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"Of all the terrible batponies in the world, you're the least terrible."~PresentPerfect­čÉ┤Ponk & GlimGlam are best ponies­čÉ┤Text 714-496-3119 with the name of an MLP character to get a cute picture!

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  • Tuesday
    Speaking of weird pigeons:

    For fans of my trash Dove story or using AI creatively or just weird pigeons, I present neural network generated pigeon breeds, curated by Janelle Shane and illustrated by Rosemary Mosco:


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  • 1 week
    the fact that the fimfiction algorithm thinks an old Unsafe Space admins group is similar to a group dedicated to Nazis is extremely funny to me.

    For those of you who don't enjoy tilting at windmills, The Unsafe Space is a very far right group on fimfiction. Several self-avowed monarchists and barely-not-fascists there. Sometimes the libertarians have good points shitting on neo-cons and neo-libs, but then will generally afterwards turn around and say something like a

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  • 1 week
    700 Club!!!

    oh hey took a hot minute but I'm another hundred users closer to my fimfic bucket list goal of 1000 followers, albeit probably like a third of those peeps are still active lololol anyway I still owe congrats prizes to like my 300th, 400th, 500th etc follower, so like, I'm not going to even attempt to write something for my 700th follower and oh yeah I owe peeps commissions still from 2018 lol

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  • 1 week
    Very important question:

    What's the dumb Pony pun for Portland? Oregon specifically, not the one in Maine Mane.

    EDIT: thanks to several responses, I have settled on Porkland, Boaregon.

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  • 2 weeks
    How It Started vs How It's Going

    How it started: trying to understand why I procrastinate so much

    How it's going: while I've read about it on Wikipedia before, independently coming to the conclusion that consciousness is an emergent property and I'm a self-aware complex feedback system. I'm literally just a shitposting differential equation.

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I've found what the Unicorns were afraid of! · 3:15pm Nov 24th, 2021

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I see you are also a man of culture.

Lol you watch her stuff too I take it?

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