for the group, some pony to play with, sing and dance, go on high-stake adventures…


Oh ‘this’ is going to end well…

Inspired to literally ‘make’ a unicorn friend, she throws a bunch of random objects together and even dubs her little abomination… ‘Senor Butterscotch’?

Press the button to feed me candy!

Oh my God, Izzy Moonbow really is Pinkie Pie’s descendant…

They grow up so fast…

*Stares blankly* Right…

Anyways, it’s not long before Izzy and her new PFF, Butterscotch, proceed to spend the whole day hanging out with it. Controlling it with her magic and pretending to make it talk… like a real ‘dummy’.

Who are you calling a Dummy, ‘dummy’!

*Frowns* Just skip to the montage already…

That’s right, Jazzy. Don’t go stingy on the paint…


Transform and roll out!

URGH! Figures…

What? Of course we’d have a Transformers reference in this show…


Oh, this is the night… it’s a beautiful night…

Sir? It’s the middle of the day…



Sheesh… someone definitely needs a holiday…

*Clears throat* Anyways, Izzy proceeds to bring her Butterscotch companion along to order smoothies from her good friend Sunny.


Yeah! It’s just Izzy!

Wow… this guy is a bucking idiot!

I’m… going to let that comment… pass…

Anyways, after Izzy mentions T.U.E.S. Day again, that’s when Sunny suddenly remembers what that day actually means!

DOPE!!! How can I be so stupid?!

You can thank Ryan Denham for that… moving on!

Albeit a bit of difficulty, Sunny explains to all her friends that Izzy was never referring to ‘Tuesday’. Instead, T.U.E.S. Day really stands for ‘The Unicorn Expression of Sparkle’ Day, a special unicorn holiday dedicated to celebrating friendship.

They all make it back to the Crystal Brighthouse to meet with Izzy, ultimately apologizing for having forgotten all about T.U.E.S. Day. But the measures are quickly cleared up as now what matters is that Izzy can have fun all over again, only this time with her best friends.

Even me?!

Uh… make with the chanting already!

Hey, when we say ‘Moon’!

Y’all say ‘Bow!’






So overall… while this episode does borrow heavily from elements that would make for a Pinkie Pie episode, it doesn’t take too much away from the fact that this ‘truly’ is a fun episode. We do get to see a slight sensitive side to Izzy, forgetting that for all her happy-go-lucky charm she’s still a mare who has feelings. How she feels alone in a world that doesn’t understand her traditions or being around ponies who shares the same interests. In a way, this episode can be relatable to people who feel out of place and have a difficult time sharing their traditions with those who have no earthly idea. Then again, this is an episode that follows a case of a ‘misunderstanding’ and eventually everything clears up when our friends slow down to understand how much this day means to Izzy.

And let’s just be glad we ‘never’ have to see that little abomination again…

HEY! My mom says I’m awesome!

NOT YOU!!!! *Groans* Before I start having another headache, we move on to the next episode to review entitled…

Sunny-Day Dinners

Gather round every pony, for I’ll tell you a tale…

Let’s not get overboard with the story, Sunny! Speaking of which, the synopsis in relation to this episode goes as followed and I quote:

Sunny feels her friends are moving apart from her and organizes a hiking trip to bring them together again.

Because nothing says strengthening the bond between a pony and her friends than the great outdoors…

*Awkward pause* Believe it or not, that phrase had a different meaning in the 1950s.

Anyways… the episode begins with Sunny preparing a very special breakfast for her friends…

Now that’s a breakfast of champions!

Unfortunately for Sunny, every pony is too busy doing their own thing to really enjoy it.

You know what they say about an 'apple a day'?!

Next time, can we have waffles?

The unicoons and rats with wings are fighting again!

I just wanted some cheese!

Sorry… I’m slammed at work.

*Pause* Okay at least that last part I find heavily relatable. Needless to say, Sunny starts to feel as though she and her friends are slowly drifting apart. And this is where I sense this pattern between this episode and the last. A scenario in which two different ponies unable to enjoy a special moment because all their friends are too preoccupied with their own lives. In a sense, I can relate to Sunny’s predicament as my friends and I are often so busy adulting we barely make any time to do those normal get-togethers. Hanging out at the mall, watching movies, the occasional hiking trip…

Did some pony say, ‘Hiking trip’?!

And completely out of nowhere, Sunny gets the idea to get the whole gang together on a Hiking trip… because! Okay, to be fair, they ‘did’ take a bit of hike across Equestria and even though Bridlewood way back when. And there was hardly anything to worry about that trip…

No camping, no magic, no flying! And they call this the land of harmony!

Yeah… anyways, Sunny sends a quick little video message, and it seems the whole gang are eager to go. And it seems our Mane 5 are about to have the best hiking trip ever!

