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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Writing outside your comfort zone · 7:26am January 10th

My comfort zone is semi-trollfic stories with absolute nonsensical themes. But I have experimented outside of it from time to time. Recently, I am working on an ongoing serious story called: Only Friend.

Bendy and serious don't seem to belong together. I shall at least put effort into it, I hope I don't disappoint you in the end. At any rate, I hope at the very least I can inspire you to make a better story with a similar plot to it.

I dread that I will actually disappoint you in this story at some point.

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Comments ( 8 )

I don't think you'll disappoint. It's always good to step out of your comfort zone, it shows you make an effort.

Thanks. I shall try to make this story good. Well as good as someone like me can make it. I got a friend of mine to join me for part 3. So, they can be helpful.

It's always good to get assistance too, you'll be fine and this story will be practically amazing.

Funny, I'm the opposite.

I can never really see how to even make troll/crackfics, let alone write them.

Comedy I can do, nonsense though, you might as well be speaking Japanese to a redneck.

An idea has come to me though, hear me out on this.

Twilight. Anon. Romance. Butt Cuddling for the draw.
Fart to break up the sappiness. Anon disgusted by fart.
Twilight jabbing anon with a smug comment.
Twilight growing big for the hook.
Perfect bed for anon and loving memories for twilight as a climax.
Could make into a strange romance series.

Just a thought.

Never doubt yourself. You have solid ideas and enough writing experience to put those into words. I know you often worry that ppl will misunderstand the message you put into some of your stories, but I'd say you're doing just fine in this regard, and those dislikes thrown on your less 'troll' stories are of another nature.

Nice. Good to hear.

I'll think about it. Some okay ideas there.

Thanks. However, I do want to keep myself from becoming egotistical.

I'd say you're doing a great job with Only friend so far. Can't wait too see how it ends!

Thanks. I wanted to do a story set in something like the The Ending-Verse. (with some of my own twists to it) But Pinkie Pie remains in character and good.

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