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    PC gaming is freaking awesome.

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    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all fathers, biological and otherwise!

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    Tell Your Tale: A Swing and a Misty

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    If you've wanted Alphabittle, Haven, and their respective kids to become a new family unit, this episode is for you.

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    I have an excuse for not being able to aim straight.

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Tell Your Tale: Written in the Starscouts · 2:39pm May 2nd

This week... Holy crap! Lore!

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Phazon #1 · May 2nd · · ·

The Brighthouse: "Alright, what do these ponies want from me this time? Oh, Sunny can't remember her mother. Okay, I'll see what I can do. I just hope the animation team doesn't make any continuity errors like giving her the rainbow lock and her cutie mark when she's still a baby."

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first member of the G5 Six who has both a mom and a dad. And apparently, the mother was just as committed to reuniting the races and restoring magic as Argyle.

And a possibility that mom is still alive, too.

I just hope that (as dark as this may sound) we find out HOW Argyle died.

And I don't think there was a father in Haven's case.

I bet it was virgin births, and either Zipp or Pipp is Pony Jesus.

This sure took me by total shock.

Not once in any of the animated media have they ever explicitly said Dead or Passed Away. "Not before mom... you know." What are the chances they're gonna get more explicit than that?

Phazon #7 · May 2nd · · ·


In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX season 3, they end up traveling to other dimensions, where losing a duel would cost them their lives. The dub censored it to being "sent to the stars," which worked considering that the loser's body would dissolve into bits of light and scatter to the sky.

So when Applejack looks up at the sky in an earlier season when thinking about her parents, that's the implication I get. This episode was less subtle about Sunny's mother than G4 was about AJ's parents.


Well now you're just fucking with me.

Yeah I know the Shadow Realm was strictly a dub thing.

He died during the war. Duh.

Another good example from the same dub was Raphael's backstory in season 4. In the original his family died in a shipwreck and he was left alone on an island, but in the dub they couldn't say that so instead they abandoned him to die on the island instead.


who has both a mom and a dad.

Had. The comics confirm that Argyle has died, and the ending of the episode linked above heavily implies Mrs Starshine is deceased too.

That or he left the picture very early on.

These five minute episodes have no business going this hard!!:fluttercry:

They're both Pony Jesus.

These people be so afraid of the "D" word it's ALMOST funny. Let's hope that Sunny's mom isn't a "show once and never seen or mentioned ever again" situation.

I love and hate this episode. I love the cute baby antics and I'm a sucker for feel-good fluff
I hate it because yet again they try and press something that deserves a whole special into 5 minutes.

I'm pretty certain it's the show's rating that dictates what the characters can and cannot say.

It's not like we want her to go off on Zipp all #$%#@ or South Park gross-out language, just not have Grandma Figgy pass away and them dance around it with Hitch "oh um, hah hah, Grandma Figgy is going on a very long trip".

The belated movie critic Roger Ebert did a blurb about this sort of thing when discussing the movie "My Neighbor Totoro". In it he discusses the differences between Eastern and Western media, and one of the key things is the all-consuming fear of death or the MCs having one or more dead parents so "they can shine on their own". It's sometimes a wonder they allow the characters to experience ANY injury or injustice because "think of the kiddies".

They are getting better and better with the shorts.

this episode killed my Mommaline headcanon

Ooh, lore drop, gimme.

But seriously, what they could’ve done was that Sunny just finds this photo album and instead getting sucked into another book she could just look at the pictures and be like “Hey! I remember that!” and cue the flashback.

Also, Argyle and {Namepending}, why and how is your daughter on a tree of that height.

Right? And you're both encouraging her to jump?

Parents of the Year, everypony.

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