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Quotable Trick Contest № 15! · 8:02pm Nov 23rd, 2021

NOTE: The next contest will be held SUNDAY AT 3PM Eastern Time!
We'll try doing Sundays from now on, basically.

THE LEADERBOARD (Unspent/Total Trick Points)

Fylifa: 4/4 TP :rainbowdetermined2:
mishun: 4/4 TP
BezierBallad: 3/3 TP
FanOfMostEverything: 2/2 TP
Light Striker: 1/1 TP
(* Ties are based on unspent points first, order in which max points were earned second.)

You can spend Trick Points in the Trick-Store to get all sorts of cool stuff! :pinkiegasp:

A rules refresher (click here for the full list):

  • You may only look at the stories via Fimfiction (no searching local storage, using the book, etc).
  • Using "find in page" in your browser is fine (but might not work due to how I'll post the quotes).
  • You are not permitted to search multiple pages at once via browser history, Google, plugins, etc.
  • First comment with the correct story and chapter (for chaptered stories) wins the Trick Point!
  • You may post only one guess. Editing your comment after posting it disqualifies you.

This week's quote:

For a brief mom​ent, the only sound​s were bird​song on the win​d, and Twi​light Spark​le
chok​ing on a very imp​rope​rly-time​d bite of cook​i​e.

Good luck, everypony! :facehoof:

Comments ( 4 )

Ashes, chapter 2 ("Spark"), around quarter into

mishun, you win this week's Trick Point (and take the lead)! :yay:

Princess Celestia is missing her memories, but some buried things weren't meant to be unearthed.
Trick Question · 14k words  ·  127  15 · 2k views

Story: Ashes
Chapter: Spark

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