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  • Tuesday
    To backlog or not to backlog?

    Me: Alright, not gonna buy anything during this year's Steam Summer Sale. I've got enough of a backlog. Maybe I'll clear some of that out in between bouts of writing, since I'm taking a break from SWTOR.

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  • Saturday
    Well, this has been quite a shitfest of a day, hasn't it?

    I'll try to keep this brief, as I know most of you don't come to my page for political bullshit, and I do take pride in keeping myself down to 2-3 political outbursts a year, and saving the rest of that nonsense for Letters.

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  • Friday
    Protip for the rest of America.

    Next time we go to war with rich religious chickenshits over state's rights, don't stop torching their shit just because they surrender.

    Finish the job next time.

    Edit: Alright, seven followers down! I invite any other worthless Jesus Freaks to no longer receive updates on something as important as my MLP fanfiction.

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  • Thursday
    Sonic 31st Anniversary Stream - Sonic Origins

    Figured I'd take a bit of a break from writing tonight and stream some Sonic Origins. Is this a good collection, or a $40 bet banking on the modding community eventually doing what Sega doesn't?

    Twitch: milesprower06 - Sonic Origins

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  • 6 days
    Tell Your Tale: Make a Foal of Me

    Okay, so this episode...

    Spoke to me.

    That is all.

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No New Stories Until In-Progress Ones Are Complete · 4:36am April 13th

I'd really like to lighten the load a bit on my creative side, even as the Sonic 2 movie premiere has reawakened a dormant story idea for that franchise.

I've got two stories I'm actively working on (Sprout's Second Chance, and Forgotten: Sunrise). I know where Forgotten: Sunrise is going, and where it's ending. I have a very rough idea of where Sprout's Second Chance is going, but no idea where it's ending.

I've also got four story ideas that I have not started working on beyond rough outlines, two G4 and two G5, and that is likely to increase as more G5 content is released over the spring and summer.

The point I'm trying to make is that I am going to try my very best to finish up the two stories I have now before moving on to work on the other five ideas.

Just wanted to let you know that in case I vanish for a bit after finishing them to go work on my Sonic fanfiction.

Have a good night, everyone!

Comments ( 8 )

Thanks. This is the opposite of writer's block and it sucks almost as much.

Tell me about it, my friend faded echoes has been in that exact same position as well.

Thanks for making these stories, it's nice to see authors finish their stories and no skip over onto new ideas. Thanks a lot:twilightsmile:

What about Letters? :trollestia:

In all seriousness, that's probably a good idea. Try to keep your brain at bay and give your mind a rest.

So what was the Sonic idea if I may ask?

A third installment of my series "The Fox and the Seedrian", a set of sequels to Sonic X that deals with Tails, Cosmo, and their future together.

Understandable. At least if you do take a break we'll know you aren't missing from pegasising.

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