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this calculator is what your teachers were thinking about when they told you that you wouldn't always have a calculator with you. · 7:42am January 21st

TI calls it the Datamath.

I call it the C H O N K ulator.

this 4-function calculator takes 4 AA batteries and is like 5 times thicker than my phone.

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My mother has one of the original Phillips ones from the 1980s. Still works.

lol. (What year is that calculator from?)


The formally introduction of the Datamath took place on September 21, 1972, the Version 2 was introduced February 1973.


I guarantee you this is not what my teachers were thinking about...

This is what my teacher's teachers were thinking about

I'm like 90% sure my smartphone has a calculator, and 99% sure that a lack of smartphone means I've just been robbed/mugged and therefore have more important problems than whether I can do math. (Aside from being by far the easiest way to contact emergency services, I keep my wallet and keys in the same pocket so those would presumably be missing as well)

Wait a second... the TF2 construction PDA looks almost exactly like this! I always thought the PDA looked like it had a calculator keyboard!

I got a TI-59 just a couple of years later. Pretty sure that's the sort of thing my science and math teachers had in mind, not simple arithmetic.

Still have the TI-59 but the battery pack died decades ago and I haven't been motivated to whip up a replacement.

When your alt account uses it, more like the TONKulator amirite?

Also never a bad time for this meme:

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