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    why am I selling out

    So basically, uh, I just recently acquired the means to actually get my own way of paying stuff online. And thus, I've subbed to a bunch of Patreons and Ko-Fis, and was like, hey, why not start my own?

    SO here we are. My Ko-Fi. No Patreon set up yet, it's too complicated for my feeble mind.

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    Sorry, there will not be a chapter today - been out with my family the whole afternoon and night. Almost 9pm here, and I am tired.

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    i wrote 2.3k words and rereading them they honestly suck might rewrite

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    I've come to a point in the story where if this was the actual mlp show, there'd be a song playing

    ...why has this happened now I have to yeet my brain to think of a replacement for song moment

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Delay · 5:40am Nov 6th, 2021

Hey, sorry, but Chapter 4 might have to be delayed.

This is due to fact of Meowofy having some irl stuff, I don't think I'm gonna reveal it, however. She did not specify whether I could tell y'all. But, I do have to mention that this irl thing will be taking Meowofy away from writing for a pretty long time, which means that I will become the sole writer of For Whom the Twilight Falls after this month.

However, I will be still crediting Meo. She's done so much work, and has been with me since the start. Even if she's unable to write, I hope that her ideas will still continue and that I will be able to do the story justice. If you're one of Meowofy's followers, this will be applied to her stories too, although they will be put on hiatus, if I recall correctly. Do PM her if you have any questions, or list them under here, I'll try to get the questions to her. Don't expect a quick answer, though, she's really busy irl.

I will, however, do my best to get Chapter 4 out this week or next week. Don't expect it, though, I'm bogged down with projects too.

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It's okay, sorry to hear about Meowofy, hope she's okay!

She's alright physically. Just has a lot on her plate rn.

Ah. Well, still, I send her my love

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