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    Ten Year Mayan Lag

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    Year's Over - Post Fembois

    What? This is a pony writing site? Maybe I'll contribute someday...

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    For No One

    Actually, that whole segment between Discord and Lyra is a direct rip-off of Morpheus' "Oldest Game" battle of riddles with a demon in Hell from Neil Gaiman's Sandman Vol 2 #4 (I had to look it up; I never finished The Sandman).

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    The Cat Is Not Dead.

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    Your Enthusiasm

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Your Enthusiasm · 1:52am Nov 1st, 2021

Comments ( 2 )

Well, my enthusiasm is a starman waiting in the sky.

Also, that's an exceptional short film.

Somehow this again crossed my path the other day. I remembered there being two people across from each other in this short talking to each other. Even more horrifying that it's only one.

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