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It's here: the Trick-Store! · 5:21pm October 14th

Welcome to the...

*** Trick-Store! *** :pinkiegasp:

This is where you can spend your Trick Points from the Quotable Trick Contests! :yay:

(buy some apples)


  • I have veto power on all requests, but we'll work together to find something that works.
  • If you order a commission, we'll agree on a timeframe.

    • If I don't meet the timeframe, you may choose to get the points back plus interest, or extend the timeframe.
    • Interest is (TP spent * days waited) / 100, round up (e.g. a failed month-long 7 TP art commish yields 10 TP).
    • If you accept a new timeframe, you either get a timeframe of less than half original length, plus half interest before rounding (e.g. above case would net you 2 TP), or full interest if it needs to be longer than +50% time.
  • For the leaderboard: unspent points are the first tiebreaker, followed by when you earned the point total.

Discord (0.0000001 TP)
If you spend any Trick Points at all, you'll be invited to a Discord I formerly kept for the Patreon before I realized how truly awful Patreon is. The Discord is pretty much dead and nopony talks there, hence this being basically free, but I make announcements when I do a story and maybe someday it will have discussions.

Cameo (1 TP)
I will work in a character reference or concept into one of my stories. You can buy this multiple times for more representation.

Quark Surprise (2 TP)
You tell me what kinds of games you like. I'll get genre approval, then gift you one (or potentially two smaller games) of my favorites on Steam (preferably, or another platform if necessary). It will likely be something you've never heard of, and you'll love it. The game or games will be at least a $15 value.

Steerage (3 TP)
I'll give you a complete list of my current projects and you can nudge one into significantly higher priority. This might not help much because I am slow and disabled, but the timeframe rules will apply toward progress (not necessarily completion).

Minific (4 TP)
I'll do a story commission, which I've never done prior to hosting these contests. This will be up to 3,000 words (longer if I need more room). Once we agree on something I'll give you a timeframe. If the commission isn't complete within the timeframe, you'll get the points back plus interest (as described in the rules above).

Baryon Surprise (5 TP)
As with Quark Surprise, except three Steam games (or at least three, and at least a $45 value).

Short Story (6 TP)
As with Minific, except it can be up to 12,000 words (longer if I need more room).

Art Commission (7 TP)
I art. You probably didn't know that. This is for a high-quality image of an artwork, with several media to choose between. Timeframe may be long.

Pentaquark Surprise (8 TP)
As with Quark Surprise, except five Steam games (or at least five, and at least a $75 value).

Novella (9 TP)
As with Minific, except it can be up to 40,000 words (longer if I need more room). Timeframe will probably be by chapter.

I Don't Know (10 TP)
At this point, I'll probably [LEWD THING REDACTED] of myself. In case it's illegal to say that here, I'm just kidding*.
* Or... am I? :trollestia:

That's it for now. If you want to order something, just pmail me! :twilightsmile:

Comments ( 16 )

*stares at offer of free Steam games*

*stares at own massive collection of unplayed/unfinished games*

Must... resist... temptation...

So, for the story and ministory offer, is there any particular subject you’re not comfortable writing about? Just thought I’d ask before getting any ideas.

Hm now when you say art commission, if I asked you to draw my fursona, would you do it?

I'm open to anything, though I may need to use a dummy account for stuff that could end up ostracizing me any further from other authors.

It's not the cost that is the real prize: it's the recommendation. :V

Well I’m still a couple of points away from any story requests, so I have some time to think.

Also I just clarified that bit seeing as games cost different things.

Rather than winning Trick Points, can I just bribe you with cool drugs?

I'll probably do explicit fetish video pornography videos of myself.

if you want to fuck me at your next after-party, you don't need to come up with some elaborate internet game. You can just ask me.


Rather than winning Trick Points, can I just bribe you with cool drugs? ... If you want to f—

Just to be clear, this contest was not intended as an invitation to whorse myself out for illegal drugs. :facehoof:

Damn Trix I thought u were cool when'd u turn into such a square?