Yeah… this was a ‘bad’ idea…

Just as it seems as though Sunny’s taking a solo trip, Izzy just happens to stumble upon Sunny by chance..

What kind of friend would I be if I forgot the trip?

Says the pony who came from the Dwarves’ diamond mind… but it makes sense that these two would get together for an adventure. After all, it worked so well for them during the movie and they’re practically PFFs as far as we’re concerned. And so they set off on a hike, only to run into a ‘slight’ detour along the way…

Ooh! Think Bugs Bunny lives there?!

And risk copyright infringement? Heh-heh-heh… no

Without the means of determining which path is ‘right’, they decide to play it by faith and cut across the lovely meadow…

This is the forest of no return!!!

We’re gonna die…

Meanwhile, both the sisters and Hitch finally remember the hiking trip that Sunny initially proposed. Only by the time they rush to the Crystal Brighthouse to apologize, they find both Sunny and Izzy missing.


Dude, you’re ‘way’ too late for that.

Realizing that it’s going to get late very soon, our three friends make the necessary preparations to embark on the dangerous journey to recover the girls.

Okay, now that’s just overkill!

But given this is a ‘Tell Your Tale’ episode, I’m sure everything’s going to be just fine. As long as they stay on the trail… obey the rules… and more importantly…

Yeah, yeah, yeah! They know that already!

Needless to say, Sunny and Izzy haven’t exactly been faring ‘any’ better since they took that wrong direction.

How does Snow White do this?!

The trip is so terrifying that for both group of ponies, that in their frenzy they stumble upon something utterly terrifying in the history of their lives…


Okay… there wasn’t a giant talking hippo… but they finally manage to bump into each other in their panic. And now with the whole team back together, they end up doing their camping trip regardless while sharing a calm dinner over the campfire…

Levitate your hooves in the air…

Earth ponies don’t clean their underwear…

*Stares awkwardly* Why would ponies wear underwear?

Okay… so things didn’t quite go the way that either pony have planned for it. But it doesn’t quite matter to Sunny as long as got just what she wanted: A chance to spend time with her friends. Because overall, while the episode is pretty basic, it does touch on a matter that we can all take from it.

We’ve all got busy lives, and we can’t spend every waking moment of every day being together. But doesn’t it just feel good knowing you’re willing to take just one part of that day to spend it with someone you care about? Whether it’s with your family… or with your friends? Because when we take a step back from the stress in life, and actually try to be happy just spending even the smallest moment with someone we enjoy being with, in a way we forget all the craziness around us and just learn to actually live a little. For as crazy as this episode turned out to be, the moral is a touching one that we can all can agree on.

See… I knew you’d warm up to this show.

In the end, we get two episodes of which in a way turned out pretty enjoyable. Sure they may borrow a few elements from previous projects and again there’s not really too much that really goes on. But these episodes all encourage us to ‘really’ enjoy the simple things in life, whether it’s an important holiday for someone or just enjoying that one casual day. In the end, everyone can easily get swept away by the stress and pressures of life. But what really matters in the end is how we take advantage of whatever free time we have and make room for the tiniest bit of fun. Because a life without any such enjoyment… is there really a life worth living?

And still the bigger question remains: What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful readers, this is the Dramamaster829… I’m all caught up… and it’s time to HIP HOP HOORAY!!!

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Congratulations for your 100th blog and "beyond awesome" double feature, so many funnies, loved the Uso entrance (one of my favorite tag teams btw), I always feel the Mane 5 are all descendants from the Gen 4 Mane 6, it makes so much sense, the episodes by far are so lively it brings a smile to my face, anyways stay cool, stay classy, you're awesome Drama XD

It’s T.U.E.S. Day

...My Dude.


Oh ‘this’ is going to end well…



😃OMG! Wat up Charlie McCarthy!


Transform and roll out!

Fuckin' Hilarious Bro:rainbowlaugh:! & Fucking Awesome:pinkiehappy:!

Oh, this is the night… it’s a beautiful night…

🎵...And we call it Belle Notte!🎵




To eaches own sweetie😘.

And now that I'm all caught up, I can resume 'regular' solo episode reviews. And with 'Make Your Mark' coming up I've got some new material to work on. And yes, I do believe there were 'tons' of hilarious moments to cover from this review and when I saw that Unicorn chant during that one episode I immediately thought back to when the Usos had that samoan entrance... I missed that one. And with each time going over the cast, the more I see the Mane Six in the Mane Five.

If you pay close attention, some of the lines I used to cover the review come from some rather recent products of our time. And of course, I thought it be a big surprise to reference one of the most famous ventriloquist dummies (Takes me back to watching 'Fun and Fancy Free' on VHS).

Sunny-Day Dinners

Gather round every pony, for I’ll tell you a tale…

Are You Afraid Of The Dark vibes bro!

