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Signal Boost: Filipe Braga · 3:23am Nov 26th, 2021

Some Leech recently posted about an artist who does furry and brony art and is currently in dire need of assistance for medical issues. Oddly enough, they don't live in the US (so they do have some health coverage), but the problem is they have special medication needs due to a few genetic illnesses and side effects from getting COVID. The meds they do receive are rationed because they can't pay a monthly fee and it is affecting their health in bad ways (there are photos).

This seems like a nice guy and a worthy cause. I was unable to donate, however, for reasons GFM would not explain. Every time I click the Donate button, nothing happens at all (I've contacted them to arrange Paypal if they can). Maybe you'll have better luck than I.

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Ey yo u beat me 2 it. I was typing.:rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for boosting the signal!

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