  1. I'm sure we've talked about this before, but I can't do illegal drugs. I already do too many legal drugs, and if I did illegal drugs I'd lose my ability to do the legal ones and that would be a Very Bad Thing because I need some of those legal drugs to function.
  2. Squares weren't considered uncool. Hips and squares were both cool, they just had different cultural norms.
  3. On the other hoof, asking a friend to prostitute themself for illegal drugs in a public venue isn't as cool or flattering as you think.

I know you don't intend to be rude, but y'all need to remember there are actual children on Fimfiction and this is not a mature blog post, though admittedly this is partly my fault for including a joke about "fetish pornography"—and that reminds me I need to be more careful about that sort of thing. I tend to forget children exist when I interact here.

I think I might just be more libertarian than you. The rules of fimfiction are that you have to be at least 13 to sign up. Who cares if 13-year-olds know about the existence of cool drugs or sex or prostitution etc. As long as they know not to do it till they're adults who cares. They might as well learn about that stuff now in a structured environment rather than from dumb teens and peer pressure.

As far as you doing cool drugs though, I understand given your IRL job. I do both legal and illegal drugs and think all drugs should be legal but understand you have to be reasonable in the risks you take.


I think I might just be more libertarian than you.

If you're high up on the authoritarian axis (as you are, e.g. expecting people you don't like to be reeducated or killed by a communist state), the defense you have for sex with kids and drugs is actually an outlier based on your personal preferences rather than your philosophical alignment. You don't espouse libertarian values at all (you're actually the polar opposite) except for specific things you like to do, which suggests you aren't as dogmatic as you pretend to be. That isn't a bad thing.

That said, I largely agree with you but I want the space I have to at least be accessible to people who are a little bothered by seeing somepony ask another pony for fun?ing in exchange for drugs, because that includes most people (and even most bronies). I'm not bothered by it personally, and I don't think kids are necessarily harmed by being exposed to it (though exposure of that sort can definitely make it easier to groom children, by which I do not mean brushie brushie, so there's an ethical issue to putting too much sex into public spaces at least with respect to how most Western societies approach sex—and society is not something over which we have direct control so while it may be fun to pretend we live in a world where children are well-educated on sexual issues that is not the one we live in and ethics are directed by expectation of outcome not unrealistic hopes and dreams).

I honestly doubt there's much daylight between us on the issues you're referencing. That said, my work appeals to a very wide set of people, so I try to stay aware of that. Perhaps it's why I deal with so much bullying: there's something in what I write for pretty much everypony to misunderstand and get righteously indignant over. Some people on the right think I'm a social justice warrior misandrist communist sex-negative cop-hating gender-confused reactionary anti-speech monster, and some people on the left think I'm a pedo-supporting homophobic transphobic (yes, I have literally had at least two Fimfiction users accuse me of that despite being trans myself) racist-enabling privileged capitalist authoritarian troll. Absolutely none of those labels are correct, but there's nothing people love more than crafting an imagined, straw-pony version of some person they've never met and don't know in the slightest in order to experience hate.

Oh, and it's not about the job. They don't randomly drug test at the university, even if drug use is strictly forbidden. The problem is the doctors from whom I receive my legal but restricted medications. It's about what happens if the neurologist I see for narcotics or the primary I see for the pharmaceutical equivalent of meth gives me a drug test and I fail it. The narcotics I need because occasionally I have horrifying pain in my teeth for no reason, and the attention-deficit drugs I need to stay active more than 50% of the day due to it being one of few things that also helps with ME/CFS. I could survive without the latter, but life would be harder. However, without access to the former, I'd probably be a huge mess, even if I rarely need to use them anymore (the myofascial pain disappeared mostly about a year after the ME/CFS took hold). The anxiety from fear of a pain attack and the suffering during the pain would really screw with my already delicate sanity.

(Also also, you don't need an FF account to read my blog posts or most of my stories. This is all public, technically speaking.)

I am so tempted to just spend my point on a cameo right away, but I don't have anyone to put in other than my pony-self, who isn't well-characterized enough for it to be noticeably meaningful… :trixieshiftright: I'll have to think some more.

Interesting store concept though!

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