Because nothing says strengthening the bond between a pony and her friends than the great outdoors…


*Awkward pause* Believe it or not, that phrase had a different meaning in the 1950s.

...No Goddamn Comment!

Now that’s a breakfast of champions!


You know what they say about an 'apple a day'?!

'Caesar Romero' Joker: Keeps the gloom away (cackling)!



Okay, to be fair, they ‘did’ take a bit of hike across Equestria and even though Bridlewood way back when. And there was hardly anything to worry about that trip…


Yogi Bear: I shouldn't go in there... but I will!

Says the pony who came from the Dwarves’ diamond mind…

Izzy is a 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' fan confirmed.

Ooh! Think Bugs Bunny lives there?!

And risk copyright infringement? Heh-heh-heh… no

HA! The copyright infringement fairy would be on your ass!

This is the forest of no return!!!

🎵How long
How long
How long to the forest of no return!🎵

We’re gonna die…

Sheriff Woody: I'm Outta Here!


...believe it or not I always wanted to say that, please forgive me:fluttershyouch:.

How does Snow White do this?!


Levitate your hooves in the air…

Earth ponies don’t clean their underwear…


What The Fuck!?

Congrats on 100 blogs dude👍😉!

Thank you very much! Looking forward to another hundred blogs to come depending on what I've got to work with.

Yeah... you can't get a more random set of lyrics than the ones Izzy just conjured up during that one campfire scene. She's 'definitely' Pinkie Pie reincarnated.

Awesome on your hundredth blog. In T.U.E.S Day, at least Izzy felt a bit more sane than Pinkie when she snapped and started having a party with inanimate objects she pretended were alive. And for Sunny-Day Dinners, it is nice when Sunny tries to get her friends together to spend time like having breakfast, but unfortunately some people or ponies here are so swamped they have to be somewhere else right away and don't have time to stop and enjoy the simpler things in life.

1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure between the two that Izzy is the 'sane' one of the ponies. True she has a bit of an eccentric side, if not being a total happy-go-lucky airhead, but she does have 'some' form of awareness. Like how she had it figured once their quest was over in the movie, they'd all go back to their dull lives (Regardless if they have magic) and she'd feel as though this friendship she just had outside of her group would end before it truly began. In a way, she didn't create Butterscotch because she was insane. But because she was lonely... and probably because someone in the back thought it be 'funnier' having a made-from-scratch puppet following her around instead of, oh I don't know... a POSSIBLE 'candidate' for the Unicorn slot for a 'Mane Six' deal.

2. It's surprising how we actually don't get a 'ton' of Sunny focused episodes in this series compared to all her friends. But when we see where she wants to do something simple like sharing a breakfast with her friends, one she made all by herself, it's no wonder she felt discouraged when her friends are too busy to really sit down and enjoy it... at least not because Unicorn and Pegasi don't share meals with Earth Ponies (Glad we're past THAT phase). But on a related note, it can't be helped when life gets in the way. We try to make enough time together but we're so swamped whether if it's work (Job related or not) or going on some family trip planned far in advance or because we actually have 'jobs' and not just a bunch of random strangers sitting alone in our rooms in our nightwear that we just don't have enough room in our busy schedules.

At least to give credit to Izzy, even if she 'did' forget about Sunny's suggestion of going on a hiking trip she 'still' showed up and she 'chose' to follow Sunny on this hike regardless of where the trail would lead. Although on that note, Sunny should've 'really' known the layout of the trail or at least maybe brought a map. And don't tell me, 'Maybe she's not good with directions', because one time my family and I got slightly lost while walking through Italy after our trip to the Vatican and I just happened to be the 'one' guy who could lead us back because the dot on my phone had a shading to it that resembled a light pointing wherever direction I aimed the phone (And I didn't need that voice whatsoever).

1st, congrats on the 100ty blog. 2nd, ngl, I really don't know how I feel about the show itself. On one hand, I'm glad mlp is still around but in the other, I've spent nearly the entirety of G4 witch is hard to get around. Maybe it's just me.

1. Thanks so much for the shout-out. You're support means the world.

2. Yeah... this show 'clearly' has its ups and downs. Some are even doubting that 'anything' that happens in this series is even canon with the movie (Although there are some elements that beg to differ). I wasn't really enthusiastic moving forward with this show as I feared this would be another 'Pony Tales' thing. But on the other hand, this turned out better than I thought it would be. Albeit some things are not 'perfect' (The animation and the new voice actors are debatable at best), but it is a show with its own charm, some moments get a kick out of me, and it's still pretty fun. Even when I cover a 'weak' episode now and again, it hasn't done anything bad... 'yet'.

He also made a Legendary cameo appearance in The Muppet Movie too.

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