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Story Notes: Every Breath You Take · 11:31pm Jan 7th, 2022

Source: AlwaysDressesInStyle

New year, new story. Continuing the Car Wash series, this time it isn't about ponies working on Earth, so much as it is ponies playing on Earth.

Inspiration comes from unique places. In this case, I went to karaoke with a friend of mine at Primanti Brothers and he pointed out that positioned well above our table was a pony. Specifically, a G3 pony and I tentatively identified her as Sparkleworks. She's probably ten feet above the table (see next to last photo), so I didn't get a great look.

It turns out there are sixteen G3 ponies scattered throughout the restaurant, and I made it a point to find all the rest of them. There are two Mintys.

I mean, the premise was there for the taking. Ponies, karaoke, and the restaurant itself was suggesting the characters. My friend cameos here as the guy singing a Devo song that isn't Whip It. When we returned a few weeks ago, we had another friend in tow (the tall man from Trunk Or Treat). He cameos here as the man singing Eternal Flame. Again, truth in fiction, as these songs were each among their picks.

On a side note, I managed to get horse racing in the lead image. Sometimes coincidence rocks! As for the below, Minty and Budweiser... that explains a lot, honestly.

Source: AlwaysDressesInStyle

Ponies are very musical by nature, so it was really only a matter of time before they discovered karaoke. The difference between pony karaoke and human karaoke?

Ponies can sing. Not that humans can't, but far more of the equine population is capable of carrying a tune than the human population.

Source: AlwaysDressesInStyle

Personally, I enjoy making an absolute fool of myself in front of folks. Stone cold sober, as a matter of fact.

With one exception*, every song I sing in the story is a song I've actually done at karaoke. Yes, even Roar by Katy Perry. You can thank Pinkie Rose's cover for introducing me to the song. There really were six coeds sitting by the DJ, and they joined in as described in the story.

I usually drop to my knees during Making Love Out Of Nothing At All. Most recently, this caused me two rugburned knees (that's a first) and two wear spots on my pants (not the first time for this) where my knees hit the floor. I may retire that move since it's been almost a month and my knees are only now resembling knees again (instead of raw hambuger).

*As much as I like the band America, I've never done any of their songs. Perhaps I should do Horse With No Name one of these days...

Source: AlwaysDressesInStyle

Who would've guessed that happy, bubbly Minty likes sad songs? Minty's the only one of the ponies from the car wash to star in this story, and we get to see some other G3 ponies as well.

The Gee Threes band is a parody of the BeeGees, and is also a nod to a previous series of stories starring G3 ponies, starting with Hysteria.

The band is comprised of:

Wysteria (vocals)
Razzaroo (guitar)
Sew-And-So (bass)
Minty (drums)
Sunny Daze wasn't technically in the band, but she was their sound technician.

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/doraeartdreams-aspy/art/My-Version-of-G4-Razzaroo-Reference-775853367

Razzaroo, yes, yes, yes. As in previous stories in this series, I gave poor Razz my '82 Mustang. The third-generation Mustang was built on Ford's Fox platform (which would eventually underpin a good chunk of Ford's products during the 1980s). These Mustangs are known as Foxbodies, and the early ones (1979-1986) are referred to as "four-eyes" because of the quad headlights. Mine makes a better driveway ornament than a car. Razzaroo's a fun-loving little pony, and she's G3 Ponyville's resident party planner.

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/pridark/art/YCH-Open-Sparkleworks-679404640

Sparkleworks, aka Sparks, prefers high energy songs. Though songs about 'rockets bursting in air' catch her attention. Relevant to her interests, and all that.

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/bunxl/art/Sunny-Daze-G3-896929196

Lastly, Sunny Daze. She likes songs about the sun, and when she really gets into it, the room gets warmer.

On a side note, Sunny Daze should not be confused for Sunny Rays, one of the characters in 16. Sunny Rays also has a thing for sunny songs, and she's a musician. She was supposed to be the vocal coach our self-insert protagonist is going to torture, but this was dropped when pre-reader and editor extraordinaire Admiral Biscuit wisely pointed out it would be confusing to have Sunny Daze and Sunny Rays in the same story.

Source: AlwaysDressesInStyle

As always, special thanks to Admiral Biscuit for pre-reading, and also for the photography for the cover art. We dined there when he came out this way back in October. Yes, because of the ponies.

Source: AlwaysDressesInStyle

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That "Yes, yes, yes." part is that a speech thing Razz does?

Dan #4 · Jan 8th, 2022 · · ·

Ponies might be more comfortable at an auld sean nós pub session. Their hooves are made for step dancing, after all.

I've heard that Twilight dragging Princess Luna along for a discrete visit to a human pub to unwind was instrumental to defusing a potential row after the Kazakh ambassador presented Luna a bottle of kumis as a gift. Between the gallon of oatmeal stout getting the ickiness out and having fun all night, she was able to look him in the face and smile the next day.

Or maybe Luna was smiling and imagining crushing her enemies and seeing them driven before her.

Thanks for writing. :)

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