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Gauging interest for a Pipp Petals story contest · 10:30pm Nov 2nd, 2021

How would you all feel about an "Operation Make Pipp Petals Loveable" story contest? The contest would be for stories that focus on showing Pipp Petals in a way where we can sympathize with her struggles or her character. (Similar to the tagged story.)

I would judge the entries, along with possibly one or two co-judges.

I don't have money to give out as prizes (unless someone would like to join me and fund prizes), but I was thinking of giving out small free commissions (~2000 words) as prizes.

I've never held a writing contest before, so I would also need some people to help publicize it.

What do you all think? Let me know in the comments.

Report Mica · 100 views · Story: The Backup Pair · #contest #pipp
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I'm not sure if I'd compete, but I'd definitely be interested in reading the kinds of stories that'd come out of such a contest!

Author Interviewer

In all seriousness, I'd need some actual material to work off of, a series or something. :B

I guess you have a point, but story contests have been built out of similarly little canon material. Wallflower Blush was only really featured in one short feature, and she was the focus of the SunFlower contest a while back.

At least for me, I prefer having less canon material, cause then I can go to town on my "artistic license". :trollestia:

In what capacity would you be interested in participating?

oh i was thinking participant + signal boost but i could also be a judge if you need one lol

Like this comment if you would be interested in entering in the above contest, if it existed. Just general interest, not a commitment by any means.

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