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Now to do my solemn duty... · 8:14pm Nov 19th, 2021

...of taking this verdict, and ponifying and parodying it in Letters.

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Why do I foresee this involving zebras trying to burn Ponyville to the ground, angry at the fact one unicorn was found not guilty of killing another unicorn?

I've been thinking about it, and I think I may take a little more innocent take on it.

Still thinking.

the reason poeple are angry about is due the reason he was there with a rifle in the firstplace, the toxic, violent culture that comes out of the far right in america, and no they dont want to literaly burn down the world, most left wing protests turn violent via outside instigation via police or idiots with rifle and plat carriers.

also the fact if he was black he would have been given the death pentaly

Or potentially a slap on the wrist, like that Simpkins kid did.

Would you like to see the accounts of black offenders in the city of Chicago, most of them repeat felons, who've been arrested for illegal gun possession, only for the charges to be dropped in court in the name of not promoting a racist narrative?

show me your source, but it doesnt get around the fact that america has a big racism problem, or that it shows in our justice system, or that the reason the black crime rate is so high is cuz our system keeps them in poverty, and high poverty leads to high crime.

Sounds to me like you've already made up your mind about what's what, and no amount of citation is going to change your preconceived notions about the world.

Even if what you were saying was 100% factual, which it's not, allowing black offenders to offend as they wish, simply because of their race, isn't going to fix the problem. It's just going to make the problem all the worse, by giving people a legitimate reason to hate blacks because of their unrestricted bad actors. Like over in San Francisco where public defecation and even shoplifting in broad daylight are no longer being punished.

But if you're really and truly interested in the source being referred to earlier...


You know, I would've hoped that the kind of people you see on Facebook or Twitter, the kind who link an article but can't be bothered to read it themselves, wouldn't find their way onto Fimfic. The article you linked is 8 years old, does not mention race AT ALL, and attributes the cause of dismissed felony gun cases to cops, prosecutors, or judges half-assing their jobs. Here's an excerpt from that article:

Fabio Valentini, the chief of the state’s attorney’s office’s criminal prosecutions bureau, said an “overwhelming” number of the dismissed cases were based on a judge’s decision to suppress evidence because a gun was intercepted in a way that violates the Fourth Amendment. Under that scenario, the prosecutor’s office would have no choice but to throw out the charge. “We’d have nothing to pursue the case on,” Valentini said.

Try again, and don't you half-ass it this time.


You know, when I originally found that article eight years, I remembered it reading differently than it does now. I'll blame that to the passage of age and time as other stories over time demanded more attention. And see what I can find to show the current ongoing trend of prosecutors choosing not to bring charges against racial minorities in the name of not furthering a narrative deemed to be racist, simply because it shows blacks are more likely to commit crime.

Killing another unicorn? Wouldn't it be about killing another zebra? Who was already out protesting the cops killing ANOTHER unarmed zebra?

Not in this case it wouldn't be. The guy Rittenhouse killed was another white guy just like him.*&quality=70

You've basically got a case of white-on-white killing, the only thing notable about it being the dead white guy was protesting the killing of a black guy.

Hence, unicorn killing another unicorn would be a far more accurate pony comparison.

That first post talked about rioting, and only had one death, so I thought you were talking about Jacob Blake.

I did not get enough sleep this work week.

Neither did I. Nobody has gotten enough sleep this work week.

We’ll for me it wasn’t anything to do with the trial, I already assumed the guy would get off, and I wasn’t concerned about any rioting. I was worrying over regular things, like the economy and the ongoing plague.

I wasn't certain how the trial would end, but for the most part what you said was right in line with my own situation. Damn virus won't go away, politicians keep milking it for all it's worth because it's an easy topic, and the economy just keeps getting made worse and worse with each passing day.

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