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Wisdom Teeth Removal · 1:43pm Nov 11th, 2021

Hey guys.

I know I’m late on a lot of my stories, but tomorrow I’ve gotta have my wisdom teeth removed, so I’ll be down and out for a while until the pain subsides. I’m really sorry, but these things have GOT to come out; they’re hindering my ability to eat, hell, one of them is even crumbling! I’ll try and get the next chapter of The Missing Barian Numbers out before then, but I can’t promise anything right now.

Soon, I gotta show my brother how to do my chores while I’m bedridden for the next few days, so that’ll be fun to explain…hence the sarcasm.

Have a good day and stay brony, my friends :moustache:

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I had four of my wisdom teeths removed some years ago and let me tell you. . .

It wasn't pretty for me.

I know that feeling. Last years, I had two of my wisdom teeth removed and I was feeling numb and dizzy for a while so I had to rest and drink lots of broth as my meals.

The best part was getting to stay home for a week and eat lots of ice cream since cold foods helped keep the swelling and pain down.

It’s a routine procedure. I just had mine removed and it was super easy. Just make sure you’re eating soft foods (obviously) and don’t eat too many foods that have small toppings (like an omelet with onions or whatever). It would be good to get a small non-injection syringe which can shoot water into the sockets to flush anything out. Just make sure you get enough rest! And don’t worry if the stitches fall out after a few days. It’s normal!

I have 2 of mine removed along with an upper left premolar. Definitely not fun. I removed the gause after waking up from the gas without thinking

An endless supply of ice cream😋

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